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Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop

Liquidretro Touch Server (681 comments)

So this means my virtualized headless server won't have a touch screen interface? Glad someone used some common sense.

about three weeks ago

Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

Liquidretro Rating =/ Consumption (394 comments)

"Cheryl Williamsen, a Los Alamitos architect, has three of the boxes leased from her cable provider in her home, but she had no idea how much power they consumed until recently, when she saw a rating on the back for as much as 500 watts" Rating doesn't equal consumption. I can put a 1000W power supply in my computer but just watching youtube videos doesn't mean it's consuming all 1000W. It consumes far less than the 1000W unless the system demands it. Only way to know how much a device like this consumes is to measure it. One inexpensive way to do this is the KilloWatt meter.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

Liquidretro Re:Why (445 comments)

I like KeyPass because the same database file can be used in my Android phone and on me PC. I don't want to use a cloud based password storage as that might be a vulnerability. I also like that KeyPass allows you to use more than just a password to protect the database, you can also have it use a keyfile. So it turns into something you know (the password) and something you have (the keyfile on a USB key). Then you just need to keep the database synchronized between the different systems you use it on. That could be a problem if you add passwords very frequently, but in my useage it has not been a problem. KeePassDroid is a nice Android version.

Cloud isn't a concern as long as your software is done right. By all accounts Lastpass has been done well. The cloud only gets an encrypted blob. Let the NSA go to town on it, not a concern. So do you manually sync your phone to PC then with your keypass DB?

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

Liquidretro Why (445 comments)

Why are you unable to use one of the online systems like Lastpass? It's been very well vetted, offers offline and online modes. I personally find 1pass to be very Mac centric and expensive but it's a good product too. Keypass is a good opensource alternative, although its a local program so there are those downsides. It has android and iOS apps too so you can have access on a mobile device if needed.

about 5 months ago

ATF Tests Show 3D Printed Guns Can Explode

Liquidretro Lowest Bidder? (233 comments)

So the same contractor who built the health care website builds 3D printers now? Joking aside this would not be a very good test if the agency regulating guns came out and said the ones you make yourself without regulation work better than the ones we regulate, now would it.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Best To Set Up a Parent's PC?

Liquidretro Break the habits through education (418 comments)

Break the bad habits that are holding her back such as AOL. Next time you see her educate her. Show her the internet works without aol (I suggest chrome since it has flash and auto updates). This way you can move on from win XP. Where you go from there is up to you. IF she is just doing email, it sounds like a perfect solution fro a Chrome book. Logmein Free works pretty good for remote support. You can get in whenevery you need to run updates.

about a year ago

USPS To Launch Line of Smart Clothing

Liquidretro Why? (206 comments)

Who has the perception that the USPS is A) A fashion designer B) Leading edge technology in anything (Just try using their tracking that updates once a day at best), especially clothing C) A logo people want to pay for and wear. I guess if it brings in money. . .

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With an Advanced Wi-Fi Leech?

Liquidretro Redirection + 3rd party firmware (884 comments)

1st thing to do would be see if my router was compatible with something like DD-WRT or Tomato. These don't have the insecure WDS in them. I assume you have the most up to date firmware. Other things to do would be to turn off your wifi for a few days. Chances are the neighbor will get bored and move on to someone else. You could also enable QOS and restrict the heck out of his connection. You could also start messing with things like redirection, block DNS lookups (Let your local machine do the DNS for your connection) and lastly replace your router.

about a year and a half ago

FAA To Investigate 787 Dreamliner

Liquidretro Re:Outsourcing Manufacturing (237 comments)

True, business conditions drove the decision and thats important, I just wonder if there are not enough checks in place etc due to the new system of manufacture.

about a year and a half ago

FAA To Investigate 787 Dreamliner

Liquidretro Outsourcing Manufacturing (237 comments)

I wonder if the manufacturing and quality problems has anything to do with the change on this plane that it is made all over the world, by tons of suppliers, then all moved to a common location for final assembly. This is a departure from the way Boeing has done manufacture in the past where most things are done under one roof.

about a year and a half ago

Is Intel Planning To Kill Enthusiast PCs?

