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Ex-Employee Busted For Tampering With ERP System

Local ID10T Re:Proper procedures (178 comments)

While commonly held to be good practices, many of the actions listed are actionable -some are even criminal. Be very sure you know where you stand legally before attempting to detain someone against their will, or to deprive them of their personal property. Most likely you will be fine, but all it takes is one person asserting their rights, and someone overzealously acting on the company's behalf, and you have a serious problem.

about a year and a half ago

Genetically Modified Plants To Produce Natural Lighting

Local ID10T Re:energy? (328 comments)

Did you ever drink the contents of a glowstick when you were a a kid?

I'll give you three guesses as to the source material for their development.

about 2 years ago

Genetically Modified Plants To Produce Natural Lighting

Local ID10T Re:Just say NO to GMO (328 comments)

This is GMO I can truly appreciate. Of course, I would also support development of gigantic venus-flytraps that are self-mobile...

about 2 years ago

Hiring Developers By Algorithm

Local ID10T Re:"can be wrong, profoundly wrong" (326 comments)

Idiot. Let me land you down in the real world:

1. It is natural for human beings to surround themselves with the same way behaving human beings. Translated for you, you, would, NEVER, ever, would hire, anyone, who is better than you, if he, just for example, hates your favorite baseball team.

I have hired many people I would not willingly associate with beyond the necessities of our working relationship.

2.You assume, wrongly, that you and your mates are genius, and that's why you hire genius, because you are able to recognize them. I will say only one thing. You are an idiot.

I am a genius (according to Mensa.) I am more intelligent than all but about a dozen people in the world. I may have hired geniuses, but only by accident. Most of the people I have encountered who have a legitimate claim to be geniuses are not people I would want to hire. There are a few notable exceptions.

3.People, for some strange reason tend to like (translated for you: hire) their friends. Again, if you really think that all of your friends are genius....(look at 2 for the proper translation).

I have hired many of my friends over the years, but only a few because I thought they would be an excellent candidate for the job. I have mostly hired them because in an economic-downturn it was a choice between hiring them, or having them living on my couch... So it would be more accurate to say I hired them because I don't like them that much.

4.Again, i have to tell you, look at 2.

I just could not resist replying...It was the numbered list that got to me. That, and the almost using my handle as the first word of your post ;)

about 2 years ago

Hiring Developers By Algorithm

Local ID10T Re:By algorithm makes sense (326 comments)

The difference between theory and practice is that in theory there is no difference, while in practice there is.

about 2 years ago

Hiring Developers By Algorithm

Local ID10T Re:Not all programmers are suitable for all projec (326 comments)

That "hiring by algorithm" is indeed a new way of looking at things, but it does take experience - excellent programmers all comes with their own particular quirks - and you need to provide them the room to stretch, the freedom that they need, in order to get them to do whatever they are good at

I am inclined to agree with you.

We typically hire people based on interest level and personality fit more than what their education was in. We do have a strong preference for people with advanced degrees who are looking to perform simple tasks for low wages...

I currently have two employees with PhDs. They are both working in one of our retail stores, earning $9.00/hr, performing mostly menial labor, and enjoying the lack of stress and the occasional chance to discuss their areas of expertise with customers.

My staff developer has a BA in something unrelated, and is entirely a self-taught programmer. He learned to do it because he wanted to accomplish a task and thought that a web-based application would be of use in doing so. He was offered the position based on this adaptability -his willingness to learn something new in order to accomplish a goal, and the obvious interest in programming that this showed. The lack of formal development training, project analysis, etc. shows, but is not a critical fault, the interest in accomplishing a task using code mostly makes up for it. I see basic mistakes that a trained developer would have been taught not to make and I have to take the time to explain why they are wrong, which is frustrating, but not overwhelming.

I did not choose these hiring practices, but inherited them from the founding partners. I can see strengths and weaknesses in these practices -but it has opened me to more experimentation in staffing than I would have been wiling to do otherwise. The idea of "hiring by algorithm" or at least of inviting people for an interview based on the results of such an algorithm is intriguing.

about 2 years ago

Red Hat 'Fedora-izes' JBoss With New WildFly Java Application Server

Local ID10T Re:"The JBoss Application Server is now more." (40 comments)

Wrong, its "noir moore", a retelling of the James Bond universe in 40's noire format.

That actually sounds interesting...

about 2 years ago

MasterCard Forcing PayPal To Pay Higher Fees

Local ID10T Re:Card to Card payments (260 comments)

last time I bought something through paypal, there was a (not very obvious) option at paypal's site to use my card without creating an account. It may not have been there (or have been better hidden) when you went, though.

Most of the time yes. But these particular sellers will pop up that they won't accept any sales to people that don't have a Paypal account. Seems odd, but then so are some ebay sellers.

