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Ask Slashdot: Why So Hard Landing Interviews In Seattle Versus SoCal?

LetterJ Re:I live in the Puget Sound area (506 comments)

I live in Minneapolis and this morning, the temp was -6F. Winter starts in 2 weeks.

about 10 months ago

Google Nexus Gets Wireless Charger

LetterJ Re:The distinction is minor (223 comments)

I drop my phone on the wireless charger at work and at home when I go to bed. And, amazingly enough, there's ALSO a micro-USB connector that lets me charge it in the car or via a battery pack or any of the ways one charges a phone that doesn't have wireless charging. Wireless charging is an "AND", not an "OR".

about 10 months ago

How Companies Are Preparing For the IT Workforce Exodus

LetterJ Re:Why the negativity for contractors? (248 comments)

The average employee software dev stays 23 months. Nobody is staying around to deal with the mess they make.

1 year,30 days

Expensify CEO On 'Why We Won't Hire .NET Developers'

LetterJ Re:Money (758 comments)

As someone who actually is using the Action Pack, I can tell you that there are 10 full licenses of Win7 Pro as well as 1 license for Win7 Ultimate. Everything in the Action Pack is a full license for production use.

more than 3 years ago

Has the Glory Gone Out of Working In IT?

LetterJ Re:Confusing IT (623 comments)

At the moment, if you want to work for a company or clients, your best bet is to learn one of the two big "ecosystems": Java or .NET. Most of the jobs you'll see posted are in one or the other. And, most of the people working those jobs don't know any C/C++ any more.

If you just want to learn to program for the sake of learning how to do it, or for your own startup company/project, I'd go with one of the more "modern" languages like Python or Ruby. If you're looking to learn to speed your sysadmin tasks up, Perl or a shell scripting language (including the newish Windows Powershell) might fit the bill better.

more than 4 years ago

How To Handle Corporate Blackmail?

LetterJ Re:contractor position? (675 comments)

My appendectomy cost $17,000. Again, not made up.

more than 5 years ago

How To Handle Corporate Blackmail?

LetterJ Re:contractor position? (675 comments)

Exactly. The full/comprehensive coverage on my 2006 Chrysler 300 is only $35/month. The rest of my car insurance bill for that car is liability.

more than 5 years ago

How To Handle Corporate Blackmail?

LetterJ Re:contractor position? (675 comments)

For routine care, you're right. That's why the $5000 and $10000 deductible plans are a great option for paying cash for that prevention/routine stuff while still having coverage for the big stuff.

If you do come down with cancer or have an accident that puts you in physical therapy for 2 years, you'll be amazed how quickly you can go from $200 or $2000 in health care costs to $2 million.

more than 5 years ago

How To Handle Corporate Blackmail?

LetterJ Re:contractor position? (675 comments)

Most people who cite the cost of "benefits" have never priced them on the open market. Yes, the COBRA price is high, but companies like Assurant offer short-term insurance for a family of 4 in the sub $200/month range (with $2500 deductible and 100% coverage beyond that).

Longer-term insurance is more in the $400-$500/month range for that same family. (just priced at

Yes, those are high-deductible policies. So are many employer policies at this point.

The point is that most companies present the "value" of the health insurance as much higher than what you could get on your own.

I work as a self-employed contractor and pay my own health care costs. I'm 33 and the most my health care is going to cost me in any one year is $4000. That's less than my car payment.

more than 5 years ago

Gaffes That Keep IT Geeks From the Boardroom

LetterJ Re:Black Suits Are the Real Faux Pas (652 comments)

I wouldn't say that navy is *always* best. I always wore earthtone suits and sport coats and my wife always nagged me that I should really be wearing navy to interviews. That is, until she saw the color on me. I look like a washed out corpse in navy. Nobody hires washed out corpses. Zombies? Yes. Washed out corpses? No.

more than 6 years ago


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