Liquidretro Re:I just can't live without a ZIF socket. (1009 comments)

I would agree here for the most part. They change sockets so often that very few people switch processors and keep the same MB. Most people upgrade both at the same time. So you will buy the MB at the same time as the Processor as one piece. Ya not ideal but makes sens. I don't see this happening for a while.

about a year and a half ago

Nebraska Sheriff Wardriving, Sending Letters About Unsecured Wi-Fi

Liquidretro Re:If a Business can do it, why can't I. (248 comments)

They are not mandating you close your wifi, they are just suggesting you do. Making you aware of something you were unsure of maybe. Very much the same as if they were to wring your door bell to tell you your garage door is open at midnight, etc.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Actual Best-in-Show For Free Anti Virus?

Liquidretro MSE + Secunia PSI (515 comments)

MSE is great, for the money, and its pretty light weight. I would add Secunia PSI to the list It's also free and scans the computer for out of date and vulnerable software. Malwares Favorite place to get in is unpatched software. This includes stuff you installed once and forgot about, stuff that came with your computer that you never use, etc. A totally patched system (including all the forgotten about stuff) is the best way to stay clean in addition to the not clicking on random stuff. In addition, if you don't need it uninstall it. A good example of this is Java. Most people don't acutally need it but have it installed on their computers. Just get rid of it and then you don't have to worry if it's not a secure program. Soundcloud should be clean but it's all the other places to be concerned about.

about 2 years ago

Digging Into the Electrical Cost of PC Gaming

Liquidretro Re:Turning off something saves money? Really? (162 comments)

I don't have this problem on W7 on newer hardware with a fairly new format.. Some programs don't sleep well. Understandably photoshop is probably one of them, but sounds like you either have some driver conflicts and/or are in need for a fresh install.

more than 2 years ago

Digging Into the Electrical Cost of PC Gaming

Liquidretro Turning off something saves money? Really? (162 comments)

Wow, earth shattering news here, turning off your PC when your not using it saves you a significant amount of money! What about factoring in cooling costs. High end gaming machines put out a lot of heat too. Since many gamers are using SSD's these days, sleeping your computer is great, they resume so fast. It's just common sense. I make sure everyone in my house shuts down or sleeps their machines at night if there is not a valid reason why they are on. It really does help. The real problem with this list is where is the spec list? That dual or triple GPU machine, that is water cool, and has a huge overclock will use a ton more power then your i5, single GPU machine. Finding an average gaming machine is tough to do.

more than 2 years ago

Diesel-Like Engine Could Boost Fuel Economy By 50%

Liquidretro Re:From a buffoon (721 comments)

Lots of things are keeping diesel from becoming mainstream in the USA. In no order of significant. -Poorer quality fuel. The US has a less clean version of diesel than Europe does. Even though the US diesel is now low sulfur, the European stuff is cleaner. -Different emissions regulations between the States. California is significantly more stringent than say Kansas. Auto manufactures have to specifically certify their cars in these states. This adds cost per vehicle and can add to distribution complications. -Cost difference of production. Diesel technology is more expensive to produce, largely due to the emissions technologies that are mandated. This is significant cost to manufactures that they pass on. Several thousands of dollars more per car we are talking here. -Diesel taxes vary widely from state to state. A poster below explains this well. -Diesel in recent times costs (significantly) more than gasoline per gallon. -Poor public perception. Diesel still gets a bad wrap from the bad motors in the 70's. In general people thing that it is a dirty, smelly, fuel that makes cars unreliable. These have all been solved with modern engines but its still a hard stigma to get rid of. -Less infrastructure. Not every residential fuel station carries diesel. Many do but its not quite as available as gasoline. This is not a huge problem. Combine these all together and you can see why other options are more popular currently.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Skype Setup For Toddler's Room?

Liquidretro CRT (302 comments)

As scary as this might be for a slashdot user to have in their home, what about an old CRT monitor with a wireless keyboard? I am sure you can find a CRT monitor for free on Craigslist, at work, or a thrift store. Put a webcam on top, hook it up to an old computer or laptop (Close the lid, must set it to stay on). Put the wirless keyboard and mouse across the room on a dresser or something and you should be good to go. The toddler can poke the CRT all they want with their fingers with no trouble, although I would still try and teach them not to since they might try the same with LCDs and we all know what would happen then.

more than 2 years ago


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