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Project Free TV, YIFY, PrimeWire Blocked In the UK

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Interesting move (195 comments)

It's not just 'big content'; the Big Four ISP*s that implement these blocks ( Sky, BT Broadband, TalkTalk and Virgin ) each have their own subscription TV and streaming services targeted at their customers, so making free stuff harder to reach also implicitly benefits them if it encourages up-take.

Noticable is how the smaller ISPs, that just act as an ISP without tryng to sell me media, aren't in scope.

* they're not really ISPs, more like Web-connected entertainment providers.

about a year ago

Redesigned Seats Let Airlines Squeeze In More Passengers

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Just buy Premium Economy (466 comments)

Sorry, corporate policy does not permit booking Premium Economy.

Lowest fare wins, as determined by the travel secretary.

I did once ask at the airport about upgrading to business class ( Continental, UK to Newark ). It would have been $700 each way out of my own pocket.

Now I just don't travel.

about a year ago

Irish Government May Close Apple's Biggest Tax Loophole

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Linkbait (292 comments)

Most big companies do this. Why not? It is completely legal.

The city-state of San Marino does not have copyright laws. So, if I incorporated a company there I could take the Linux kernel, modify it my needs and distribute it without adhering to the GPL.

Why not? It's completely legal.

Adobe Flash has many 'loopholes' that would permit a nefarious programmer to remotely exploit the user's computer if they convinced the user to run their code.

Why not? It's completely legal.

about a year ago

New York Subpoenaed AirBnb For All NYC User Data

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Probably cause (181 comments)

No, that is not illegal. Just like your colleague giving you a cross-country lift in his car if you split the petrol cost is not illegal.

Or going for a flight in your colleague's aeroplane and paying the landing fees.

However, as soon as it crosses the line to advertised and remunerated 'hire for reward' it becomes a regulated activity. If your colleague regularly flies people in his aeroplane and charges a fare, then he has to start obeying.

about a year ago

Why iOS 7 Is Making Some Users Feel 'Sick'

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Just (261 comments)

First world problems.

And yet here you are commenting on them. Shouldn't you be digging a well in Tanzania?

about a year ago

Google's Scanning of Gmail To Deliver Ads May Violate Federal Wiretap Laws

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Informed consent? Really? (325 comments)

So how can you have implied consent when the sender doesn't know that the mail is being sent through Google?


I'm thinking a Thunderbird add-on might be useful, which would scan the MX records of your would-be recipients and alert if any of them pointed to Gmail...

about a year ago

Facebook Autofill Wants To Store Users' Credit Card Info

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:The ONLY reasonable response... (123 comments)

Using will waste time at the application protocol layer trying to connect to a web server on your localhost.

Try or :: instead, both are null routes and will fail immediately in the transport layer.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Has Gmail's SSL Certificate Changed, How Would We Know?

Lincolnshire Poacher Twitter, too (233 comments)

Another one that Certificate Patrol has flagged inthe past week is *.twimg.com, which appears to be a mess of certs from different CAs.

One subdomain ( s0 ) has switched from a DigiCert EV wildcard cert to a Verisign per-subdomain cert.

Another has gone from Verisign to Comodo.

Annoyingly twimg.com seems to be embedded across the Web...

I've been rejecting them all, given that Twitter provide no information on their site as to whether this was a planned change.

about a year ago

LinkedIn Accused of Hacking Customers' E-Mails To Slurp Up Contacts

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:99% sure I can explain what happened here (210 comments)

provide Gmail username/password.

Err, what? Not only did you violate the Gmail terms of service by providing the password to another entity, but if that was also your employer's hosted e-mail service then that is most likely grounds for discipline and / or termination.

Why would you EVER enter your mail password anywhere other than.. your mail provider? WHY?

about a year ago

Raspberry Pi As an Ad Blocking Access Point

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Or you can just run privoxy (82 comments)

Privoxy can remove a lot more than just ads served from a given domain/server.

It can for HTTP, but increasingly tracking and ad services are shifting over to HTTPS ( Google Analytics is 100% SSL now ).

