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McAfee, Symantec Think Vista Unfair

Lozzer Re:Unix security wasn't an option (424 comments)

It usually employs hardware.

Imagine an operating system that doesn't give control to your program, merely emulates a processor for you. It can quite happily bounds check stuff. Of course its performance would suck balls but that doesn't make it impossible.

more than 8 years ago


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Broadband woes

Lozzer Lozzer writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I live in Milton Keynes. According to some unreliable sources its the fastest growing urban center in the UK. It is barely forty years old, and was built with cable in mind. I'm also on the same estate as a British Telecom training facility. In spite of this I can't get a cable modem (old design didn't expect people to want to upload stuff) or an ADSL connection (too far from an exchange).

The sad thing, for me, is that my parent's first Internet connection is a cable modem. Also my brother works for a cable company, and was the first person in the UK (maybe a slight exaggeration, but probably not far off) to get one. He used to get scary amounts of bandwidth at the time.

Sulk, sulk, sulk, whinge, sulk.

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