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Florida Law May Accidentally Ban Computers and Smartphones

Lissajous Re:florida's governor is a criminal (238 comments)

Ah, so they run World of Warcraft and Diablo III then.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

You, sir, win one Internet*
*Except in Florida, where winning an internet for posting on /. would be considered the proceeds of unlicensed gambling.

about a year and a half ago

Windows Store In-App Ad Revenue Plummets

Lissajous Re:My opinion on this will be unpopular (196 comments)

However things are a bit different with TV. First, they do lose viewers when the ads become obnoxious, so they avoid that. Users are allowed to leave the room while ads are playing, they are never forced to "click to continue" or wait 20 seconds.

Actually, that's not quite true. Firstly, broadcasters turn up the volume during ad breaks. That way you still hear the ads, even though you're out of the room.

They have a much larger audience too and generate less per viewer than the typical ad-based web site expects to get per reader.

That's completely untrue. Revenue is way higher on TV than web/mobile, when measured on a media consumption basis. Mobile figures are completely in the toilet - is's a factor of 16 difference. Here's a link to KPCB's Mary Meeker's State of the Internet report if you're interested in a more in-depth analysis: http://www.kpcb.com/file/kpcb-internet-trends-2012. Slide 17 is the relevant one.

The problem (as far as I can see it, anyway) is that more and more snake oil is being applied in digital advertising, *trying* to work out your interests, whereas the advertisers overlook the blindingly obvious matter of context.

I'm currently here on slashdot, which means that I'm probably going to be quite receptive to tech advertisements. When I'm reading a cooking blog, I'll probably be quite receptive to food advertisements. But start pushing me food ads on Slashdot, and tech ads on food blogs, and you'll creep me out. I switch interests on a momentary basis, but give you all the clues in the content I'm consuming. The only targeting information you need is to turn global into local. i.e. where in the world I am.

Full disclosure: We're actually building an ad platform, but from the perspective of the developer and the end user. We come from TV and Videogames backgrounds, so are in a somewhat OK position to try to understand and address some of the (many) shortcomings of existing ad solutions.

about a year and a half ago

Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Reviewed

Lissajous Re:Anandtech Review (48 comments)

Perhaps because that is the review for the Razer Edge, and this is about the Razer Edge Pro?

FTFA: "The Edge comes in two flavors, base and Pro. The entry-level SKU has an i5-3317U (1.7GHz), 4GB of DDR3, and a 64GB SSD for $999, while the Edge Pro bumps that up to an i7-3517U (1.9GHz), 8GB, and a 128GB SSD for $1299. Upgrading to a 256GB drive costs a further $150. The evaluation unit we received was the full-tilt Edge Pro 256GB, which has an SF-2200-based ADATA XM14 mSATA SSD. "

about a year and a half ago

Boeing 787s To Create Half a Terabyte of Data Per Flight

Lissajous Re:internet-connected plane (213 comments)

Ther is a differance between a censor that can be read and an actuator that moves the flaps.

Actually censors make sure things can't be read. I think you'd need sensors to be read. :)

about 2 years ago

Forget 6-Minute Abs: Learn To Code In a Day

Lissajous Re:Mandatory Code Monkey quote (306 comments)

I never learned how to use mod points but +1 for jonathon coulton reference, so true.

You don't use mod points, you program them. Apparently there's a site that can help you with this.

more than 2 years ago

Solar Impulse Completes First Intercontinental Solar Flight

Lissajous First Post (56 comments)

From an intercontinental solar-powered plane!

more than 2 years ago

Who's Pirating Game of Thrones, and Why?

Lissajous Re:Yes, you can do that. (1004 comments)

If you're getting it from TPB, you're not the customer.

more than 2 years ago

Go Daddy Reverses Course On SOPA

Lissajous Re:Doublespeak Statement (330 comments)

Nothing's changed. Not one goddammed thing.

From the statement. "Go Daddy and its General Counsel, Christine Jones, have worked with federal lawmakers for months to help craft revisions to legislation". They liked the state of SOPA enough to support it two days ago - hell...they helped craft it! The only difference between "We're for it" to "we're not for it" is "hey - why are you all deserting us??". They may not be listing themselves as in favour any more, but they're sure as hell not coming out against it.

I'm still voting with my feet, pocket and registration transfers. Screw them.

