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New Type of Star Can Emerge From Inside Black Holes, Say Cosmologists

Lieutenant_Dan Re:Slashdot Beta Boycott (193 comments)

Same here.

about a year ago

D-Link Patches Critical Vulnerability In Older Routers

Lieutenant_Dan Remote Management (54 comments)

I mean, who enables remote management of their router?

I get the fact that sometimes you gotta open stuff up remotely; but in that case, you'd hop onto your jumpbox and then launch a browser to log into your router.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Are We Older Experts Being Retired Too Early?

Lieutenant_Dan Re:Presenteeism (629 comments)

You are absolutely correct; it's the only way they can measure easily: your attendance. Timelines, deliverables, e-mail replies, etc are the other easier ones. Determine the quality of work, leadership, innovation, efficiency, etc need proper analysis and most managers are not able to do it.

I'm finding more and more job descriptions explicitly stating that they expect the employee to be on site and working the regular schedule.

I currently have a handful of people reporting to me and I have no issues of allowing them to work a day a week from home. I do it myself. Only time when I can get some peace and quiet to get proper work done. Life is too short, commutes are too long, and don't have budget to give people raises.
I do get the occasional comments about my team and I just ignore those.

about a year ago

Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad

Lieutenant_Dan Was I the only who noticed ... (961 comments)

... that the journalist contact Adams a day or so after his father passed away for a story?

As distasteful Adams comments may be about wanting people dead, it's completely inappropriate to hassle someone who just his father pass away? He's mourning and probably not in a good place.

I'm sure Adams had his PR person filter the request, but still, give the guy some time!

about a year ago

Lead Contractor On Health-Care Web Site Led By Execs From Troubled IT Company

Lieutenant_Dan Re:So it is a Canadian Company? Even worse, Qu (227 comments)

Every heard of Free Trade; e.g. NAFTA? Why should it only benefit American corporations?

No argument about CGI's incompetence. Seen it myself first-hand.

Cool it on the jingoism though.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Communication Skills For Programmers?

Lieutenant_Dan Re:Default ding. (361 comments)

Heh, I was referring to Project Management, as the "new line of work".

You're right though, I have about 8 outlook rules that make it very simple. I only really care about what 4 or 5 people have to say, the rest is just noise or done on a best effort basis.

When dealing with PMs I usually have one rule; one reply every four hours in an eight-hour shift, during one of my three e-mail checking windows.

Some people I reply at the end of the week, setting a delay to send the message at 5pm Friday when I know they have skipped work early.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Communication Skills For Programmers?

Lieutenant_Dan Re:Default ding. (361 comments)

If you don't have the skills to route my daily BS update somewhere more appropriate then your inbox maybe you should look for new line of work.

Project Management?

Seriously, one could make the argument that for a comprehensive communication skill-set, knowing who you should be engaging is as important as the actual message.

about a year ago

Chicago State University Lawyers Attack Faculty Bloggers

Lieutenant_Dan Re:Attacked? (94 comments)

No, they used "sarcasm". The deadliest attack of them all.

about a year ago

GCHQ Created Spoofed LinkedIn and Slashdot Sites To Serve Malware

Lieutenant_Dan Copyright Infringement? (335 comments)

Hm, /. may have a valid case to chase after.

After all, they duplicated the site/logo/etc without the permission of the actual copyright owners.

about a year ago

Arduino Gaming: Not So Retro Any More

Lieutenant_Dan Re:I just do not understand the market for this (53 comments)

Whereas with a PC, Android or iOS system you have plenty of RAM, storage and graphics capability so you can be pretty sloppy in your code and get away with it.

Man, I don't have fond memories of memory/resource management in the old PC and C64 day. Not having to deal 64k blocks for expanded memory is a good thing.

In this day and age, multi-threaded programming is more important than managing memory IMHO. I've done my share of sloppy code, mostly because I had more important things to deal with. Sometimes a nested loop does the job quickly and you can move on to other parts. I have yet gotten a bonus,programming style points and won accolades from my peers by coding beautifully or super-efficiently. It's usually scorn and jealousy. 80% of the code I've worked on, no other soul looks at.

I say use what you have at hand and get the job done. If you got 2 Megs of RAM, use them. If you save the a Meg, you're not going to have some sort of cyber consciousness thank you for using less electricity or cycles. Hell, you may have limited your application by not using all the resources available to you.