Privoxy can't help there, as browsers use SSL Tunnelling when configured to use it as an HTTPS proxy. So it just blindly relays the ads through.

about a year ago

Raspberry Pi As an Ad Blocking Access Point

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Cue the usual "debate" ... (82 comments)

... in which one faction points out that ads are funding much of the (commercial) Web, and if you suppress them, you won't have all that Free Content.

Free content? I wish.

I pay economist.com more than $200 per year for their excellent news, and they still have the gall to try to bombard me with as many ads as a non-subscriber. Plus a 'subscribe now!' crawl-up from the bottom of the page.

Ads can go to hell.

about a year ago

Can the iPhone Popularize Fingerprint Readers?

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Laptop fingerprint fad (356 comments)

I know it isn't always cool to support Apple, but I have to say that there are a lot of things that were just fads before they came in and did it right.

And as before Apple haven't *done* anything. They just bought the company that already made these scanners ( for phones such as the Atrix ) and stuffed the tech into the iPhone.

Much like the day Tony Fadell walked into their reception and said "I have a demonstration model of a portable music player that Sony declined..."

about a year ago

Linus Responds To RdRand Petition With Scorn

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:I admire Linus, but... (566 comments)

Can you imagine what things would be like if Linux had never happened?

FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, ReactOS, BeOS, Kontiki, ErOS. And that's just a few off my head while I eat breakfast.

about a year ago

Linus Responds To RdRand Petition With Scorn

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Got your feelings hurt? (566 comments)

But it's a reasonable explanation of why /dev/random works the way it does and why it won't be changed.

Really, telling someone learn about cryptography is a reasonable explanation? Why not tell them to go learn about cosmology too, since entropy is a key concept there?

For the two minutes it took for Mr Torvalds to bang-out his tirade on the keyboard he could have explained why folding a possibly-compromised RNG source into the pol doesn't increase risk much. Or provided a link and said 'go and educate yourself here'.

about a year ago

Google's Encryption Plan To Stifle NSA's Dragnet Will Raise the Stakes

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Not a solution. (216 comments)

For instance spying kept the Cuban Missile Crisis from getting out of hand.

Just a minor issue, but can we please start to call that event the Turkish Missile Crisis?

After all, it was the USA that started the escalation by emplacing IRBMs in Italy and Turkey.

about a year ago

Device Security: How Border Searches Are Really Used

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Just upload your encrypted data online (223 comments)

This isn't exactly shocking news.

Oh, I disagree! The USG has established 100-mile 'non-Constitution' zones around the national borders. Due process and security of personal information is suspended.

How is that not shocking?

about a year ago

Government To Release Hundreds of Documents On NSA Spying

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Wow (123 comments)

to the extent that the remaining text is pointless.

1. Determine font face, size and kerning
2. For each redacted blank, determine which English word relevant to context would fit the space

How about a Gutenberg-style distributed proofreading endeavour?

about a year ago

Court Bars Apple From Making Industry-Wide E-book Deals

Lincolnshire Poacher Re:Payout a separate thing... (130 comments)

while I do think that publishers take more than their fair share, I also think that they do provide quite a bit of benefit to the industry, since they serve to ferret out the diamonds in the rough

You keep saying this, but I would say about half of the ' properly published' books I have bought over the years have been junk. And this is in the field of factual books ( I don't bother with fiction ). That's no better than my record on buying self-published books.

And it's actually self-published books, or those from tiny speciality publishers, which are considered by the market to be most valuable years after publication.

Mainstream published books? Just rehashes of what someone else wrote and once the marketing-induced fad dies off in a year or so they'll be worth pennies on the second hand market.

about a year ago

How Patent Trolls Stalled a New Transit App

Lincolnshire Poacher Perhaps he'll develop an innovative app instead (85 comments)

Sorry, not feeling a lot of sympathy here.

'Provide arrival times for the city's buses'. Yes, like the LED displays in bus shelters or the operator's website. Or even the SF Muni's own app! With countdown to arrival feature...

Where's the innovation other than he makes a profit using ads?

Seriously, not everything that is repackaged as an app exhibits entrepreneurial innovation.

about a year ago


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