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No Black Hole Or Magnetic Monopole: Tunguska Really Was a Meteor

Legion303 subject (128 comments)

Other things that probably didn't cause the Tunguska event: demons, kangaroos, cell phone radiation, the moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie.

about a year ago

Proposed NJ Law Allows Cops To Search Phones At Crash Scenes

Legion303 subject (397 comments)

'then heâ(TM)s got to do what? Subpoena the service to see if the phone was actively used or not?'

"Policin's haaaaaard!"

about a year ago

Fear of Death Makes People Into Believers (of Science)

Legion303 Re:Another false dichotomy (434 comments)

"At one time, science was the pursuit of truth, but nowadays it has become corrupted into the pursuit of fame and fortune."

Yes, because when I see that famous blonde in the Ferrari, I know she must be a particle physicist. Lousy rich scientists with their swag.

about a year ago

Verizon Ordered To Provide All Customer Data To NSA

Legion303 Re:Which amendment would you like to lose today? (609 comments)

"USA military is by far the strongest military in the world"

And look how bogged down it got against peasants and farmers in Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc.

Your argument is amusing.

about a year ago

Verizon Ordered To Provide All Customer Data To NSA

Legion303 Re:Solution is smaller government / reduced spendi (609 comments)

"Not if you consistently vote in people who aim for reduced spending and smaller government."

I've seen a lot of mouthy political bullshit along these lines, but no actual politicians who are interested in implementing it (lots and lots of politicians who want to reduce spending in areas they don't like, while increasing it for areas they do, however).

about a year ago

Watching the Police: Will Two-Way Surveillance Reduce Crime?

Legion303 Re:Taser International is the wrong group to do th (309 comments)

"If you confront police with a weapon you may die."

Or if you "confront" them with a wallet. Or if you're holding a can of Pepsi. Or if you're minding your own fucking business.

about a year ago

US Entertainment Industry To Congress: Make It Legal For Us To Deploy Rootkits

Legion303 Re:Surprise is that this doesn't happen already (443 comments)

They're just a poor mom and pop operation trying to make ends meet, hence the need for the additional Ask Toolbar revenue stream.

about a year ago

US Entertainment Industry To Congress: Make It Legal For Us To Deploy Rootkits

Legion303 subject (443 comments)

I'm just going to go ahead and start pirating everything. Including cars. Suck it, industry.

about a year ago

PETA Wants To Sue Anonymous HuffPo Commenters

Legion303 subject (590 comments)

Suck my sweaty balls, PETA.

about a year ago

NASA TESS Observatory Will Hunt For Alien Life On "Super-Earth" Exoplanets

Legion303 Re:I hate these threads (112 comments)

Don't forget about the dumb fuck UFO conspiracy nuts who think a government that can't cover up blowjobs would be capable of preventing leaks about alien visitors for over 60 years.

about a year ago

Yahoo Joins Growing List of Bidders For Hulu

Legion303 subject (69 comments)

Is Yahoo a money laundering operation? How the fuck did they have $1Bn lying around to begin with?

about a year ago

Predicting IQ With a Simple Visual Test

Legion303 Re:link to the article (free) (325 comments)

You have violated the CFAA. Please report to your nearest DoJ branch office for processing.

about a year ago

White House: Use Metric If You Want, We Don't Care

Legion303 Can you blame them for this response? (1145 comments)

Imagine the republican attack ads if this White House decided to switch over:

"Obama wants to force your kids to use metric...just like those socialists in [ominous musical stab] LIBERAL ENGLAND."

about a year ago

Reporters Threatened, Labeled Hackers For Finding Security Hole

Legion303 Re:WGET? The Devil's Tool! (120 comments)

Are you sure about the genesis of PEEK/POKE? I was using them in Integer BASIC, before MS came out with Applesoft.

about a year ago

The Hunt For LulzSec's Missing Sixth Member

Legion303 Re:Clever guy (104 comments)

Why do you think it appears to give intelligent reactions?

about a year ago

Google Betting Its Google+ Systems Know What's Best For You

Legion303 nope (109 comments)

Google's broken analytics keep telling me I would enjoy Drudge and Limbaugh apps, when I know damn well that I won't. To be fair, though, it's based on what's popular in my area. Other things "popular in [my] area" of Denver include local channel 7 affiliate apps from fucking Michigan and the like.

Google's shotgun approach to personalization has yet to impress me.

about a year ago

Florida DOT Cuts Yellow Light Delay Ignoring Federal Guidelines, Citations Soar

Legion303 Re:Lather, rinse, rage (507 comments)

"Ever notice how 18-wheelers drive on a highway in heavy stop-and-start traffic? Notice how they generally let giant holes open in front of them?"

That's a direct effect of mass, not because truckers are interested in making traffic better.

about a year ago


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