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Antihelium Discovered By STAR

LegoEvan Heaviest Antiparticle Claim is Ridiculous (94 comments)

Anti-helium has a mass exactly equal (well, if CPT is a good symmetry) to helium. The mass of helium is roughly 4 amu, which is ~4 GeV. The mass of the top quark is *significantly* more than that. The mass of the top (and antitop) is 172 GeV.

more than 3 years ago

How the Web Rallied To Review the P != NP Claim

LegoEvan Re:Damn... (160 comments)

I think I spotted an error... you were too quick with the cancellation. The main point is that P! / P = (P-1)!

more than 4 years ago

Print-On-Demand Publisher VDM Infects Amazon

LegoEvan Size of Amazon's Book Catalog (190 comments)

> 27 million. Just go to amazon.com, choose the books department to the left of the search bar, don't enter anything in the search field, and press go. So that reduces the significance by a factor of 10. That said, it's still 0.2%, which is quite high considering they're not a traditional publisher.

more than 4 years ago

Caltech Pranks MIT's Prefrosh Weekend

LegoEvan Re:BS... (530 comments)

http://mit.edu/urop/ The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. MIT will pay you or give you credit to do research, for professors. If you have good ideas for research that nobody is currently doing, the office or a professor can sponsor you, and you can get money to travel to facilities, run experiments, etc. The program not only makes doing research fantastically accessible to undergrads, but also maintains programs like MIT's FormulaSAE and SolarCar teams.

Buzzing speakers happen. I'm sure they happen at CalTech too. The claim that a buzzing speaker implies professors do not care about their students is outrageous.

more than 9 years ago


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