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New Mega-Leak Reveals Middle East Peace Process

Ledskof Re:Its really (760 comments)

No, it's pretty much the same game.

More anti-palestinian rhetoric, just from wikileaks this time. What can you expect though with Assange meeting with the Israeli government to make sure the wrong information isn't leaked? That basically invalidates wikileaks from an Israel criticism perspective.

I'm not really sure how people even read this stuff without being appalled. Do people just not realize that Israel is an apartheid state? That Israel bulldozes palestian houses to build Jewish only settlements? Do people not realize that Israel has Jewish only highways? Do people really believe that every palestinian is an explosives expert and carries and AK47, and the attacks on palestinian communities is actually justified?

Any of that happening in the US would be completely unacceptable. But it's ok Israel right? Because of that ridiculous idea the media has sold everyone on known as terrorism, right?

Wikileaks mostly releases things that everyone should already know, unless you get all your news and information off of TV and the TV news websites. But then they mix it in with propaganda like this. It's like wikileaks is the latest attack on the people who actually realize the media is lying to them, to get them to still keep from learning the truth about these issues. You're still getting all of this wikileaks information from the mainstream media. Do people just believe that the mainstream media has no choice now and they must share all these truths with you? I hope people are cluing in that the mainstream media is just feeding them more of the same, but people who think they are on the right path are just being misguided with the label wikileaks.

The Pentagon makes this huge public announcement all across the mainstream media about wanting to find and speak with Julian. That isn't how the pentagon functions.
Julian meets with the Israeli government to ensure the wrong information isn't shared. lol.
All kinds of people are getting in trouble for leaking information, but not Julian. You keep hearing about it right, because the mainstream media making him out to be some hero, but he isn't getting in trouble. The people who believe in the organization so much are the ones getting in trouble.
And then you get spoon fed obvious information that those of us ignoring the mainstream media have known for years.
And you still believe the propaganda, especially when it comes from your beloved wikileaks.

about 4 years ago

Favorite Sci-Fi Starship

Ledskof Re:Imperial Star Destroyer, fool! (665 comments)

Well you gotta be an old bluehair like us maniacs who got into the spirit of
escorting corvettes driven by paladins into the heart of Thor's Hammer.

more than 6 years ago


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