If you have the luxury of time, enhance it and make it more bug-free.

about a year ago

Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 10,000 Workers, Calls It "Shift Plan"

Lieutenant_Dan Re:RIP Bell Labs (75 comments)

While many good people lost their job in Nortel, there was a LOT of deadwood at Nortel. Kanata has never been the same since.

We had one upgrade with Nortel telecom equipment, where I had one engineer and five (or six) project managers. You need one or sometimes even two good project managers, but never FIVE, especially when the engineer is doing all the heavy lifting (figuratively and literally). So by charging us $300/hr, we knew we were subsidizing several crappy layers of ineffeciency.

A-L may in a similar boat. There are probably people who did not keep fresh or add very little value, because they were brought in when a VP went on an empire-building spree.

about a year ago

Activists Angry After Apple Axes Anti-Firewall App

Lieutenant_Dan Re:So users still stuck in *two* walled gardens? (196 comments)

Good point.

Apple is setting a terrible precedent. I think I know their motivation (e.g. money, Chinese market, etc).

Let's say Saudi Arabia makes looking at dirty pictures illegal (not just immoral). Are they scrapping browsers?

No, the government needs to ensure that while using their network infrastructure the "dangerous" services and applications are blocked. Don't impose your morality and legality on citizens of other countries.

Apple is weak. They considered the cost/benefit analysis, and figured that the few hundred people who get irate about this won't matter. Chinese citizen will not stop buying an iPhone even with this app gone; they buy it for the "cool" factor not because it allows civil disobedience. Most Chinese are terrified of getting in the sights of their government. Those who have an iPhone will gladly use in the government-approved manner.

about a year ago

Another 100 Gigabit DDoS Attack Strikes — This Time Unreflected

Lieutenant_Dan That's nothing (93 comments)

I once experienced an DoS MitM LTE XSS attack that lasted 42 hours and had a steady stream of 105TB/ms using NetBIOS Saturation over AppleTalk techniques that spread over a redundant cluster of MBR using HPFS. Of course the victim wishes to remain in the shadows as sharing the company's identity would either harm their reputation or allow you to verify the plausibility of the incident.

about a year ago

Half-Life 3 Trademark Filed In Europe

Lieutenant_Dan Re:Episode 3 (150 comments)

I really liked the series, but them dropping the ball on Episode 3 and forfeiting on their promise to release, really soured the experience for me.

I will certainly not buy when it comes out, whatever they call it. Actually, I haven't bought anything off Steam and certainly from Valve for that reason (I always associated both together, since the only reason I installed Steam was for HL2).

about a year ago

Apple Now the World's Most Valuable Brand, Knocks Off Coca-Cola

Lieutenant_Dan Terrible Headline (208 comments)

"Brand" and "Knock-off" should be carefully used in the same sentence.

For 10 seconds I thought that Apple was branching off and selling some new cola that tastes like Coke(tm).

about a year ago

Utility Sets IT Department On Path To Self-destruction

Lieutenant_Dan Re:Someone's finally honest (478 comments)

Agreed, that to me seems a respectful way of treating your employees. People have families and commitments, the least you can do is give them notice as far ahead as possible. And some generous severance.

about a year ago

Snowden Docs: Brits Hacked Accounts of Belgian IT Admins

Lieutenant_Dan Brussels: location of EU headquarters (126 comments)

If you want to know more what each party is discussing with their national governments, can't think of a better place than hacking Belgian telecom.

This is why they did it.

about a year ago

Security Company Says NASDAQ Waited Two Weeks To Fix XSS Flaw

Lieutenant_Dan Re:OH NO. Two whole weeks?!?!!11ONE!! (61 comments)

Agreed. Chances are there are a bunch of PMPs and ITIL processes in place. Could be internal politics.

Coding a few minutes is a one thing. Testing it, getting someone to approve to move something to prod, and herding people to actually do work is a bunch of other things. Legal and PR may get involved too.

In some corps I worked, the finger-pointing usually takes days and involves a bunch of crappy meetings. It can be days before someone engages InfoSec or the developers to confirm a problem.

Two weeks is not terrible; better than most large corporations.

about a year ago

Security Company Says NASDAQ Waited Two Weeks To Fix XSS Flaw

Lieutenant_Dan OH NO. Two whole weeks?!?!!11ONE!! (61 comments)

That's not too bad all things considering. Maybe they have a proper structured development shop (not too structured, since it obviously doesn't include code reviews or vuln scanning)? Maybe they had maintenance windows which they are contractually bound to (and more expensive to make an exception then to do deal with a flaw)? Maybe once they were made aware of the problem they were scanning the database system for odd entries or suspicious activity? Maybe they needed to get an independent audtor to review so they can appease their various stakeholders?

