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NASA to Investigate Hydrinos

Life Blood Re:Quantum Mechanics (197 comments)

Ummm wave particle duality? Seriously. You can mathematically derive that everything has to be particle based at the quantum level. Its been done and done often. However this is not the case experimentally. So the particle nature of the electron is "relaxed" (i.e. fudged) using wave particle duality so that the experiments work right.

I remember back in 99 someone said this couldn't work because this violates schrodingers equation which holds true for all electron behavior in hydrogen except for and he gave a short list of a couple things. Sorry friend but exceptions disprove the rule.

Note also that for hunreds of years all the respectable scientists believed in the four aristotlean elements, impetus theory, and phlogiston theory, too.

more than 12 years ago


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