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Radio Energy Harvested With Inkjet-Printed Antenna

Linker3000 Re:radio harvested with piece of rock (galena) (164 comments)

True - I used to have a crystal set that I'd occasionally hook up to a digital analogue clock and it would run fine throughout the day and up until one of the more local stations went off the air for the night.

more than 2 years ago

Oracle Acquires K-splice For an Undisclosed Amount

Linker3000 Re:Contempt (226 comments)

No, but they act as the interface between the organisation and its customer base. 'Rep' means 'representative' so you might as well tell them how you want them to represent you (an unhappy customer) in their feedback and internal reports - assuming they bother to 'tell it like it is' to the grown-ups.

about 3 years ago

Company Claims Ownership of Digital Messaging

Linker3000 Re:Really? (325 comments)

Meh, my device uses Sapphire and I call my positively charged regions 0s and my negatively charged regions 1s, so I'm in the clear.

about 3 years ago

With regards to beer, I prefer it to be:

Linker3000 Re:Two possible answers for me (840 comments)

T2ss can drink - just stay off the high-carb (Guinness-type) stuff and don't drink on an empty stomach.

Best wishes from another T2 (who drinks)

more than 3 years ago

With regards to beer, I prefer it to be:

Linker3000 Re:Real Ale! (840 comments)

I work about 10 mins walk from the Harveys brewery in Lewes and it's always a pleasure to pop into their shop for a few bottles. It's amazing how many locals you see walking about town with their large plastic containers on the way to/from a fill-up!

more than 3 years ago

RSA Admits SecurID Tokens Have Been Compromised

Linker3000 Re:Cyber intrusions (219 comments)

Yes, we have moved on to eIntrusions and iIntrusions - and how about Intrusions 2.0

more than 3 years ago

Green Crystal 'Rain' Discovered Near Infant Star

Linker3000 Re:Tiberium is here (43 comments)

Even the crystalline entity needs to relieve itself once in a while.

more than 3 years ago

TI vs. Calculator Hobbyists, the Next Round

Linker3000 Re:Why? (301 comments)

Just think about it for a moment; if someone managed to deliberately or accidentally bypass the maths integrity checks they could actually divide by zero and the whole universe would collapse in on itself - this would really ruin everyone's day.

more than 3 years ago

A $25 PC On a USB Stick

Linker3000 Re:One little question. (352 comments)

You plug the USB port into a powered hub (to power the board) and the peripherals into the hub too.

more than 3 years ago

A $25 PC On a USB Stick

Linker3000 Re:great for thin clients (352 comments)

I have emailed them and suggested they consider the following and I'm sure they've had tons of others asking for a network connection.

"Housed in a 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm QFN package, the MicroPHY® is the smallest Fast Ethernet PHY available that provides a full 802.3 media independent interface (MII) to the system media controller."

more than 3 years ago

A $25 PC On a USB Stick

Linker3000 Re:Neat idea but... (352 comments)

USB-to-network adaptor - the D-Link kit at the bottom of the picture on the site

more than 3 years ago

Why Has Blu-ray Failed To Catch Hold?

Linker3000 Hellooo - Marketing Guys.. (1162 comments)

Hellooo - Marketing Guys..

You read all that? Did it sink in??? (probably not)

OK, now ask us about 3D TV and cinema.


more than 3 years ago

Limewire Being Sued For 75 Trillion

Linker3000 Re:This is good (545 comments)

This should be let run as it is - think about it: the lawyers are probably working on a percentage basis for a win so...The RIAA is awarded 75 trillion...Limewire goes bankrupt...the RIAA owes the lawyers x% of 75 trillion and goes bankrupt...the lawyers get nothing.

OK, a degree of discomfort for the Limewire guys, but overall a good potential outcome.

more than 3 years ago

RSA's Servers Hacked

Linker3000 Re:Crap, crap, crap (172 comments)

"You know those key-fob things that stay in sync"

Oh, are they suposed to stay in sync? I thought the regular drift was a 'security feature'

(Meh - we use Yubikeys:

more than 3 years ago

RSA's Servers Hacked

Linker3000 Re:Ouch (172 comments)

Any veg you like, as long as it's black-eyed peas

more than 3 years ago



WPA2 vulnerability found

Linker3000 Linker3000 writes  |  about 4 years ago

Linker3000 (626634) writes "NetworkWorld is reporting that a vulnerability has been found in the WPA2 wireless security protocol that could allow man-in-the-middle attacks. The so-called "Hole 196" vulnerability stems from a weakness in one of the keys (the Group Temporal Key, or GTK) used to protect broadcast data because the GTK mechanism cannot detect address spoofing or data forgery."
Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot: Aircon Control for a Small IT Suite

