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Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

LinuxIsGarbage Re:The war that no one wanted (471 comments)

The problem that Apple is going to face is that watches, for the most part, are something someone buys once and keeps forever. Antique Rolex watches for example.

People have been "trained" to toss their phone annually. Same with their tablet.

I don't see this as that much of an issue. Makers of inaccurate mechanical watches like to pretend they're a treasure to be handed down through the generations, but as it is I think most people are like myself and will wear a quartz (digital or analog... in my case both) watch until it breaks, then replace it with similar. An analog quartz watch from 10 years ago has the same features as one today, so if all it needs is a $5 battery, or a $5 strap, that will be replaced and the watch will keep going until complete failure.

With early cell phones there was no real advantage to upgrading, so people kept them until they broke. With smartphones the trend of frequent upgrades started because of new features (processing power, screen size, camera, OS / App support, etc), so many people upgrade before the phone actually broke.

With the Smart Watch I'm currently hesitant about it being a market that could take off, but I was wrong before with the iPad, so I could be wrong again. In this case if the Apple Watch 3gs offered a camera, ability to make phone calls out of range of an iPhone, etc, etc, existing owners may trade them up before they break. I think the history of longevity of simple wrist mounted time pieces will play no roll.

about a week ago

To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Trolleybus (485 comments)

or why they went out of style in all but 5 cities.

My understanding it was the GM diesel bus lobby. Meanwhile the Electric streetcars and trolly busses were owned by electric utilities.

about a week ago

To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

LinuxIsGarbage Re:And low-emission transport trucks, too (485 comments)

My my...repeat posts for molten salt reactors...

It's better than repeat posts on HOSTS files.

about a week ago

Robot Printer Brings Documents To Your Desk

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Better Idea (64 comments)

It works best if to "Scan" they are actually faxing it to a Fax-PDF number, to ensure the lowest of quality possible.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Ashamed to say... (635 comments)

Of all technologies I have ever used across all time, floppies are one of the few that I've been thankful to say good riddance to, and hope it stays in the dustbin of history. CLI, modems, dot matrix printers, CRT's, they all have something charming about them, but not floppies.

About a year ago was the first time I had to use a floppy in years. It supposedly had the backup copy of an important program for work (and as far as I knew, the only copy that ever existed). Someone had overwritten the disk with something else, but eventually I did find a copy of the software on another floppy. The time before that I was trying to write a boot floppy to bootstrap an install off a CD-ROM (BIOS couldn't boot from CD). It took 5 disks to get a working one.

Since I first used floppies 25 years ago they sucked, and they still suck. The number of people I saw that kept the only copy of all their schoolwork on a floppy, only to have it rendered unreadable is heart breaking. They were always slow, small, and unreliable, but for some reason people were told they were more reliable than HDD (which may have been true for early HDD, but not in the 90's). How many times have you copied something, with a nice consistent *tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-whir-whir-tick-tick-tick-tick*, only to get to 97 Percent and *whir-whir, whir-whir, whir-whir, whir-whir* "NOT READY READING DRIVE A:"

Even dealing with retro-computing there's better options. I use Sewell's FastLynx. It's like an updated version of Interlink (and you can buy it with the Serial and Parallel cables). You can connect to DOS machines, and a Windows NT4/9X/XP/7/8 machine with null modem serial or parallel cable (your modern machine must have a real LPT port, you can't use a serial converter) to transfer files. It can write the software on the remote PC over a serial link so you don't even need a floppy for the original install. The speed over Parallel is surprisingly fast.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Ashamed to say... (635 comments)

You can slipstream SATA / SCSI drivers onto the install CD using Nlite.

about two weeks ago

Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year

LinuxIsGarbage Re:$230 (611 comments)

You can also take a Youtube URL (with the exception of VEVO), And enter it into VLC: Media->Open Network stream

Where it will play without ads.

As a side benefit, since VLC wasn't coded using garbage, like Adobe Flash is, the video won't stutter and stall on older PCs.

about a month ago

Which Is Better, Adblock Or Adblock Plus?

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Chrome? (436 comments)

uTorrent IS malware these days.

Sadly true. I recently switched to qBittorrent and and though it lacks a few of the bells and whistles, I have not looked back.

Agreed. I made the switch this year. F---ing conduit search malware. Ninite dropped uTorrent in preference for qBittorent as well.

One feature I like about qBittorrent is it remembers recent download folder selections, making organizing TV torrents a breeze.

about a month and a half ago

Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

LinuxIsGarbage Re:110 or 240v (260 comments)

Yes, because the US cheats and uses 220 split-phase to provide 110 power. Most everywhere else that needs high power uses 3-phase, as it's smoother, easier to produce and rectify, and just as safe to transmit.

3 phase makes electric motors more efficient, and that's it. Technically, you could have as many phases as you could imagine having... each making the motor a tad more efficient. But they are not "smoother" and don't improve transmission.

3-Phase AC produces a smoother (considerably less ripple) DC current pattern when rectified than single or split-phase AC.

I've seen 3 phase 700V+ DC drives at over 1000kW that are very harmonic rich. Over 100% THD. Not smooth AT ALL.

about 2 months ago

Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

LinuxIsGarbage Re:110 or 240v (260 comments)

3 phase requires the return by code. Technically however, you are correct. That's just for safety and I often question if it makes any sense myself.