You misunderstand.

MY businesses is one that accepts only PayPal for eBay purchases. That does not mean you must have a PayPal account to pay. You can pay PayPal with your credit card, using the guest checkout option.

Since eBay has a reputation for buyers who claim non-receipt or pay with fraudulent credit cards, forged money orders, stolen checks, etc. and since eBay requires all sellers to accept PayPal anyway, it is safer for us to rely on PayPal's seller protection guarantee (we provide a tracking number for delivery confirmation, we get paid.)

There is an option to require a verified delivery address, which requires that the address you request to have your package shipped to match the billing address of your payment account...

about 2 years ago

UK Government Mandates 'Preference' For Open Source

Local ID10T Re:Cost for software vs skill set (123 comments)

Scripting involves simplifying or automating a process using pre-existing functions in whatever software you're scripting against. Programming involves creating new functions where previously such a module or action did not exist in the first place. In other words: One involves creating limited functionality with the elements given to you. The other is creating whole new elements from the ground up.

Thank you for that summary explanation. I will be appropriating it for explaining why I do not program, but do script.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Name Conflicts In Automatically Generated Email Addresses?

Local ID10T Re:"Why not both?" (383 comments)

This is essentially what I went with for my business.

username@domain.tld is the actual email address, with an automatic alias of firstname.lastname@domain.tld, and (if the user requests it) an additional alias of nickname@domain.tld I have only refused one request for an alias -I decided it was stretching the bounds of "business appropriate" a bit too far.

It makes email addresses easy to remember. It works for us. YMMV

about 2 years ago

Drilling Begins At Lake Hidden Beneath Antarctic

Local ID10T Now we know... (131 comments)

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Now we know what the Mayans were predicting:
  The scientists wake Cthulhu, R'lyeh rises, and the world ends.

more than 2 years ago

Strong Climate Change Opinions Are Self-Reinforcing

Local ID10T Re:Social Proof (655 comments)

You know that bringing up R vs D is about as damning to any argument as involving Hitler & Nazis...

In other words: Reducto ad Republican == Reducto ad Democrat == Reducto ad Hitlerum .

Congratulations on Godwining this discussion.

more than 2 years ago

Researchers: PATRIOT Act Can 'Obtain' Data In Europe

Local ID10T Re:Bullshit (133 comments)

Exactly so. There are treaties which specifically require sharing of intelligence data with the USA (and other countries). These treaties are generally held to trump laws prohibiting the sharing of such data.

-USA makes request of company x for data.

-Company x responds that it is not allowed to provide the data, per law y in country z.

-USA requests that country z provide exception to law y for company x regarding the requested data, per treaty.

-Country z tells company x to provide the data.

-Company x provides the data, and is prohibited from admitting publicly that it did so. National security requirements in the USA (and in the countries which signed these treaties with the USA) make doing otherwise an act of treason.

more than 2 years ago

Nokia Selling Its Headquarters To Raise Funds

Local ID10T Re:They need to sell Finland (186 comments)

GDP is more akin to profit then to revenue. Apple's net profit was 47b in 2012, or about 1/4 of Finland. We should compare apples to Apple.


Whichever method you use for calculating GDP, it is measuring economic activity -thus revenue, not profit.

  • Production method -market value of all final goods and services calculated during 1 year,
  • Income method -sum total of incomes of individuals living in a country during 1 year,
  • Expenditure method - all expenditure incurred by individuals during 1 year.

Simply put: "[GDP] is akin to ignoring a company's balance sheet, and judging it solely on the basis of its income statement." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_domestic_product

more than 2 years ago

Samsung Sets New Guidelines For Alcoholic Beverages

Local ID10T Re:News For Nerds??? (137 comments)

I'm Irish.

Even in my family you dont drink pints (or liters) of whiskey... You drink shots, or "fingers" if its a sipping whiskey.

more than 2 years ago



Congress members attempting to distance themselves

Local ID10T Local ID10T writes  |  about 3 years ago

Local ID10T writes "According to the BBC:

Eight US lawmakers have withdrawn their backing from anti-piracy laws, amid "blackout" protests on thousands of internet sites.

The list of senators no longer backing PIPA includes Senator Marco Rubio (R) from Florida, Senator Roy Blunt (R) from Missouri, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (R), and Senator Ben Cardin (D) of Maryland.

In the House of Representatives, Ben Quayle (R) of Arizona, Lee Terry (R) of Nebraska, Dennis Ross (R) of Florida, and Tim Holden (D) of Pennsylvania said they were no longer supporting SOPA.