Hopefully they learned from this, and will at least run an automated vulnerability tool against the app for future releases.

about a year ago

Ballmer To Retire

Lieutenant_Dan Re:So what would you do? (633 comments)

Excellent question. Here's what I would do.

Treat a desktop like a desktop. Perhaps share elements of the Windows OS between platform (.NET framework, kernel, DirectX, etc) but the UI must be diffirent. In case of a hybrid device; let the user pick the experience he/she wants.

Continue the Home Server concept; partner with a company (D-Link) to create a stand-alone box. Don't screw this up. If you want a media box, do it properly. Get some content; pick a movie studio or two to back you up. Get an American TV channel. GET LIVE SPORTS, especially SOCCER!

Realize that you lost the smartphone market. Work towards creating a presence on the incumbents. Price the competition out of the water. Do a proper Office version.

Lower the OS price. Create three versions tops; Lite, Regular and Corporate.

They want an app store. Okay, that's fine. Create a "certified by Microsoft" program that provides some perks and allow people to buy stuff online. Fully-tested software (a proper QA process), no malware/spyware, backups, more generous licensing,

XBoXOne - give a free online experience. Support the indie community more. Don't release 20 variants of the console.

Forget doing a hardware media player like the zune. Do something that allows you to play music on existing smartphones. An app that allows you to stream the music from your media box (as mentioned above).

Pick another commercial product area. Perhaps education? Perhaps extend messaging.

Look at more reasonable pricing for CALs in the corporate market. Give better volume discounts.

about a year and a half ago



Outsource and Fired

Lieutenant_Dan Lieutenant_Dan writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Lieutenant_Dan (583843) writes "To support the views of many /.ers here is a story about Moline Healthcare who gradually brought in foreign (Indian) nationals on H-1B visas with the ultimately goal to replace all domestic IT workers in the company based Long Beach, CA. Interesting, the claim that outsourcing reduces expenses is not supported as the IT department went $5 million over budget (mind you, hard to say if there are other factors to consider).
There is now a lawsuit files againt Molina."

Link to Original Source



Apathy in Generation Y

Lieutenant_Dan Lieutenant_Dan writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I sometimes lie awake at night for hours pondering about the future. What will the future bring? It scares me that the sniveling little runts that roam the streets today will be in power one day, just as I'm learning to play cribbage down in Florida. But then again, I'm sure that's what the silver generation is thinking about me as well when I'm sipping on my bottled water.

There are some glimmers of hope of course; I'm thinking of that cute girl that kept bumping into me on the D-train on my way to a client meeting. Maybe she was looking for a cheap thrill, or she was intellectually attracted to me.

In other good news, my friends at the lumber yard have a reason to celebrate. US customs will be easing the import of Canadian soft lumber. It's about time, since our neighbors to the north do have better lumber than we do and in much greater quantity.

I also find that I've been targeted by the so-called moderators. Anything I post now, gets modded down. That's okay, because I'm still an avid (daily) meta-moderator and it appears that I will have the last laugh.

That's it for today. Keep it Open Source!


Lieutenant_Dan Lieutenant_Dan writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Have you ever seen the joy of a little boys face when you give him a new piece of Open Source software? No? Me, neither.

Maybe we (the Open Source developer community) are doing a terrible job PR-wise. In the place that I work, the IT department shuns anything that is Open Source. They say it's because it's amateurish, or not worth the risk. In a way I see their point. Who would want to risk their status/job by deploying a piece of software for which there may be no support for in a year's time? If a company has in-house developers, chances are that they are committed to other projects and you won't be able to use to deploy your Open Source solution.

It's time that we OSS developers make a commitment; release your piece of software and sell support! Tell 'em, if you pay me $1,000 it entitles you to 10 support calls/e-mails during the next three years. That will show them that you will be around for the next little while and if something happens, you will be around.

You have to understand that the corporate mistrusts anything that is free. Charge them for it and they will feel better. Sad but true.


Open Source

Lieutenant_Dan Lieutenant_Dan writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night screaming. The screams derive from my agony of seeing the world dismiss the wonders that the Open Source developer community offers.

Why do we walk in life blind to the possibilities offered in front of us? Why do we take the path of least resistance? How can we expect to better ourselves if we don't continue to challenge ourselves?

I don't have all the answers. I try to find them on a daily basis in my love life, my career, and at the bowling alley.

What do you think? Please phrase your answers in Perl.

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