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Fiorina Says HP May Get Out Of The PC Business

LocalYokel Re:HP & Compaq isn't such a bad move. (250 comments)

Actually, the HP "cute" accents happen to be a storage area for CD/DVD-ROM discs. I consider this extremely convenient, possibly even desirable, if the contents of the system were as substantial as its packaging.

As for the iMac being functional, I point you to the original design, which featured a handle at the top that was as fragile as it was off-balance, and the "hockey puck" mouse that gave zero tactile directional feedback.

about 13 years ago


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The Backstreet Boys Must Die

LocalYokel LocalYokel writes  |  more than 13 years ago This morning, I was using a magneto-retentive/repulsion based transport apparatus to move big heavy rocks by pulling them with a chain, when the alarm clock buzzer stirred me from my dream. It was then that I knew that The Backstreet Boys Must Die. Then, I wished I had some Sugar Babies, so I had a bagel. If I meant to go camping this weekend, I sure as hell didn't make a decent effort to get myself ready for it, but if I got a damn compass, how am I supposed to use it?

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