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PCs Plagued by Bad Capacitors

Leon Yendor Re:it's not that hard to fix (335 comments)

After 52 years of using electrolytics I have come to this....

Reecently I picked up 3 micro-desktop PCs and a decent mobo with lousy caps. They were all 220uF or 1500uF 6.3V low ESR caps.

I priced both types and ended up buying 100 of the 2200uf (which you can use in place of the 1500uF ones as the OEMs only use lower capacity ones to save money) because the quantity of one instead of two item numbers meant a better quantity price break.

I have Rubycon brand parts. They have never given me probs in the past (neither did Nichicon so the future is ???) but all the failed units were Lelon crap.

Hint: getting a bunch of A-Open mobos in cases that cannot stand a modern mobo (due the heat of new Intel CPUs, doesn't have enough room for fans and has high wattage GPUs) and putting in ( mostly) 3 caps at about $1.20 AUD each (max 11 in one bigger MB) means I have several machines that were only missing HDDs for about $4 plus an hours work.

Lovely if you know what you are doing and I'm stocked up for about another 20 mobos. 8-))

more than 9 years ago


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