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Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

LikwidCirkel Irrelevant. (917 comments)

Where does the AC say anything about the constitution? Furthermore, the constitution is written by humans, and can be flawed just like any other document or work. Saying "it's in the constitution, therefore just and ethical" is no different than saying "it's in the Bible, therefore just and ethical".

about 5 months ago

Anti-GMO Activists Win Victory On Hawaiian Island

LikwidCirkel Re:slashdot biased (510 comments)

If this is true, then why do people keep blanket banning "GMOs", rather than banning things like glyphosate?

about 7 months ago

Anti-GMO Activists Win Victory On Hawaiian Island

LikwidCirkel Re:victory against science (510 comments)

I wouldn't equate pseudoscience-believing hippies with Republicans.

about 7 months ago

First US Public Library With No Paper Books Opens In Texas

LikwidCirkel Re:Why bother (212 comments)

You're confusing medium with content. Physical books are not important in themselves - it's the content within them that's important, and that does not have to be tied to a particular medium. One can be very well-read nowadays without ever laying hands on dead trees.

about 7 months ago

IZON IP Cameras Riddled With Security Flaws

LikwidCirkel Obvious, and products are always like this. (55 comments)

Here's what happens... The company gets a Linux SDK from some chip vendor which works on some reference platform. This is intended for development and evaluation purposes and has many interfaces exposed, which is generally what you want for development. The producer then hires some cheap amateurish programmers to write some application code on top of the SDK to make the product do stuff. The stock kernel and filesystem is deployed as-is. No security audit is done, no unnecessary services are closed, and few things are removed from the stock SDK filesystem. It will never get fixed for any or all of the following reasons: 1) No one at the company has enough experience to lock down/strip down Linux - they just know how to write applications on-top. 2) There are deadlines and the management has a "it works, ship it!" mentality. 3) Some developer/engineer might know how to do things properly, but is so swamped with deadlines and babysitting all the juniors that it can't happen.

about 9 months ago

Bell Canada To Collect User Data For Advertising

LikwidCirkel Re:Encrypt everything (127 comments)

Yes. Pretty much anyone who wasn't a cable or phone company in the 80s. So, that excludes Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Videotron, Telus, MTS, and possibly other provincial entities.

Notable alternatives are TekSavvy (a hybrid business, not a pure reseller),, Wind Mobile, Moblicity... possibly some others like Primus and Distributel who I believe are pure resellers.

about 9 months ago

Bell Canada To Collect User Data For Advertising

LikwidCirkel Re:Opt Out! (127 comments)

People keep saying this but it IS NOT TRUE!!! Teksavvy leases ONLY the last mile, because there is no other way to do it. The first hop is a router completely owned and controlled by TekSavvy. I can trace routes and run all kinds of other utilities which show very clearly that TekSavvy is NOT a reseller.

about 9 months ago

Square Debuts New Email Payment System

LikwidCirkel Re:Interac (240 comments)

From the summary: "Square asks the sending for their debit card info..."

That sounds like bank participation to me.

about 9 months ago

Square Debuts New Email Payment System

LikwidCirkel Re:Blame Canada (240 comments)

No banking information is sent over email with Interac E-Transfer. That would be dumb. The recipient only gets a link and a user-chosen hint for a one-time password. In most cases, one can simply enter a bogus hint and tell the recipient the password over a more secure channel, like face-to-face.

about 9 months ago

Square Debuts New Email Payment System

LikwidCirkel Re:I don't understand how this is new. (240 comments)

Even worse, is that the summary claims "1 to 2 business days". Interac E-Transfers take minutes.

about 9 months ago

Square Debuts New Email Payment System

LikwidCirkel I don't understand how this is new. (240 comments)

If they charge you by debit, the assumption is that you need a bank account somewhere. Most bank accounts already allow one to send an "Interac E-Transfer" to any email address for a relatively low fee. I've done it multiple times. Maybe it's just a Canadian thing.

Why would I want to introduce a third party into this, when I can already do it through my existing bank?

about 9 months ago

Steam Machine Prototypes Use Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs

LikwidCirkel Re:Quite a bit of hardware (187 comments)

Who's to say one has to connect to a TV? LCD monitors at 2560x1600 or 2560x1440 are pretty common nowadays, and yes, something like a Titan or dual 760s in SLI mode would make a big difference with these kinds of resolutions.

about 10 months ago

How Engineers and Scientists Cluster In the U.S.

LikwidCirkel What is the point? (79 comments)

Can someone please explain to me what the point of this is? Even the summary suggests there is no point. The is the worst slow-news-day posting I've ever seen here.

about a year ago

My SSID Is...

LikwidCirkel Always something funny. (458 comments)

Mine used to be the classic (Canadian) "RCMP Surveillance Van", but that got old. Now it's "Cancer-Causing Radiation Source".

about a year ago

VOIP Provider Viber Attacked By Syrian Electronic Army

LikwidCirkel Of course it's for surveillance. (33 comments)

"free phone-messaging app" is all anyone should need to know to recognize something as a surveillance tool.

1 year,6 days

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up Non-Obnoxious Outdoor Lighting?

LikwidCirkel White Spandex (445 comments)

Do what makes the difference between amateur event lighting designers at crappy small festivals and professional high-quality lighting designers. Crappy ones will point bright lights into people's faces and it hurts. Good designers will put up white fabric and sails everywhere and point lights into the sails and sometimes up into the sky.

While it might not be exactly applicable to your backyard lighting application, it's something to think about.

1 year,7 days

Hands On With the Nokia Lumia 1020

LikwidCirkel No one will buy it because of the OS. (227 comments)

It runs Windows. No one will buy it, and those who do will soon regret it.

Enough with the pretending Windows phones are actually good for something.

1 year,18 days

Why Are Japanese Men Refusing To Leave Their Rooms?

LikwidCirkel Re:This really about porn and video games... (770 comments)

No. It's because his parents didn't kick him out for being useless.

You can't be addicted to porn and video games if you don't have food and a roof over your head.

1 year,25 days


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