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Strong Climate Change Opinions Are Self-Reinforcing

LordRPI Really? (655 comments)

I thought strong opinions were self-reinforcing. Disclaimer: I didn't read the article, just the title.

about 2 years ago

Steve Jobs Hints At Theora Lawsuit

LordRPI While I might not agree with his wordage... (686 comments)

I'm ready to go "all-in" with a bet that says the second Google releases the source to VP8, every company with patents on video compression will begin examining VP8 source code for patents. They have their legal teams and engineers ramped up to start digging ASAP and I do believe that's what Steve Jobs means.

more than 4 years ago

NASA Downgrades Asteroid-Earth Collision Risk

LordRPI Re:Kree (244 comments)

Only the real Apophis had better aim and was able to do it in months

about 5 years ago

Should Taxpayers Back Cars Only the Rich Can Afford?

LordRPI Re:no (752 comments)

How 'bout a fucking 100+ MPG on a car costing $106,000? With the number of people that can actually afford that car, nevertheless use a sporty roadster as their main car, saves about as much fuel as a few rap stars giving up their Hummers every other weekend.

Great way to get publicity by making a super-expensive supercar, but until Tesla can produce a car for the masses (~25K) its not going to be able to make a dent in emissions or auto sales. Green niche car.

more than 5 years ago

How to Deal With an Aging Brain?

LordRPI What works for me at the ripe old age of 27 (684 comments)

Lay off the alcohol and get more exercise. You'll notice a great change in about 2-3 days (of not drinking, exercise takes a little longer to kick in)

more than 5 years ago


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