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Silicon Valley's Youth Problem

Lord Ender Re:Excuse me? (225 comments)

Wall Street isn't buying these things. Big companies (Facebook, Google) are buying them. And they are "worth" whatever these companies are willing to pay for them, regardless of their current profit levels.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Will You Update Your Technical Skills Inventory This Summer?

Lord Ender Re:HTML5, XCODE, and AJAX (208 comments)

Right, and the hip cats who built apps with those two years ago have moved on, so there are tons of jobs as maintenance programmers opening up.

about a year ago

Pi to Go: Hot Raspberry Pi DIY Mini Desktop PC Project

Lord Ender Re:You're kidding me, right?!?!??! (134 comments)

It's Sunday afternoon. You have something more newsworthy? Submit it your damn self.

about a year ago

Bitcoin Hits New All-time High of $32

Lord Ender Re:Cashing out (339 comments)

How much bitcoin do you have at this point?

about a year and a half ago

Officials Warn: Cyber War On the US Has Begun

Lord Ender Re:"Cyber 9/11" (292 comments)

From the perspective of those in power, the impact on the economy is the largest factor to consider.

about a year and a half ago

GM CIO Says HP Hiring Probe "Not the Best Use Our Legal System"

Lord Ender Re:HP continues its long slow auger into the groun (101 comments)

It's like they're trying to shoot themselves in the foot. They are having trouble attracting and retaining talent? So they sue their former employees? Who would want to work for a company that does that? Do they think they can keep their current employees from leaving using fear? Disgusting.

about a year and a half ago

CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns, Citing Affair

Lord Ender Re:Job Performance (401 comments)

Furthermore, having an affair can cause you to lose your security clearance because it puts you at risk of blackmail.

Having security clearance is mandatory for the director of the CIA, so his resignation is pretty much required.

about 2 years ago

Poor SSL Implementations Leave Many Android Apps Vulnerable

Lord Ender Re:Android continues to be security disaster (141 comments)

This is not correct. Some platforms are secure by default. Others are not. For .NET languages, as an example, you have to try hard to get SSL wrong. The Android dev kit, however, makes it easy to fuck this up.

about 2 years ago

Bill Clinton Backs 100 Year Starship

Lord Ender Re:Methinks people don't appreciate the scales her (299 comments)

That is a myth. Technological advancement is accelerating. Entire new branches of technology are being born. Comparing a decade to a century (with hindsight) is hindering your vision.

about 2 years ago

Calculating the Cost of Full Disk Encryption

Lord Ender Re:One click for $235 (242 comments)

You may have been in IT for 20 years, but you haven't worked at a level that gives you much exposure to security, clearly.

"Data breach from lack of encryption" is a common problem. From a legal standpoint, data on an unencrypted laptop must be assumed leaked if the laptop is stolen or lost. So when HR loses a laptop and has to buy the whole company credit monitoring - that's an expense saved by FDE. The problem is much worse if you have customer data or data worth stealing.

Is one lock enough? Fuck no. The principle of defense in depth exists for a reason. Because in the computer world locks are constantly being picked and break for no reason. You need multiple overlapping (not identical) security measures or you are already owned.

about 2 years ago

Power Problems Force Seattle To Throttle City Data Center For Days

Lord Ender the cloud (85 comments)

Seattle? The home of Amazon? Why on earth don't they just move their datacenter to Amazon Web Services? They could probably do it for less than the $2.1 million they're spending on this single part!

about 2 years ago

Hacked BitCoin Exchange Sued By Customers

Lord Ender Re:LOL (361 comments)

Bitcoins are secure and stuff. Nobody can steal your bitcoins unless they get your private key.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Faces High-Level Staff Exodus

Lord Ender What's new? (346 comments)

Every tech company is losing staff, because none are willing to hire junior-level workers and train them. So companies keep competing over the same fixed number of people. And the quickest way to get a raise is to jump ship. So there you have it.

