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Sizzling Weather On a Dive-Bombing Planet

Lijemo Re:Where's the 'beautiful computer-modelled image' (57 comments)

If you link through to the article, the article links through to an academic paper. The academic paper contains images from the computer simulation. And yes, they are better than the image shown in the article.

more than 5 years ago

Google Challenging Proposition 8

Lijemo Re:He is Mormon. He was in my Mormon congregation. (1475 comments)

You can think and believe whatever you want to think and believe. I have no problem with that.

The problem comes when you try to hijack the U.S. legislative system to force people who are not members of your religion to follow your religious strictures.

A church should be able to determine under which conditions it's own members get married in (as long as they still have freedom of religion to leave the church if they choose.) It should NOT be able to determine whether non-members of the church can get married.

How would you like it if your marriage was annulled because, say, the Catholics didn't approve of it?

more than 5 years ago

Australia To Block BitTorrent

Lijemo MOD PARENT UP (674 comments)

My point is that techies gab gab gab without making it simple to understand and digest. People want to learn and understand, but they need to be explained in simple terms. I find financial calculations a piece of cake and have no problem creating the derivatives that are causing problems. Yet most people consider this stuff mumbo jumbo and fake. (BTW its not!)

I ran out of Mod points yesterday.

I've found that people are actually quite interested in understanding things, when I explain them well in a way that makes it clear how it affects them. (When I just blab on about a pet topic, not so much. But taking the time to figure out what needs to be conveyed, and conveying it well in an engaging manner can work wonders.)

Worse, if you come into it with the attitude that the person that you're talking to is dumb for not already getting it? They will pick up on that whether you actually say it or not. And it will not make them inclined to really hear your point.

more than 5 years ago

Light Echoes Solve Mystery of Tycho's Supernova

Lijemo Re:Light echoes? (98 comments)

Thats why he said "are colloquially assumed to be instantaneous" instead of "are instantaneous"

more than 5 years ago

Doctor Performs Amputation By Text Message

Lijemo Re:Old News (242 comments)

I have no words. Easily one of the best comments in a while! And due to your complaints, Verizon has decided that next month they will only take your appendix. I mean, it's useless, right?

Actually, I've read that for about the first 20 years of your life, your appendix helps train your immune system. It collects nasty gunk, and uses it to build anti-bodies against whatever trace elements of pathogens are in the nasty gunk. So it's propensity for collecting nasty gunk and letting it sit there actually has a valid purpose.

more than 5 years ago

Doctor Performs Amputation By Text Message

Lijemo Re:Soo... (242 comments)

How the bloody hell did you get that past slashdot's filters?

the entities would have included lower-case characters.

more than 5 years ago

Censorship By Glut

Lijemo Re:You keep using that word, but... (391 comments)

I agree that they shouldn't have used "censorship". Not even "censorship-like". But if you get past that and realize what they are saying is (or should be), "How can we get the BEST results to rise to the top, instead of just the most popular results (since the two are often not the same)?" then you have an interesting (and more accurate) discussion.

However, while using loaded words like "censorship" gets peoples' attention, when the word is misapplied, you're going to have a hard time drawing people away from the word to the subject at hand

Thus, instead of a productive conversation about how good information can get lost in the flood, we're instead going to discuss why that doesn't constitute censorship. Good opportunity wasted by the misuse of a loaded word.

more than 5 years ago

Final Judgment — SCO Loses, Owes $3,506,526

Lijemo Re:Speaking of losers... (265 comments)

What about all those companies that paid those don't-sue-us fees to SCO back in 2002? Are they going to step forward and demand their money back, now that the entire basis for this shakedown has been invalidated?

Blood. Turnip.

Doesn't do a lot of good to go to the effort of suing someone who doesn't have a dime to give you for your efforts-- they'd be in line behind the people who SCO has already been ordered to pay, and SCO is already insolvent.

more than 5 years ago

Toyota Demands Removal of Fan Wallpapers

Lijemo Let me get this straight: (594 comments)

A group of (previously) happy customers are advertising for them for free-- and they respond by threatening them with trumped up copyright violation charges? Am I reading that correctly?

more than 5 years ago

On the Economics of the Kindle

Lijemo Re:Color is hard to do (398 comments)

You're mistaken, all displays use RGB.

Nope. E-ink displays pixels aren't made of light. The pixels are opaque black and white spheres-- the only "light" involved is the sun, candle, or lamp that you're reading by. Hence, subtractive color, (rather than additive color like a monitor.)

That's why it only needs power to change the display, not to maintain it-- and a big part of why it's so much easier on the eyes than a monitor is.

more than 5 years ago

On the Economics of the Kindle

Lijemo Re:i like the idea of the kindle (398 comments)

Because Sony and Amazon are making their money on the books, but Illiad is just selling you the hardware to do whatever you want with.

In other words, for the same reason that a Cannon printer costs a ton more than a Lexmark-- but the Lexmark is more expensive in the long run because they sell the printer at a loss and then gouge you on ink.

more than 5 years ago

Unhappy People Watch More TV

Lijemo Re:Related Studies (193 comments)

Even those who aren't actively watching television tend to show negative side-effects if a TV is on in the same room. I recall this one study about background TV causing abnormal development in attention spans.

This doesn't surprise me. I grew up constantly bombarded by TV and I hated it.

