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MIT Designs Tsunami Proof Floating Nuclear Reactor

Loopy Barnacles, etc.? (213 comments)

Considering how badly infested stationary ocean objects can become with various types of sea life, and how much maintenance it takes to keep a small sailboat from corroding and suffering general mechanical failures due to both of the above, I wonder at the amount of maintenance required to keep one of these in operation.

2 days ago

Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

Loopy Re:The nanny state continues (518 comments)

You're saying requiring all cars (which the original article states) to have this is justified by the fraction of a percent that are low-visibility vehicles?

about three weeks ago

Facebook Buying Oculus VR For $2 Billion

Loopy Re:Beta Sucks (535 comments)

Buggy/beta was not the point. Listening to customer complaints and responding was. On that point, MSFT has it in SPADES over Faceborg.

about three weeks ago

Map of Publicly-Funded Creationism Teaching

Loopy As someone taught creationism in school (544 comments)

I'm struggling to figure out what teaching it had to do with my understanding of science? Creationism isn't science. I consider myself a Christian but I do not ever conflate matters of historical faith with how fast carbon decays or how electrons move or how likely the next jet I'm on is to fall out of the sky.

Knowledge of the bible has precluded rational scientific theory in exactly none of the self-professed religious people (e.g. Christians, Jews, Catholics, etc.) I've ever known.

about 3 months ago

Obama Announces Surveillance Reforms

Loopy "Reforms" (359 comments)

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

about 3 months ago

Will You Even Notice the Impending Robot Uprising?

Loopy I'm sorry... (246 comments)

...my responses are limited; you must ask the right questions.

about 4 months ago

Should companies start using drones for common tasks, like package delivery?

Loopy Weather? (378 comments)

Blade icing? Cold-weather battery/fuel issues?

about 4 months ago

European Health Levels Suddenly Collapsed After 2003 and Nobody Is Sure Why

Loopy More interesting... (304 comments)

...is what happened in 2010 to cause the even larger spike upward, and why did it reverse itself.

about 5 months ago

Birthday Song's Copyright Leads To a Lawsuit For the Ages

Loopy Re:Protecting the arts and artists (442 comments)

I'm glad someone is pushing this topic (finally) and this is the perfect example. It's one thing to protect artists but the never-ending copyright extensions doing nothing of the sort. They ensure the media companies can generate recurring profits but, by and large, provide limit benefit to those actually responsible for the work. Oh wait...corporations are people now too.

It's funny how you snark about the "corporations are people" thing when it comes to this cause. I'm guessing you don't feel the same way about similar application of consequences/requirements when it's going in reverse (e.g. corporate tax rates)?

about 10 months ago

Prosecutors Push For Anti-Phone-Theft Kill Switches

Loopy Unintended uses (257 comments)

The IRS/etc. would NEVER use this to disable someone's communications ability because they were doing something the government didn't like. No sirree. Not ever. Pure as the driven snow, this design is.

It's like people can't think past the next episode of their favorite TV show.

about 10 months ago

Siri's Creator Challenges Texting-While-Driving Study

Loopy So the elephant in the room... (262 comments)

...is that voice-to-text software is so remarkably unreliable that nobody uses it without proofreading the output before sending. I think most people could have told you this without an official study.

And just for the obtuse, it isn't that it completely misunderstands everything you say, it's that when you're sending texts, the things it tends to fail to translate properly tend to be things that get your text posted to one of those autocorrect-joke sites. Or get you in trouble with the wife/husband/parents/boss.

about a year ago

Google Forbids Advertising On Glass

Loopy Diminished experience? (274 comments)

[...] platform should and must be clean and clear of any ads whatsoever, because the technology is designed to facilitate internet browsing and other related activities, therefore, the featured podium cannot be used to advertise products as it will cause the user experience to diminish.'

Funny, most of us have been saying that about our computers/browsers for years and Google hasn't listened.

1 year,1 day

ZDNet Proclaims "Windows: It's Over"

Loopy Re:Windows has been "over" for me for years (863 comments)

Agreed. My office was primarily an Ubuntu shop for our productivity and development machines. As soon as 11.x hit, everyone who needed to upgrade or rebuilt a machine just jumped ship straight to Mint. A few holdouts are still on Ubuntu 10 LTS but those are machines that really can't change without potentially breaking a bunch of dependencies.

1 year,3 days

SendGrid Fires Employee After Firestorm Over Inappropriate Jokes

Loopy Re:Is this a blow against sexism? (1145 comments)

I'll give up mod ability to reply.