Linker3000 Linker3000 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Linker3000 (626634) writes "My main IT office is also the server room for the building, with a small rack of servers and a few stand-alone systems. Most of the time we can keep the room cool enough with natural ventilation and we only switch on the aircon when we close up and leave at night — but sometimes we forget and arrive the next morning to about 26-28 degress of Celcius goodness (about 80F) — nothing too major, but a tad warm nonetheless. The aircon has a timer built into the remote control, but it's very directional and unless we remember to leave it on a desk pointed at the aircon unit it does not work. I was considering a small project involving an IP or USB-based temperature sensor and a learning/programmable IR transmitter that would allow us to switch the aircon on (or off) automatically, or manually if we so wished. There' s no hardwire option for the aircon unit — I've checked the schematics. Having done the required Google search, I have found what looks like suitable kit, ranging from bareboard hobbyist stuff to ridiculously-priced 'professional' server room HVAC controls, so I decided it might be a good idea to open this up to the Slashdot crowd for their real-world wisdom (apart from 'leave the aircon on all the time'). Anyone rigged up anything like this before?"

OpenDNS to block and monitor Conficker worm

Linker3000 Linker3000 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Linker3000 (626634) writes "According to El Reg, from Monday, OpenDNS plans to introduce an new service that will prevent PCs infected with the Conficker (aka Downadup) malware from contacting its control servers, and will also make it easy for admins to know if even a single machine under their control has been infected by Conficker: "Starting Monday, any networks with PCs that try to connect to the Conficker addresses will be flagged on an admin's private statistics page. The service is available for free to both businesses and home users." Maybe this is a good time to take a look at OpenDNS if you haven't done so already."

Paper's legal threats shut down community forums

Linker3000 Linker3000 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Linker3000 writes "When the Irish local newspaper "Mayo Echo" published an article (readable online as a set of PDFs through the link) referring to gays as "perverts", it sparked lively debate in the forums at , one of the region's most active online communities, but things took a turn for the worse when the paper's editor objected to some of the comments and contacted the site's editors. Under threat of legal action, the site's editors bowed to pressure and all material referring to the Mayo Echo was removed and an apology published, but then the newspaper's editor decided to not accept the apology and is maintaining his threat of legal action.

In light of this, the entire site has been shut down and replaced with a one page commentary [Coral Cache] on the situation, stating: "...The view of the moderators was that it is no longer possible to have a reasonably robust discussion where opinions are expressed such as people stating that they do not like the slant of a particular article or newspaper as in this case without opening themselves up to legal action. The bulletin boards were effectively the heart of the site generating the bulk of over 3.8 million hits to last month for example. has therefore ceased operating as a direct result of this ongoing threat of legal action and the possibility that under the current Irish legal system the same thing could happen at any stage. It is no longer possible to run a voluntary website such as on a server based in Ireland regardless of where the moderators actually live..."

Regrettably it's not possible to see any of the allegedly offending forum material (unless someone wants to unearth cached copies!?), but according to one moderator, although some of the reaction to the newspaper's article were 'passionate' — on both sides of the argument — all material specifically referred to in the newspaper's correspondence was removed upon request.

Is shutting down the entire site a wise precaution or totally unnecessary and extreme? And how does the editor of the Mayo Echo — a member of the estate that champions 'freedom of the press' — justify the threat of legal action against public commentary on one of their published articles, especially since the site's editors more than complied with the takedown request irrespective of whether they were obliged to or not?

Entire city of Vista users can't access Internet

Linker3000 Linker3000 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Linker3000 writes "The Inquirer links to this story (in Swedish) about the city of Lund in Sweden where Vista users cannot connect to the Internet because of a Linux server that doesn't like the OS. Now that's the kind of story that's fodder to the /. crowd!"

Linker3000 Linker3000 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Linker3000 (626634) writes "According to the MailScanner discussions list, Julian Field, the author and maintainer of the MailScanner open source e-mail spam / virus / trojan scanning system, was admitted to hospital on Friday having been found collapsed at home. At the time, his condition was described as "critical...but...stable.". Naturally, we all wish him a speedy recovery."



Goodbye Slashdot

Linker3000 Linker3000 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Well, after what seems like a zillion years, I have finally decided to prune Slashdot from my list of daily sites to use for tech news. I was spurred on by Cmdr Taco's recent departure, but if truth be told, the site's never been the same since the last re-design that just made it harder to get things to display as I want, other sites seem to get the headlines quicker and have far fewer derps trying to out-first-post everyone else. So, goodbye - and thanks for all the polls.

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