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Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa

Lead Butthead Horse back? You gave them too much credit (390 comments)

From their time table, I am *guessing* they're traveling on foot. It would take but a few months if they're traveling on horse back.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many Employees Does Microsoft Really Need?

Lead Butthead Given their monopolistic tendencies... (272 comments)

... enough to deprive potential competitors of necessary human resources.

about 2 months ago

MIT May Have Just Solved All Your Data Center Network Lag Issues

Lead Butthead Net Neutrality (83 comments)

And big network service provider will implement it to the detriment of their revenue (think Comcast and Netflix). Riiiiiight.

about 2 months ago

Scientists Successfully Grow Full Head of Hair On Bald Man

Lead Butthead one word - idiocracy (109 comments)

now the most brilliant minds can move on to prolonging male erection. no, boosting IQ is still dead last in the list.

about 3 months ago

Chinese Vendor Could Pay $34.9M FCC Fine In Signal-Jammer Sting

Lead Butthead FCC doesn't know much about the Chinese, do they? (188 comments)

When sued -

0. stall plaintiff
1. transfer assets to a new shell company
2. closed down old shell company
3. rinse and repeat

about 3 months ago

Kaleidescape Settles With DVD CCA But No Victory For DRM

Lead Butthead but is it going to stop them? (76 comments)

" Is there a broader implication for DRM? Not really."

But is it going to stop them from parading it as such? Hell no.

about 4 months ago

Steve Ballmer Reorganizing Microsoft

Lead Butthead no matter how you re-org... (387 comments)

no matter how you reorg a funny farm, it's still a funny farm.

about a year ago

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Tweets Rulings

Lead Butthead monetize ? (38 comments)

court is paid for by tax dollars, but the ruling is posted to a privately own service that could be monetized. is this a good thing?

more than 2 years ago

Feds Shy Away From Raiding Email Without Warrant

Lead Butthead I think you're being naive (71 comments)

What if the ISP says 'not without a warrant' on this too?

I think you're being naive, if you're seriously hoping ISP would stand up and protect your rights. It's not a profitable thing to do and it is most certainly not in their interest (it cost money to fight this sort of things against the government.) With majority of the market being service by just a few major ISP, there's no incentive for them to go the extra mile to keep you as their customer.

more than 2 years ago

NoScript For Android Devices Released

Lead Butthead negative personal experience (107 comments)

ran FF on a Tablet running android 2.2 and it was DOG SLOW (mind you this was on a Tegra 2,) and the UI looked like something that was designed for desktop. Opera was much much better...

more than 2 years ago

Company Unveils Personalized Anime Robot Girl

Lead Butthead it can probably still do a hand job (240 comments)

But be careful what you wish for...
From an 80's flick --

Ahhh, (s)he's got a helluva grip!
It's 400 foot-pounds. (s)he could crush (your wiener)

more than 2 years ago

NYTimes Sues US Gov't To Know How It Interprets the PATRIOT Act

Lead Butthead you know, most of them don't even bother to read (186 comments)

Most of the congress critters don't even read the bill that's being put up for a vote, assuming they bother to show up for the vote.

To be fair, most of the bills being put up for a vote are unnecessarily wordy and obscure, with six zillion unrelated amendments attached. All of which makes a very dry reading and makes layman's head spin (before exploding.)

more than 2 years ago

High School Kills Color-Coded ID Program

Lead Butthead fundamental error of the system (406 comments)

fundamental error here is the assumption that school is for educating. it isn't, and not by a long shot. it is designed to brainwash children into conforming adults. educating and creating new generation of critical thinkers has nothing to do with state sponsored education system.

to that end, punishment and reward based system fits the intend perfectly.

more than 2 years ago

Is the Creative Class Engine Sputtering?

Lead Butthead for the retarded... (520 comments)

it's called "patent trolling," "eternal copyright," and "software patents."

more than 2 years ago



Cat Ears for Humans

Lead Butthead Lead Butthead writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Lead Butthead (321013) writes "If you think anime characters with cat ears reflecting their mood is cute, there's good news; Neurowear has announced a product called Necomimi (Nekomimi) that is as its name stated, a pair of cat ears. Its built in brainwave sensor picks up on the mood of the wearer and generates a matching "expression." I am betting the follow up product is a wifi enabled cat tail..."
Link to Original Source

HP region codes ink cartridges

Lead Butthead Lead Butthead writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Lead Butthead (321013) writes "A woman from Australia found out the hard way that her six months old HP printer is now an over sized expensive paper weight because she decided to move to Malta. Ink cartridge purchased locally at Malta would not work with her printer purchased in Australia. Support staff at HP very helpfully suggested that she look for compatible cartridge at local Best Buy or Walmart; unfortunately neither outfit have location at Malta."
Link to Original Source

Fake intel Core i7 processor hits e-tailer NewEgg

Lead Butthead Lead Butthead writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Lead Butthead (321013) writes "Some end users are reporting having purchased retail package Core i7 920 from NewEgg and being shipped "fake" processors. These are being described as containing a filler block with sticker of intel cooling fan and a piece of stamped aluminum with intel markings as the processor. NewEgg reportedly have looking into the matter, and has since determined 300 out of a batch of 2000 processors acquired from a distributor are "fakes.""
Link to Original Source




Lead Butthead Lead Butthead writes  |  more than 3 years ago

A career is a lot like the Dark Side of the Force; "once you start down the path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

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