Anyone ever heard the phrase "hostile work environment?" If anyone is ultimately to blame here, it's the ambulance-chaser segment of the legal profession. If companies didn't have to worry about getting sued for _not_ taking notice of this, stern looks would have been all that came of this.

1 year,29 days

GM CIO Says HP Hiring Probe "Not the Best Use Our Legal System"

Loopy Outsourcing (101 comments)

Considering how HP has been shedding business groups and teams to China, India and Dell after upper management screwed with their unit managers, I can't believe anyone thinks these people are surprised the rats are fleeing the ship. If HP wants outsourced, bottom-dollar employee costs, they're gonna end up with outsourced, bottom-dollar employees. And when you fuck over people who were saving the company millions of dollars per year and were almost universally respected by colleagues and appreciated by their direct reports, it's no wonder those teams feel marginalized and like they're next of the potential chopping block. 12 straight years of layoffs/outsourcing takes a toll on the best of us.

about a year ago

The Android SDK Is No Longer Free Software

Loopy Re:Ubuntu Mobile ... (535 comments)

Microsoft locks people into proprietary licenses because they know that, after a few years of using the OS they buy from them you will need a new computer and a new system, either because your old one broke or because an associate wants to do the same things as you do already. Normally, if you were allowed your natural right to copy things you own, you would just be able to copy the old one and that would work fine.

You are allowed to transfer your license as long as you wipe it from the old machine first. That doesn't mean an old OS will actually work usably on new computers, though. In fact, the odds are against it even being able to boot if the OS is more than a few years old.

My nieces' P67 chipset and NVidia 530 computer that still runs Windows XP (11 year old OS and working quite well, thank you very much) would beg to differ.

about a year ago

Whose Bug Is This Anyway?

Loopy The memory thing... (241 comments)

...is pretty much what those of us that build our own systems do anytime we upgrade components (RAM/CPU/MB) or experience unexplained errors. It's similar to running the Prime95 torture tests overnight, which also checks calculations in memory against known data sets for expected values.

Good stuff for those that don't already have a knack for QA.

about a year ago

Mitsubishi Drops Bulky DLP TVs: End of an Era

Loopy Re:DLP (95 comments)

Good point about DLPs being much more "user-serviceable" than current flat-screens. I think the bulb replacement part on my 61" Samsung is down to about $35 now and takes about 5 minutes.

about a year ago

Mitsubishi Drops Bulky DLP TVs: End of an Era

Loopy Re:DLP (95 comments)

Yeah, as long as you can sit directly in front, they do work pretty great. Had one for years. Too big to haul away, so I sold it with the house when I moved.

Too big to haul away? My 60" DLP was 90 lbs and and about 15" deep at the deepest point. One guy could lift it by himself, although it was a lot less awkward with two.

The average dining room table, love seat, recliner, dresser... is far more difficult to move.

Same here. Even the 83" my parents have isn't a big deal for two people.

As for viewing angles? They were fine; you could sit anywhere in the room and see it just fine. The only bad viewing angle was if you were too high looking at a substantial downward angle which would only be a problem if you sat on a baby's high-chair 2 feet away from it.

Agreed. So far, I have better luck with good off-axis viewing on my DLPs than any LCD I've seen yet. Then again, I didn't buy sucky DLPs. ;)

But its nice to actually be able to see what you are eating and drinking in a Sports Pub these days without them having to dim the lights just so that people can see the rear projections screens mounted like a sword of Damocles over the bar.

For sure, the thin/flat superbright plasmas and LCD/LED screens are far better suited to that mounting arrangement.

Not to mention that most of the DLPs were using bulbs way past their service life and lenses that had been in a smoke-filled bar their entire lives. (Ever seen a lung? Yeah, lenses are worse.) There are some bars up here that have old LCDs and they're worse even than the old DLPs.

about a year ago

Least-Cost Routing Threatens Rural Phone Call Completion

Loopy Re:Pay for your own infrastructure (205 comments)

Here is your chance to practice what you preach
Pay for your lifestyle

What the hell do you think we did before people got all up in our junk with taxes to support the inner-city welfare state? Here's a hint: counties didn't have road-grade equipment until recently, let alone right-of-way zones. We managed to make it through the industrial revolution with limited support from Washington and lower taxes; funny we can't live without 'em today, isn't it?

Also, guess what? Our fire department (what there is of it) doesn't see a dime from county, state or federal taxes: it's all volunteer. We also don't see a dime of federal money for sewage, water, etc. So, tell me again what my taxes are paying for?

about a year ago


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