Not a good day to be associated with killing the internet I guess..."
Link to Original Source


Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release

Local ID10T Local ID10T writes  |  about 3 years ago

Local ID10T writes "We are pleased to announce that the proposal for an Extended Support Release (ESR) of Firefox is now a plan of action. The ESR version of Firefox is for use by enterprises, public institutions, universities and other organizations that centrally manage their Firefox deployments. Releases of the ESR will occur once a year, providing these organizations with a version of Firefox that receives security updates but does not make changes to the Web or Firefox Add-ons platform. We have worked with many organizations to ensure that the ESR balances their need for the latest security updates with the desire to have a lighter application certification burden."
Link to Original Source

Calif. Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Searches

Local ID10T Local ID10T writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Local ID10T writes "In a case explicitly decided to set a precedent, the California Appellate court has determined police officers can rifle through your cellphone during a traffic violation stop.

Florida and Georgia are among the states that give no protection to a phone during a search. In particular, Florida law treats a smartphone as a “container” for the purposes of a search, similar to say a cardboard box open on the passenger seat, despite the thousands of personal emails, contacts, and photos a phone can carry stretching back years.

But after initially striking down cell phone snooping, California has now joined the list of states that allow cops to go through your phone without a warrant."

Link to Original Source

BYOC: Should employees buy their own computers?

Local ID10T Local ID10T writes  |  about 4 years ago

Local ID10T writes "Data security vs productivity. We have all heard the arguments. Most of us use some of our personal equipment for work, but is it a good idea?

"You are at work. Your computer is five years old, runs Windows XP. Your company phone has a tiny screen and doesn't know what the internet is. Idling at home are a snazzy super-fast laptop, and your own smartphone is barred from accessing work e-mail. There's a reason for that: IT provisioning is an expensive business. Companies can struggle to keep up with the constant rate of technological change. The devices employees have at home and in their pockets are often far more powerful than those provided for them. So what if you let your staff use their own equipment?"

Companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Kraft, Citrix, and global law firm SNR Denton seem to think so."

Link to Original Source

UK cuts military spending 8%...USA does not

Local ID10T Local ID10T writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Local ID10T writes "UK PM David Cameron cuts defence spending by 8% over four years.

AIR FORCE — The Harrier jump jet and Nimrod reconnaissance planes will be scrapped. Some squadrons of Tornado jets will be saved, but Joint Strike Fighter and a modernised Eurofighter will form the basis of the RAF fire power and there will be extra money for unmanned planes. The air transport fleet will be upgraded with A400M and A330 aircraft, replacing the Tristar and VC-10 from 2013. Some air force bases will close and 5,000 RAF personnel will lose their jobs over the next five years. Extra 12 Chinook helicopters to increase flexibility.

ARMY — The Army will have to cut up to 7,000 personnel over the next five years, and lose 40% of its tanks and 35% of its heavy artillery. It will lose one deployable brigade out of six.

NAVY — The Ark Royal, launched in 1985, will be decommissioned almost immediately, rather than in 2014, as previously planned. The construction of two new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, will go ahead, as it would cost more to cancel the projects than proceed with them but one of them will be mothballed rather than entering service and the other will be fitted with equipment for the Joint Strike Fighter rather than the Harrier. The navy will lose 5,000 personnel and its surface fleet will be cut from 23 to 19. It will get a new fleet of Astute-class nuclear-powered submarines.

TRIDENT — The government says £750m ($1.2bn) will be saved over four years on the Trident nuclear deterrent missile system by cutting the number of warheads on each boat from 48 to 40 and reducing the number of missile tubes from 12 to eight. The UK's nuclear warhead stockpile will be cut from 160 to less than 120. The final "main gate" spending decision on Trident will also be delayed until 2016 — after the next general election.

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE — The Ministry of Defence will lose 25,000 civilian staff over the next five years. It will also have to renegotiate contracts with industry and sell-off "unnecessary" buildings and assets.

All of this begs the question: If the UK can cut its military spending, why can't the USA do so as well."

Link to Original Source

All your secrets are belong to... India?

Local ID10T Local ID10T writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Local ID10T writes "An Indian Home Ministry official told the BBC that "any company with a telecoms network should be accessible"."It could be Google or Skype, but anyone operating in India will have to provide data," he said.

The move follows high-profile talks with Blackberry maker Research in Motion about ways to allow Indian security forces to monitor data.

The government is also likely to target virtual private networks, which give secure access to company networks for employees working away from their offices."

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Vote early, Vote often!

Local ID10T Local ID10T writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Local ID10T writes "A new system of voting, called "cumulative voting" is gaining sway. Under this system, voters can apportion their votes as they wish — all to one candidate, one to each candidates or any combination. The system, which has been used in Alabama, Illinois, South Dakota, Texas, and New York allows a political minority to gain representation if it organizes behind specific candidates."
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