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KDE Frameworks 5.3 and Plasma 2.1 – First Impressions

LoneBoco The Breeze theme needs some improvement (84 comments)

I've been using the Kubuntu plasma 5 test recently and I have to say that the translucent app launcher background is one of the worst design decisions I have ever seen. If you have any text behind that window it will be extremely difficult to make out the names of the programs. So far I have been unable to figure out how to change the translucency of that window. I'm beginning to think it is not possible.

about three weeks ago

Under the Hood With Battlefield 4

LoneBoco Re:Graphics are the LEAST of BF3's problems (77 comments)

Did you mean this to be a reply to somebody else? This article is about BF4, and at least half of those complaints are fixed in the new game. Commander mode is back, squads are larger, there is in-game voice chat, you get a LOT more points for completing objectives, and air vehicles can easily be murdered via teamwork and RPGs.

about a year ago

Mechwarrior Online Developer Redefines Community Warfare

LoneBoco Summary bad, article very good (189 comments)

The summary for this is inaccurate, but the article is one of the best articles I have seen thus far explaining the issues. But even then, the article has a few mistakes (albeit minor ones). When ghost heat was first introduced, nobody knew what it was supposed to solve. It didn't affect the dominate meta at the time at all (2 PPC 1 gauss) and only screwed over gimmick builds, canon builds, and legit builds. It was only much later that we got confirmation that it was designed to "fix" boating, which was never even a problem. #savemwo was started around this time because the sniping meta had existed for over 6 months by this time. Everybody thought ghost heat was the attempted fix, so when it turned out to not do anything at all, many of the competitive groups started doing letter writing campaigns to the publisher. A group of players didn't think that writing the publisher would be effective, so #savemwo was started. By the way, PGI finally came up with a game plan to solve the sniping meta. It is called ghost delay and doesn't solve anything

about a year ago

How Hackers Listened Their Way Around Google's Recaptcha

LoneBoco Re:Gone too far... (101 comments)

I've found that KeyCAPTCHA is pretty good. I don't know how simple it would be to crack, but I do know that I haven't had issues with automated spam after switching to it.

more than 2 years ago

AMD Overclocks New Phenom II X4 To 7 GHz

LoneBoco Re:A bit embarrasing... (288 comments)

Well, what else can they say? "We overclocked our processor to VERY FAST!"

When you overclock your processor, you don't overclock it in units of mips. Or overclock it by 3dmark ratings. You increase the clock cycles, which, nowadays, are usually measured in GHz.

more than 5 years ago

Tabula Rasa To Shut Down

LoneBoco Re:MMO = fun? (244 comments)

It WAS a lot of fun. It just couldn't shake the stigma attached to it when it went through the public beta. The game had VASTLY improved throughout the year. They resolved many of the issues people had with the game. It is sad really.

more than 6 years ago


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