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Tiny $45 Cubic Mini-PC Supports Android and Linux

Leninix comparison to other soc? (197 comments)

This seems very promising, especially as a small media centre. I wonder however how it compares to cubieboard2 and other dual core arm processors based soc. Also, community support is important for that kind of device and it may take some time before documentation is good enough. But all cubox versions seems fair-priced. Even Intel new Haswell Nuc is very similar to those board, albeit with much faster specs and slightly bigger case, but same 1.3 ghz and more and more integration inside cpu chip. Desktops computers may very soon turn into a battle between small soc and nuc, who both support Gnu/ Linux and Android, as windows seems a bit irrelevant now for that kind of device and to most people who prefer to use a phone or tablet. This is interesting to look upon too as it may be the sign of a second golden age of computing.

about a year ago

Nintendo UK Defends the Wii

Leninix Strongest console name ever! (123 comments)

Nintendo Whey. 100% Pure lactoserum. Eat down three shovels each days after exercices with juice, milk or water in a mix.

more than 8 years ago


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