And now I realise that I posted as AC, so I logged in to say that unlike GoDaddy, I'm happy to stand up against SOPA.

more than 2 years ago

Watch Ben Heck Hack a 360 and a Sega CDX

Lissajous Next up.... (28 comments)

He'll mod a console to auto-First Post to slashdot!

more than 3 years ago

John Carmack Not Enthused About Android Marketplace

Lissajous Re:First (163 comments)

Not that I mind the negative Karma, but why on earth is this Off Topic? It's a response to a First Post (that *got* First Post), contextualized to the subject (referencing JCs fear of slipping back to the quagmire of feature phones with compatibility testing issues galore).

Or, to put it another way for the moderator in question......"wooosh"!

about 4 years ago

John Carmack Not Enthused About Android Marketplace

Lissajous Re:First (163 comments)

You got it, but because the rest of /. is too busy doing submission compatibility testing on their Androids.

about 4 years ago

Interactive Text Adventures Come To the Kindle

Lissajous Inventory (84 comments)

You have:
First Post

more than 4 years ago

Is PC Gaming Set For a Comeback?

Lissajous Re:My guess is their licensees yelled at them (495 comments)

You appear to be confusing a UDK license agreement with an Unreal Engine license agreement. UDK is the indie non-source code product. With an Unreal Engine license, you are free to modify the engine source to your heart's content, and most licensees do precisely this. It's also the only license you can get for consoles.

This license costs considerably more than UDK.

more than 4 years ago

DIY Synthetic Aperture Radar

Lissajous Re:Aperture Science (118 comments)

And he threw a fit when he discovered the need to right-click.

Not that one again. At the risk of being repetitious: Macs have supported a three-button mouse for at least the last ten years and have shipped with them for at least five. Even before that, there was generally an alternative involving pressing one of the meta keys when making a mouse click.

So when do they start shipping with sense of humour implants?

(Now I have to preview / submit before my machine BSODs)
If you think you've spotted a spelling mistake,
we probably live on different continents

more than 4 years ago

MA High School Forces All Students To Buy MacBooks

Lissajous Re:What are they going to do? (1217 comments)

Or how about "No, I'm not going to buy my kid a POS Mac."? I'm sure at least one Windows or Linux adminstrator's child goes to high school there.

Don't you think a Windows administrator would be very happy to know that they can put their feet up when they come home from work and don't have to administer their kid's computers as well?

Nope, I think a windows administrator is going to be pissed off to come home from work and not only have to administer their kid's laptop, but - to add insult to injury - have it be a POS Mac!

more than 4 years ago

Father of the Frisbee Dies At 90

Lissajous Re:news for neurotypicals, stuff that doesn't matt (89 comments)

This definitely would not have been posted here ten years ago.

Of course not. Ten years ago it would have been "Father of the Frisbee Dies At 80".

Actually, wouldn't it have been "Father of Frisbee celebrates 80th birthday with loving family" ?

more than 4 years ago



Lissajous Lissajous writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Lissajous (989738) writes "The USAF has just performed it's first media demonstration of a new ray gun that makes people feel as if they are about to catch fire.

Using millimeter waves, the ray heats the outer 1/64th of an inch to a temperature of approximately 130 degrees farenheit. It has a range of over 500 yards, and can penetrate thick winter clothing, but not walls.

CNN has an article on the demonstration, which can be found at http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/01/24/ray.gun.ap/inde x.html"

Lissajous Lissajous writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Lissajous (989738) writes "More than 50 new species have been discovered off the coast of Indonesia, including small, slender-bodied sharks that "walk" with their fins along coral reefs, researchers announced today.
Read more on National Geographic's website. There's video linked off the first page, or if you don't want to RTFA here's a direct link for you. Watch video of the "walking" sharks and other new species in the region.).
But walking sharks....how cool is that?"

Lissajous Lissajous writes  |  more than 8 years ago

(FTA) "PlayStation 2 is the accessible, affordable way to enjoy new social, communal and interactive entertainment experiences, through software titles like SingStar, Buzz and EyeToy", said Dan Hill, PlayStation 2 European Brand Manager. "The Pink PlayStation 2 is funky, fresh, and fashionable, and will further broaden the console's continuing popularity and relevance with a fun new twist". Translation — we want girlies to buy our stuff.
Is this the reason that they haven't started manufacturing the PS3 yet? HAVEN'T WE SUFFERED ENOUGH???"


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