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The Amish Are Getting Fracked

LoP_XTC Re:Religion and ethics vs. money (367 comments)

Rich religious unethical people seem to win rather a lot.

FTFY .... The deadly trifecta

about a year and a half ago

Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings

LoP_XTC Re:What could possibly go wrong... (1388 comments)

My fiancee loves black guns, and doesn't care for pink.

Well you know what they say about black ones ....

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Unveils First New Company Logo In 25 Years

LoP_XTC Re:Oh my God! (378 comments)

The video linked in the Technet announcement is interesting:

blue: Windows
red: Office
green: XBOX
yellow: ???

Maybe Microsoft is planning a new product line ... (if yellow was Server or dev tools there would be no reason not to include it in the video)

Hmm I would have thought ...

Blue - Windows (For BSOD)
Red - XBox (For RROD)
Yellow - ASP/.NET (Yellow screen of death)
Green - ... Okay stuck on this one.


more than 2 years ago

An Olympic Games For Enhanced Athletes?

LoP_XTC Birth of the Juicer :) (245 comments)

And so the birth of the Juicer beings :) ... they'll have to make sure they get hefty contracts as that eight-year life span (burn-out) can be a bitch and you want to make sure you party it up before you burn-out.

Now when does the Glitterboy get introduced?

more than 2 years ago

I believe humanity will first achieve ...

LoP_XTC Re:Of course... (637 comments)

The title escapes me, but there's a great short story concerning teleportation. The problem is that a complete copy is made, and the original must be destroyed.

Wasnt this the key plot point of the book / movie "The Prestige"?



more than 2 years ago

Details Of FBI Surveillance In Lulzsec Takedown Emerge

LoP_XTC Re:When will they learn the rules... (278 comments)

Stay alert, TRUST NO ONE, keep your laser handy...

Im sorry citizen oso-neko but the lack of grade in your name indicates you are an infrared citizen and knowledge of that motto is restricted to red or higher grades. Please see the computer for reassignment to food-vat of your choice.

more than 2 years ago

FDA To Review Inhalable Caffeine

LoP_XTC Re:Caffeine Coccaine (172 comments)

Isn't pure caffeine powder deadly? I'm guessing this product doesn't actually contain "caffeine" powder or we'll hear about how some kid killed him/herself with a pack of these canisters.

Even worse ... its odorless, tasteless, and dissolves instantly in water. Thankfully most of us from the 80's generation have built up an immunity to it.


more than 2 years ago

Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted For TSA Body Scanners

LoP_XTC Re:OPT OUT (572 comments)

consider that you can get an airworthy 2-seater for about $15,000.

Considering that the Hindenburg and Titanic were both top dollar for their time and both considered well above "airworthy" and "seaworthy", this is one area I dont think I would consider going cheap on.

more than 2 years ago

Laser Scanner May Allow Passengers To Take Bottled Drinks On Planes Again

LoP_XTC Re:Sedation flight (343 comments)

The Fifth Element.

Its the movie with Milla Jovovich's breasts ... the one without zombie's if that helps narrow it down for you.

more than 2 years ago

BigDog Robot Gets Much Bigger

LoP_XTC Re:Pack behavior (158 comments)

Okay people admit you read this with a slightly British accent in your head :)

more than 2 years ago

Occupy Flash?

LoP_XTC "Occupy Abode (Flash)!" (507 comments)

99% of my CPU cycles are taken up by 1 process!
bogomip greed must end and priority reniced to lesser PID's!

Occupy Adobe (Flash) Now!

more than 3 years ago

Boeing Delivers Massive Ordnance Penetrator

LoP_XTC Killsteak ... (381 comments)

Does this one still require a 25 point killstreak to deploy?

more than 3 years ago

OLPC Project To Air-Drop Laptops

LoP_XTC Start of the Zombie Apocalypse! (130 comments)

Man I hope these OLPS's have impact smart hard drives ... otherwise I smell the start of the Zombie Apocalypse on us!

more than 3 years ago

A Fifth of Telecommuters Work Less Than An Hour Per Day

LoP_XTC Re:In other words (323 comments)

For companies to do it right, it means there is a web cam that your manager can turn on and off at different times as well view your screen

Unless of course like me they have a spare docking station at home for their work laptops and use it when working from home. So the whole web cam point becomes pretty much invalid.

more than 3 years ago

William Shatner On Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

LoP_XTC Re:kids these days (511 comments)

So they have no personal hygiene, listen to rastabilly skank and are their own parents?

Sounds like family planning for young /.'ers ....

more than 3 years ago

William Shatner On Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

LoP_XTC Re:kids these days (511 comments)

Uh, where do you think his kids came from?

Found under a pool table in box marked "Our Rob or Ross" ...

more than 3 years ago

Purported FBI Report Calls Anonymous a National Security Threat

LoP_XTC "Clear and Present Danger" (159 comments)

Sounds like they are a Clear and Present Danger ... time to send in Jack Ryan.

The Harrison Ford version, not the Ben Affleck version ...

more than 3 years ago

Domino's Plans Pizza On the Moon

LoP_XTC Re:Cheese = No Issue. (214 comments)

1. Get some dust from the moon
2. Filter it, sanitize it, make it not kill someone who ingests it.
3. Put a microscopic amount into some of their cheese.
4. Market this topping as "moon cheese" at a premium price.
5. Profit!

(Probably best that they don't make it obvious what the process is behind this.)

Ah so thats what Cave Johnson did wrong ... he skipped step #2 ...

more than 3 years ago

5.8 Earthquake Hits East Coast of the US

LoP_XTC Re:I've seen reports in NC and Montreal as well... (614 comments)

And apparently everyone who felt it feels the need to come to /. and say, "Hey, I felt it!"

This is /. ... its about the only time they get post about someone saying "They felt it!" ...

more than 3 years ago


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