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DIRECTV® Finds Verve in INTEL® Viiv

Lullabye_Muse Im Interested (18 comments)

One I really don't mind this as its a seperate section you have to click to, and slashdot is a for profit organization. But on topic now, I just got the basic HD DVR and honestly I'm loving it, and hopefully by the time my family gets hdtv they move up to the plus and we can really integrate our home network.

more than 7 years ago



Tech Company to Build a Ghost Town

Lullabye_Muse Lullabye_Muse writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Lullabye_Muse writes "Pegasus Global Holdings is planning on creating a modern suburban town, in New Mexico with no residents. All the buildings and infrastructure will be in place, but the town will be used as a constant experiment. Initially they're going to use it mainly to test new types of green energy tech to see how it effects and mixes with older technologies in a controlled enviroment. They also plan to sell any excess energy created to surrounding communities."
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