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OPERA Group Repeats Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Results

LordBmore Experiment Methodology (442 comments)

I am by no means a physicist, so maybe someone can explain this to me. Instead of just measuring the time that it takes for the neutrinos to travel the span and comparing that to the known value based on the speed of light, why not shine a beam of light across the distance, measure that time, and then compare the values directly? It seems like that would remove some possible errors in timing and distance measurement.

more than 2 years ago

$30 GPS Jammer Can Wreak Havok

LordBmore Re:Vulnerable (386 comments)

I was at a conference recently where Gen. Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff, brought up your point exactly. To combat jamming of a particular system, they are working to build redundant navigation systems into their weapons. So, for example, if GPS guidance fails maybe it switches over to laser guidance, if that fails maybe it switches over to INS.

more than 3 years ago

iPad 2 Rumored to be in Production

LordBmore Re:Normally sober ? (192 comments)

You shouldn't be surprised. The submission was posted by the frequently drunk and wholly inaccurate CmdrTaco.

more than 3 years ago

Govt To Bomb Guam With Frozen Mice To Kill Snakes

LordBmore Oblig. Simpsons (229 comments)

Lisa: But isn't that a bit short-sighted? What happens when we're overrun by lizards?
Skinner: No problem. We simply release wave after wave of Chinese needle snakes. They'll wipe out the lizards.
Lisa: But aren't the snakes even worse?
Skinner: Yes, but we're prepared for that. We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat.
Lisa: But then we're stuck with gorillas!
Skinner: No, that's the beautiful part. When wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death.

about 4 years ago

United Nations Names Ambassador To Aliens

LordBmore Re:The wrong man (306 comments)

Hold on a sec...Mazlan Othman...M. Othman...Mothman... My God, the Ambassador to aliens is clearly some sort of hybrid! Someone get Fox Mulder on the line!

about 4 years ago

Bill Gates Doesn't Work At Microsoft Anymore

LordBmore Re:saturated market (497 comments)

neither Microsoft's growth nor its profits are what they were like when Gates was at the helm.'"

How long before Microsoft reaches the brink of bankruptcy, brings Gates back to save the company, and Gates decides to re-write the Windows kernel using FreeBSD?

more than 4 years ago

Scientists Propose Guaranteed Hypervisor Security

LordBmore Re:Want guaranteed security? (104 comments)

Okay, I filled all of my servers with concrete and tossed them into the volcano. What next? I can't wait to tell my boss how secure we are.

more than 4 years ago

Too Many College Graduates?

LordBmore Actual Statistics (1138 comments)

TFA was sorely lacking in actual statistics stating how many Americans actually have four year college degrees and I didn't see any posted in the comments yet, so here goes. This chart Educational Attainment of the Population 25 Years And Over By Age: 1947 to 2003 seems to show that approximately 25% of the population has at least a Bachelor's Degree. You may think that the number is skewed by the older generation being less educated, but the chart also shows that the number is still under 30% for people ages 25-29. I would hardly say that this means that there are too many college graduates in the US.

more than 4 years ago

Apple A4 Processor Teardown

LordBmore No Way (79 comments)

This can't be right... TFA doesn't make a single reference to magic.

more than 4 years ago

Gulf Gusher Worst Case Scenario

LordBmore Re:Oh god. (799 comments)

Don't worry, friend. I've put a call in to Bruce Willis and he assured me that he would handle any possible extinction event using nothing more than a case of Schlitz and a Louisville Slugger.

more than 4 years ago

Japanese Consortium Projects a Humanoid Robot On the Moon By 2015

LordBmore Baby Steps (151 comments)

How about we get a humanoid robot that can successfully walk up and down stairs on earth before we send that bad boy to the moon?

more than 4 years ago

PowerPoint of Afghan War Strategy

LordBmore Re:VERY VERY OLD NEWS (233 comments)

Post some news instead of drivel.

You must be new here...

more than 4 years ago

No Verizon Partnership For Google's Nexus One

LordBmore Re:Google's Purpose with the Nexus One (206 comments)

You make an excellent point. HTC manufactured the Nexus One that Google had designed and then just went ahead and improved on that design with the Droid Incredible. Google just wants to build Android market share; they don't really care about the hardware. But I'm not sure this is a wise decision. The Google brand is very powerful and could push alot of phones to the average Verizon customer that doesn't know the difference between Android and any other OS.

more than 4 years ago

World's Fastest Robot Versus the Wiimote

LordBmore Oblig. (92 comments)

Quattro: Bite my shiny metal ass.
Nerd w/ Wiimote: It doesn't look so shiny to me.
Quattro: Shinier than yours, meatbag.

more than 4 years ago

Apple To Buy ARM?

LordBmore Mmmmm... (695 comments)

There's nothing like a nice warm cup of unfounded speculation to start the day off right.

more than 4 years ago


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