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Tiny Fanless Mini-PC Runs Linux Or Windows On Quad-core AMD SoC

LarryRiedel Re:Perhaps at last an affordable mini PC? (180 comments)

I don't know of any Linux distribution that comes close to running well on the X205, or at all without doing a lot of unusual installation and configuration steps. I hope one will soon.

about two weeks ago

New VR Game Makes You a "Hollywood Hacker"

LarryRiedel Re:Uplink (38 comments)

Other than the 3D, sound and smell gimmicks, does going to Central Park do anything that a photo doesn't?

about a year ago

New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression

LarryRiedel MJPEG (155 comments)

Maybe this would be good for use with MJPEG for video editing.

about a year ago

JMS and Wachowskis Teaming Up for New Netflix Funded Scifi Series

LarryRiedel Re:Netflix works on linux (268 comments)

A $60 appliance will get you Hulu+, Amazon, & Netflix. So you don't really have to fixate over whether or not desktop Linux supports Netflix.
It's not 2005 anymore.

I want to use my single 50in monitor as a Linux desktop while I am utilizing an online video streaming service to watch video in a window (which I can make fullscreen if I like). I do not want to buy and use an HDMI capture box.

about 2 years ago

Shuttleworth On Ubuntu Community Drama

LarryRiedel Re:True (302 comments)

Meanwhile, the typical Linux distro now has dconf, network manager, polkit, systemd, and worst of all dbus. Some more capability has come about, but it has become pretty inscrutable to the admins with a bourne shell scripting level of understanding. More advanced programmers appreciate some of the additional structure, but shell commands to script some capabilities are no longer easy (complex dbus-send commands, non-obvious configuration location and no longer human readable content) or impossible.

And the alternative to the inscrutable command-line interface and configuration files is an inscrutable GUI, which may or may not work properly, and is dependent on a massive desktop environment, and may be completely redesigned at any point.

about 2 years ago

Minority Report's Legacy of Terrible Interfaces

LarryRiedel Re:Hollywood Computers (305 comments)

FSV is a 3d filesystem viewer like the one in Jurassic Park

about 2 years ago

Ubuntu For Phones To Arrive Next Week On Nexus 4

LarryRiedel Re:Is the Nexus 4 low-end? (107 comments)

I figure the Nexus 4 is a low-end 2014 smartphone, the target for Ubuntu.

about 2 years ago

Supreme Court Rules Warrants Needed for GPS Monitoring

LarryRiedel Re:Good. (354 comments)

The U.S. is like the European Union. A single whole but composed of multiple sovereign governments that retain most of the power to themselves.

Until around 1861...

about 3 years ago

Virgin Mobile To Start Throttling Broadband2Go

LarryRiedel Re:Performance is already pathetic (257 comments)

If the throttled speed is 256kbps, that isnt much worse than I usually get on Sprint EVDOrA. And hopefully the (poor) latency doesnt get worse with throttling.

about 4 years ago

Teaching With Robots

LarryRiedel Re:google voice can't do that (69 comments)

A robot can be more engaging than a video, and in some cases even a human lecturer; and a robot need not necessarily be able to understand language to provide some valuable interactivity.

more than 4 years ago

Firefox 4 Beta 1 Shines On HTML5

LarryRiedel Re:I don't believe that (256 comments)

From draft-ietf-hybi-thewebsocketprotocol-00:

The opening handshake is intended to be compatible with HTTP-based server-side software, so that a single port can be used by both HTTP clients talking to that server and WebSocket clients talking to that server. To this end, the WebSocket client's handshake appears to HTTP servers to be a regular GET request with an Upgrade offer

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Out of Favor With Young, Hip Developers

LarryRiedel Re:Lord Bill's Nightmare and Irony (775 comments)

He was afraid that web browser would make the operating system irrelevant, and that's exactly what happened. Think about it. When was the last time someone said, "Hey check this out! Go download this application..."

Sadly I hear that all too often from iPhone/iPad users. I hope Android will steer away from native apps over the next few years.

more than 4 years ago

The Safari Reader Arms Race

LarryRiedel Re:Tower of Babel (210 comments)

haha, I guess you don't remember AOL, Compuserve or Prodigy.

Or Facebook.

more than 4 years ago

Chameleon-Like Behavior of Neutrino Confirmed

LarryRiedel Re:oscillation (191 comments)

photons are oscillating electromagnetic fields, and they have no mass and travel at the speed of light. Why do they get a free pass?

Having a spatial trajectory which looks like a propagating sine wave does not necessarily mean any oscillation or movement in the direction of time.

why is it that particles travelling at less than light speed must have mass? This always seems to be presented as a given; is there a line of reasoning behind it that I'm unaware of?

Maybe everything is moving at the same "light" speed through a 4D (Minkowski) space, and "mass" is the property which gives something the ability to move more (than zero) in the direction of forward in time.

more than 4 years ago

Matplotlib For Python Developers

LarryRiedel Re:Python for Scientific use (119 comments)

I've heard quite a few people here on Slashdot talk about how useful Python is as a substitute for MATLAB. Honestly, I don't get it.

I think there are many programs built on MATLAB which could be as easily and effectively built on Python and associated libraries. I do not see scipy/numpy/ipython/matplotlib as a dropin replacement for the MATLAB interactive environment, because they are different (even if equally capable).

Python is trying to be a language for both hard core programming, and scientific programing.

I do not feel like it is trying to be either. I think it is trying to be as suitable as it can for both of those things without compromising elegance.

I don't want to load 20 modules before I can begin coding. I just want to input my algorithm and get a result I expect (not 5/2=2).

Since I can trivially make a file "mystartup.py" with import statements like "from __future__ import division" and run the interpreter as "python -i mystartup.py", this seems like a non-problem to me.

more than 4 years ago

PowerPoint of Afghan War Strategy

LarryRiedel PowerPoint? (233 comments)

But nothing speaks to this more than the spaghetti-bowl PowerPoint slide of the US Military's strategy in the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Projecting a diagram onto a screen does not make the diagram a PowerPoint slide. The complexity of that diagram has nothing to do with PowerPoint.

more than 4 years ago

AT&T Moves Closer To Usage-Based Fees For Data

LarryRiedel Re:Should electricity be charged per-watt? (441 comments)

Energy (content) can presumably be stored, where bandwidth (transport) cannot. The price of Internet access is (predominantly) for the transport of content, where energy price is (predominantly) for the content itself.

more than 5 years ago


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