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US Military Issuing iPod Touches To Soldiers

LiNKz Re:Great idea (323 comments)

Just a nudge at your GPS stuff..

Civilian GPS devices are generally not as hardened as milspec devices and should not be used in the AOR (both in the physical and electrical/jamming sense).. I seriously believe that these pieces of technology should be considered a secondary tool that provides ease in their jobs.. but a compass and a map should too be a requirement.. regardless of milspec'd hardware.

more than 5 years ago

Keeping in Contact With Family, From Afghanistan?

LiNKz Re:I'm in Afghanistan (176 comments)

Definitely helps, I wasn't sure how I would get one if I was over there already, now I know :)

more than 5 years ago

Keeping in Contact With Family, From Afghanistan?

LiNKz Re:Regulations (176 comments)

Good to know, I've been concerned about that as well. I'm not entire sure of the regulations related to communication devices. In all, regardless of what I might want I won't set myself up for trouble, but I am interested in the possibilities.

more than 5 years ago

USB 3 in 2008, 10 Times as Fast

LiNKz Re:Yeah, but.. (381 comments)

Also, if you integrate an element of fiber optics into a cable that routinely wrapped up, stepped on, or just basically abused, wouldn't it fail far easier than a standard cable?

more than 7 years ago



Deploying to Afghanistan

LiNKz LiNKz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

LiNKz writes "Within a short while I will be heading to Afghanistan and in the interests of keeping in communication with my wife and family I've been looking at different means of it, from VoIP to Cellular services. I'm not sure how well connected or how stable of a connection the base I'm deploying to is which means VoIP might simply not be an option. I have however noticed in my searches that Afghanistan has recently boomed with cellular coverage though that too seems to be difficult to ascertain.

I'm curious if the Slashdot community has any information or experience regarding international cellular services offered in this country and the means of obtaining it."


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