I also found it mesmerizing and addictive. Which only made me hate it more. And even if it was a show I hated, I often couldn't get away from it, because I could hear it from my bedroom-- or, when visiting my dad's house, my "bedroom" was the livingroom with the TV in it, so there was nowhere I could go to escape when the damn thing was on. And I couldn't even go to bed until everyone else in the house was done watching TV for the night.

Yes, I know there are a lot of good shows that I miss out on by not having a TV. But having finally, finally escaped it's tyranny, I have never in my adult life been able to bring myself to set one up in my house.

I wasted enough hours in front of the TV growing up-- sometimes willingly, sometimes not-- to last a lifetime. I'm DONE.

more than 5 years ago

Researchers Turn Tables and Walls Into "Scratch Input" Surfaces

Lijemo Re:these sorts of interfaces worry me (54 comments)

If we come to expect interfaces to devices to be hidden and embedded in desktops and surrounding walls we are going to spend half our lives scratching and poking at inanimate things.

I am all for integration of technology but things like this and the hidden table things will just make us look stupid.

Nah, it'll just be like Bluetooth


Ten years ago, someone walking down the street talking loudly to themselves was assumed to be crazy. Now they're assumed to be talking on the cellphone.

So it this catches on, there will be a brief period where people using these devices look like they have some sort of nervous tick, followed by a long period of time in which people with certain kinds of nervous ticks blend in better because everyone just assumes they're writing a note to themselves

more than 5 years ago

Oklahoma Ambulances Debut Sirens That You Can Feel

Lijemo Re:Quite a show (128 comments)

I lived near Fenway Park during the 2004 world series. You know the flyover with the supersonic jets that they did during the opening ceremonies for the series? Um, yeah. Huge boom, windows of my apartment rattling like there had been an explosion, every car alarm on the street went off simultaneously, every dog on the block started freaking out at the same time. People sticking their heads out windows or standing on the sidewalk looking around trying to figure out what the fsck just happened.

more than 5 years ago

Oklahoma Ambulances Debut Sirens That You Can Feel

Lijemo Re:bomb squad (128 comments)

If you can't wake up in the morning, it means that you're not getting enough sleep (either that or some sort of narcoleptic disorder, but sleep deprivation is much more common). The answer is adjusting the sleep schedule, not finding ways to more effectively deprive your body of something that it needs to function.

more than 5 years ago

Oklahoma Ambulances Debut Sirens That You Can Feel

Lijemo Re:Obligatory link (128 comments)

Arrgg!! Why didn't the <quote> tags work?!


[quote]test[/quote] test test

more than 5 years ago

Oklahoma Ambulances Debut Sirens That You Can Feel

Lijemo Re:Obligatory link (128 comments)

A nearby PD has started using a similar product, called Rumblers, but I haven't heard much about any successes or failures. I would like to get some for my ambulance, cause people just don't pay enough attention.

A couple of years ago, I was walking up to an intersection in Boston. A fire truck was driving up to the intersection with lights on, no siren yet.As the drivers stopped at the intersection glanced in their rear-view mirrors, their expressions seemed to say: "grumble, grumble, he's about to turn that siren on and make us get out of the way, isn't he? Grumble, grumble. I guess I'll start getting ready...sigh..."

But instead of a standard siren, the truck started blasting Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" at full volume. It was awesome-- I thought it was FAR more intimidating-sounding than a siren would have been, and apparently the drivers stopped at the intersection agreed-- their expressions all changed to "Holy crap! Get me out of the way of that thing!". And scramble, they did.

You had to be there to get the full effect, I think. Re-reading what I just wrote doesn't capture it at all. But in person, it was just... damn. Especially since it was so unexpected. I was grinning about it all afternoon. So perhaps a well-chosen CD collection for your ambulance?

more than 5 years ago

Daylight Savings Time Increases Energy Use In Indiana

Lijemo Re:I say do away with it all (388 comments)

Of course, confusion could enter in another form: when I say "tomorrow", do I mean "after we've gone to bed and gotten up again" or do I mean "This afternoon, at 2:00 am, before dinner"?

more than 5 years ago

Daylight Savings Time Increases Energy Use In Indiana

Lijemo Re:The DST fallacy (388 comments)

...All of which just further highlights the ridiculousness of trying to set the clock backwards or forwards nationwide twice a year.

I think that the default should be to stick with the same time-system year-round unless research can strongly demonstrate that the back-and-forth thing actually accomplishes something remotely productive.

Pick either daylight or standard time, keep it the same year-round, and stick the heck with it unless someone can demonstrate that there's something to be gained by all this ridiculous clock-changing. If a particular state government wants to say "due to our lat, long, and position within the timezone, we recommend that within the state 'standard business hours' be considered to be X:00 to Y:00" (or even with a "except in $SEASON, when recommend that they be A:00 to B:00")-- fine, but this clock-resetting stuff is just silly.

Why is this silly back-and-forth thing considered the default to be clung to until someone can produce proof that it's bad? Seems to me it should be the other way around.

more than 5 years ago

Barack Obama Wins US Presidency

Lijemo Re:I'll Tell You What It Means (3709 comments)

I should add:

Both R's and D's acted poorly these last two decades.

That I do agree with this.

more than 5 years ago


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