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New IE 8 Zero Day Discovered

LordSnooty Re:IE EIGHT? (134 comments)

The car analogy would work if MS were forced to release the source code once their support ends. That's how an old car would be dealt with - parts from the manufacturer until they stop making them, meaning a third party can step in and make the parts if there is a demand for them. the 'open' nature of a car allows this to happen. An open-source OS also permits this. A closed-source OS is different.

about 2 months ago

Curiosity Rover May Have Brought Dozens of Microbes To Mars

LordSnooty Re:Experiment proposal (97 comments)

I guess the point is that if these organisms can survive the trip to Mars then we will never be certain if a discovered species on Mars came from us or developed independently. Genetic analysis could help but there still might be uncertainty. Now we know there is a non-zero chance of survival maybe we should stop worrying about contamination and get on with some terra-forming, so that the planet might be more hospitable by the time we are able to send people there.

about 2 months ago

Regex Golf, xkcd, and Peter Norvig

LordSnooty Re: RegExps (172 comments)

I don't know, apostrophes can be used to indicate missing letters and it helps to highlight that regexp isn't really a word (yet).

about 6 months ago

Windows 7 Still Being Sold On Up To 93% of British PCs

LordSnooty Re:This is not True (295 comments)

The report was from PCPro.

about a year and a half ago

Oxford Tests Self-Driving Cars

LordSnooty Re:This + Street View (95 comments)

Always wondered what Google's motives were for their huge investment in Street View...

Note that much of the Street View data already includes a 3D aspect and they have a very basic idea of the location of building surfaces.

about a year and a half ago

Oxford Tests Self-Driving Cars

LordSnooty Re:Embedded transmitters (95 comments)

If we're 3 ft deep in snow then I think I'd prefer to take control myself, thank you. Indeed it applies to any situation where the environment is not what the computer might be expecting.

I like the approach here though, the human has to teach the computer once but then the computer can contribute as & when needed. I can take control quickly if I need to.

about a year and a half ago

UK Apple Shop Forced To Change Its Name

LordSnooty Re:apple is still evil (174 comments)

The Orange brand is gone in the UK. My phone was Orange but now tells me i am on network EE. Most if not all the high st shops havebeen rebranded too.

about a year and a half ago

Alleged Operator of Demonoid Released From Jail

LordSnooty Re:There is no "the" in front of Ukraine (60 comments)

Definitely the most important feature of the story and worth some discussion. The other side of the story, the whole lock someone up for an indeterminate amount of time with no idea of whether the broke a law or not part is just utterly played out.

about a year and a half ago

Norwegian Study: Global Warming Less Severe Than Feared

LordSnooty Re:Surprise (468 comments)

Moderating as +0 a bit kooky.

about a year and a half ago

Have a Wi-Fi-Enabled Phone? Stores Are Tracking You

LordSnooty Re:Don't Just Turn Off Wifi (323 comments)

You're wandering around shouting "i am this address, do you have service" so you can't be surprised if some recipients note that down.

about a year ago

Campaign To Remove Paper From Offices

LordSnooty Booklet mode (285 comments)

The MFP in the office has booklet mode, which shrinks A4 sheets to 4 to a side, prints them in the right order, folds it and adds 2 staples. I'm in as long as I can keep this feature which is perfect for manuals, long dull reports and even source you want to study on the toilet. It's the mindless printing of email, finance batch import summaries for 'auditing purposes' and non-duplex wastage that needs to be addressed.

about a year and a half ago

AdTrap Aims To Block All Internet Advertising In Hardware

LordSnooty Re:Countermeasures Deployed (295 comments)

Could you make a custom Google search query and append the sites to that query string? (I'm assuming Firefox)

about a year and a half ago

Probable Rogue Planet Spotted

LordSnooty Re:Maybe their eagles (155 comments)

On first parse 'their' looked like a mistaken 'they're' and the subject of the second part remains a mystery. Who are 'they' who are going too far? The eagles?

Remember kids, whilst first post will earn you great kudos for about ten minutes, you need to be certain it's a valid sentence.

about a year and a half ago

Killer Asteroids Are Good For Life

LordSnooty Re:Fermi Paradox (70 comments)

Where are all the aliens? They're just like us - stuck in their gravity wells trying to find economic ways to travel vast distances quickly, as well as trying to replicate their planet's environment on a spaceship. We already know that life needs volatile chemicals to exist - otherwise space would be teeming with life.

about a year and a half ago

Dragon Capsule Heads Home From ISS

LordSnooty Re: loss of focus (70 comments)

The skycrane was the very essence of "ground-breaking". A bigger one could set down safely the equipment we'd need to perhaps sustain life for a bit.

about a year and a half ago

UK Broadband Plan Set To Clear EU Approval

LordSnooty Re:The real problem is the lack of choise (37 comments)

Replace "broadband" with "telephony", move the year back around 50 units, does your view still seem reasonable? This is progress, and progress should be possible by all.

about 2 years ago

UK Man Arrested For Offensive Joke Posted On Facebook

LordSnooty Re:Funny joke, related (606 comments)

Since when has it been a human right to be offensive?

about 2 years ago

Singer Reportedly Outbids NASA for Space Tourist's Seat

LordSnooty Re:More important... (242 comments)

Shouldn't have retired the Space Shuttle then, should you?

about 2 years ago

Australia Attorney General Proposes New Laws To Stop Twitter Trolls

LordSnooty Re:The obvious questions (213 comments)

> Who gets to decide what is, and is not, a crime? Will anything be a crime, and under what statute? How much will the "crime patrol" cost? In other words, it's a combination of the police, the justice system and elected representatives. Just like every other act that causes enough distress amongst others to be considered a "crime".

about 2 years ago



LordSnooty LordSnooty writes  |  more than 7 years ago

LordSnooty (853791) writes "The BBC reports on a deal they've signed with Youtube that paves the way for BBC 'channels' on the video-sharing website. From the article: "Three YouTube channels — one for news and two for entertainment — will showcase short clips of BBC content. The BBC hopes that the deal will help it reach YouTube's monthly audience of more than 70 million users and drive extra traffic to its own website. The corporation will also get a share of the advertising revenue generated by traffic to the new YouTube channels." Here's the best bit: "[The BBC's director of Future Media and Technology] Ashley Highfield said the BBC would not be hunting down all BBC-copyrighted clips already uploaded by YouTube members — although it would reserve the right to swap poor quality clips with the real thing, or to have content removed that infringed other people's copyright. 'We don't want to be overzealous, a lot of the material on YouTube is good promotional content for us'." For a long time the BBC and Highfield have held a pragmatic view of the use of the Internet and media content, long may it continue."

LordSnooty LordSnooty writes  |  more than 7 years ago

LordSnooty (853791) writes "The BBC reports on a survey of 2,070 UK adults which finds that some 43% of respondents who watch video from the internet or on a mobile device at least once a week said they watched less normal TV as a result. Food for thought for the broadcasters? The question is, who are these users who sit down and watch Youtube content like they would a TV? Are videos of happy-slapping and incompetent sportscasters really that interesting? Thankfully the BBC didn't see fit to refer to the legion of UK residents who keep right up-to-date with shows like 24 and Lost thanks to P2P."


LordSnooty has no journal entries.

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