It's not just tech, either. There are lots of college-educated bartenders these days, because every "entry level" position requires 3 years of experience. It's absurd.

more than 2 years ago

Bitcoin Mining Startup Gets $500k In Venture Capital

Lord Ender Re:Bitcoin why? (381 comments)

Creating numbers and telling people they have value is not being a producer of value.

Mining metal and telling people it has value is no different. And in both cases, "telling" people has nothing to do with it. It's an open market with prices set voluntarily by the participants.

more than 2 years ago

Planetary Resources Confirms Plan To Mine Asteroids

Lord Ender Re:Best of Luck (500 comments)

Now hold on - they obviously don't have profit as their primary motive. That doesn't mean they are throwing money away. It's an extremely high risk business, but it is still a business and could still return a profit in the very long term.

more than 2 years ago

Software Engineering Is a Dead-End Career, Says Bloomberg

Lord Ender age into what? (738 comments)

The article states that senior software engineers price themselves out of the market. This implies that they are turning down high-income development jobs because they can make even more elsewhere - but where? Sales? IT? Freelance consulting? They can't all become managers. Anyone have a good feel on what careers developers tend to age into?

more than 2 years ago

Amir Taaki Answers Your Questions About Bitcoin

Lord Ender Re:Gold? (262 comments)

Perhaps you can explain how you fit the gold into your intertubes when trying to send it to someone online...

more than 3 years ago

Amir Taaki Answers Your Questions About Bitcoin

Lord Ender Re:Bitcoin explained (262 comments)

Will slashdot ever stop upmoding this copy/paste spam? It was kinda funny the first time it was posted. By now, most of slashdot has seen the joke multiple times already.

People, if you're into cryptography, infosec, parallel programming, economics, or finance, you will probably find bitcoin interesting. If you don't find it interesting, however, then don't click on bitcoin stories. And for the love of Bob don't paste tired old joke spam into such stories.

more than 3 years ago

I Name My Servers After:

Lord Ender Re:Other Categories? (722 comments)

I go for functional fictional space names. My flagship desktop system is named "enterprise," my netbook is named "hovercraft," and my HTPC is named "holodeck."

(the iPad is "Wesley")

more than 3 years ago

Bitcoin Price Crashes

Lord Ender Re:This Is Where Slashdot Fails Me (642 comments)

claiming that this volatile currency would not be traded long

Bitcoins are being traded. A single, independent exchange is down. But if you knew how bitcoins worked, you would realize that you don't even need an exchange to trade them.

So in conclusion: can bitcoins currently be traded? Yes. But can they be bought/sold for US dollars? Also yes. Are your predictions proving correct? Not at all.

Now that some big player(s) have cashed out

Did you make that part up? Which big player are you referring to? According to the MTGOX exchange, they were hacked and the hacker sold stolen bitcoins. This cannot be honestly described as "a big player cashing out."

more than 3 years ago



US bill would mandate backdoors

Lord Ender Lord Ender writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Lord Ender (156273) writes "The White House is preparing a bill which aims to make surveillance easier for law enforcement by outlawing all forms of communication not capable of complying with government wiretap orders. The law would also require foreign makers of open source communications software to include back doors in their products, decrypting users' messages at the demands of the US government. "No one should be promising their customers that they will thumb their nose at a U.S. court order; they can promise strong encryption. They just need to figure out how they can provide us plain text," said FBI lawyer Valerie Caproni."
Link to Original Source

San Francisco requires cell phone radiation labels

Lord Ender Lord Ender writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Lord Ender (156273) writes "Poor phone reception may soon be a selling point in San Francisco. A city ordinance was just approved which requires those selling phones to indicate the "specific absorption rate" (SAR) caused by the radio transmitters of the phones. Cell phone industry groups opposed the law. The FCC already requires phones sold in the US to have SAR levels below 1.6 W/kg, though adverse health effects from such levels of radio exposure have never been conclusively demonstrated."
Link to Original Source


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