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Microsoft to Force IE7 Update on February 12th

LinuxIsRetarded Re:Good in some ways... (480 comments)

It's also a product of less Linux users running as root. Apply the Windows user mentality to Linux, I bet it would be just as much of a disaster.
Well stated. Conversely, running as a limited user account as a typical Linux user does works wonders with regards to Windows security. Any time a friend or family member approaches me to remove viruses or spyware from their Windows machine, I remove their account from BUILTIN\Administrators and add it to BUILTIN\Users, and they never experience malware problems again (and yes, I do follow up).

about 7 years ago



LinuxIsRetarded LinuxIsRetarded writes  |  more than 8 years ago

LinuxIsRetarded (995083) writes "After upgrading to Firefox 2.0, I experienced a crash with an "XPCOM: Event Handler" error message. Upon further research, I found that this (http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/19488/info) is apparently a vulnerability that has been known about since June (http://secunia.com/secunia_research/2006-53/advis ory/) and has not yet been patched. When can we expect a patch for this highly critical vulnerability?"


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