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Weaving The Web

LionsName Relax, Jon (69 comments)

This review was just too cynical to be taken seriously.

How many times can we write "Drooling Monsters" to refer to American buisness? Come now; we're all adults here. We know what it's like to live, and it wasn't what was presented in this article.

I expect better from Slashdot. Then again, I do expect the occasional sensationalist fear-mongering article.

Here's an idea for headline news: "NICE GUY EXISTS; WORLD STUNNED."

Riiiight... {:)}=

Quote: "No American would wonder at [the idea that a person's value depends on how important and financially successful they are, and that that is measured in terms of money], which is not only terrible, but at the heart of American life.

I don't know about JonKatz's friends, but in my circles, it's just not like that...

People are doing pretty much what they've always done. There are some people out there who get their fix in making money. Some people are artists. Some are poets. Some are wanna-be revolutionaries. Some are religious. Some are scientists. Some are coders.

No monsters under the bed, no monsters in the closet.

more than 15 years ago


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