In an industrial settings I deal with a lot of loads that are three phase L1, L2, L3 + safety ground only (shield on cable, chassis on machine). No Neutral. Even 4160V loads. Unbalanced loads are brought back through L1, L2, L3.

about 2 months ago

Buying New Commercial IT Hardware Isn't Always Worthwhile (Video)

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Nail in the coffin... (92 comments)

Oh, great, it's hard enough to replace obsolete equipment as it is. Once management sees this, they'll wonder why we can't keep that old Dell server going a few more years - after all, other companies are buying the same server for this guy. IT will never get another upgrade approved ever again if this gets out. Forget the cost savings of lower-power equipment, and the massive throughput increases in newer drives.

Lucky you getting to keep that old Dell server... We have to keep that old 1983 PDP-11 going.

about 2 months ago

Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Thanks a lot, IBM (236 comments)

Wait, there are updates for Windows?


That's why I just use Windows XP. I haven't been bugged for updates in a while.

about a month ago

Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh

LinuxIsGarbage Re:PPC macs were awful (236 comments)

When Macs didnt just needed a restart every 24 hours (like windows did) but would outright ruin there system install every other week?

You MUST be confusing MacOS and Windows.

I have been using Macs since they were called Lisas (yeah, yeah, I know. Different OS (sort of)), and using Windows since at least version 3.1, and in all those years, I have only had to resort to an OS Reinstall ONCE on a Mac (68k or PPC). I cannot even begin to count the times I had to do a reinstall on Windows. That stuff didn't even BEGIN to abate until Windows 2000.

As far as having to restart, both OSes had their fair share of memory leaks. But when it comes to "outright ruin there[sic] system install[ation]", there is simply no comparison.

I've very rarely had to *reinstall* any OS (none I can think of except a hard drive failure), but from a Stability point of view, Mac OS was junk until OSX, Windows was complete feces until W95, and Junk until W2000. This is from an end user point of view. NT was relative stable before 2000, but it wasn't end user friendly.

about a month ago

Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Counterbet (236 comments)

I bet Google DOES use some moderate amount of assembly. I once worked for an audio-recognition company and we did indeed use about 100 lines of x64 assembly to perform the inner loop, which was some complex audio signal processing routine. Similar to an FFT.

This was easily 10x faster than the C version, which we had for reference purposes, even when using the Intel compiker with all optimizations turned on.

So, just because you never saw a Tapir in your life, does not mean they can't exist because their dick is longer than you can imagine.

Maybe you shouldn't have been using an AMD processor:
(Intel has been slammed for their compiler creating code that directs non-Intel CPUs to completely unoptimized code, not taking advantage of SSE, etc, even when present in the non-Intel processor)

Section 2.3 of this:

about a month ago

Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

LinuxIsGarbage Re:Even versions of Windows the good ones? (346 comments)

You still fail to count properly because the non-NT kernels don't get counted into numbering.

NT->3.5 Because it looked like Windows 3.5

2K-> 4



Windos 7 -> 7

Windows 8 -> 8


You Failed to count properly
NT 3.1
NT 3.5
NT 3.51
NT 4
NT 5.0 (Windows 2000)
NT 5.1 (WindowsXP)
NT 5.2 (Sever 2003 & XP 64)
NT 6.0 (Vista)
NT 6.1 (Seven)
NT 6.2 (Eight)

about 2 months ago

Researchers Develop New Way To Steal Passwords Using Google Glass

LinuxIsGarbage Re:I've always thought (116 comments)

The spare parts stores at our manufacturing plant uses a keypad like this too.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Takes Down Domains

LinuxIsGarbage Re:No-IP should open up their nameservers (495 comments)

Turns out you can do this - their nameservers are at


nslookup <your domain>

should give you your IP.

Mod parent and grandparent up!

Though I only got a response from

about 2 months ago

How Apple Can Take Its Headphones To the Next Level

LinuxIsGarbage Re:sponsers (196 comments)

The only thing they ever had going for them was the unique 'b' shaped plastic. They are like a Louis Vuitton bag - not particularly functional or even attractive, but they cost a lot of money and celebutards like them so owning them buys you a tiny slice of that lifestyle.

While I don't own or like their headphones, the one other thing they have going for them is their success at ambush marketing. You see, as much as I hate their headphones, I hate the draconian advertising regulations that surround events like the Olympics and World Cup even more:

about 3 months ago

GM Names and Fires Engineers Involved In Faulty Ignition Switch

LinuxIsGarbage Re: No one will ever buy a GM product again (307 comments)

Because you lose power steering and braking, and you could lock the fucking steering column.

I can't say I've every owned a Toyota. But all of the cars that I've owned would not allow you to turn the key back to lock the steering wheel unless the car was in park or neutral.

All the cars I've owned wouldn't let you turn it to LOCK unless the car was in PARK, and could only start if it was in PARK or NEUTRAL.

about 3 months ago

Fuel 3-D Claims to be a High-Res, Point and Shoot 3-D Scanner (Video)

LinuxIsGarbage All in One (25 comments)

When will they have 3-D all in one machines? Scan, copy, and print.

about 3 months ago


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