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Why BioWare's Star Wars MMO May Already Be Too Late

LullySing Re:Tabula Rasa's problem list (328 comments)

I will continue this post stating other issues with tabula.

1) They invent a fantastic language... then turn it into some kind of pokemon gimmick.
2) They make quests level-limited, but don't provide enough quests at every level to move forward. this was eventually fixed using kill xp multiplacators, but it still meant that for months people had to grind .
3) Instances could be done ONCE (cuz you wouldn't be able to obtain the quest again when completed). When they weren't broken that is.
4) Ridiculously unbalanced pvp. Only in the last month or so they release a pvp "arena", Everything else had to be organised in regular battle zones. Most ended up scrimming in bases, and that sucked horribly.
5) No difference between weapon "rarities"/power level for months...
6) No player store/trading house for months neither.

Definitly released a year before it was ready. when i bought the game, I had high hopes. after playing thru my initially bought gametime, I didn't renew, because it they obviously did not have their shit together. and it's a damn shame, because i'm a huge fan of MMOFPSes.

about 4 years ago

Iran Suspends Google's Email Service

LullySing Googlemail is soon to be social media (436 comments)

My best bet to the "closure" of gmail now is because Google are working on social media aspects to add to gmail.

You have to remember that social media sites like facebook have been causing a lot of problems for the iran govt. since the last "failed uprising" was all organised in a quick, chaotic way using social media. So by taking this decision now instead of later, they can cover up the closing of gmail into a "national project" before gmail becomes a problem like facebook,email and social media sites in general.

To these guys, it's all about control. Control of the population thru control of the media.

more than 4 years ago

Canadian ISPs Speak Out Against Net Neutrality

LullySing Videotron are part of a bigger monopol (213 comments)

The cocksuckers at videotron saying such bullshit is up to par with the company line. you see, Videotron are part of Quebecor Media corporation, a media entity that has a solid hold on information over this province. Owning multiple newspapers, radio stations, a television channel and videotron, these bastards have made it a corporate strategy to auto-pimp everything that they do. Their newspapers will pimp their french language big brother, which will redirect to canoe.ca ( their own infotainment portal) to vote that week, etc etc.

To them, control over everything is key, so of course they don't fucking want net neutrality, cuz it would be bad for their strategy of walling everything media related in this province. Thank the Bob for the quality news of radio-canada.ca(the french cbc) and Le devoir, THE independent newspaper in this province (http://www.ledevoir.com).

Quebecor are monopolist bastards and I wish the politicians in this province would force them to sell off some of their media properties, as this is getting ridiculous.

more than 5 years ago

Age of Conan Servers To Merge, Funcom Sees Layoffs

LullySing I did predict the suckage. (109 comments)

I was an anarchy online player. I've seen how those dumbasses at funcom operate. LEt's not be coy here : AO was broken for a YEAR post release until they finally found most of the memory leaks. and i've seen the way they treated their customer base, how they fixed balance issues, and actually couldn't even be bothered to have a paid staff to do events in a MMORPG world, instead relying on free slave wage from incredible players who would become ARKS ( Player helpers ) and still had to fill petitions between trying to roleplay some kind of plot.

They are cheap bastards, used to shipping unfinished items to the market, and i really didn't think they would stop on this bullshit behavior for a new game. And while everyone was laughing at me then, look at them now. " Oh, wow just came out with an expansion, I'm going back". Yeah yeah, go kill six snow mooses now, go.

more than 6 years ago

Scientists Turn Tequila Into Diamonds

LullySing Eureka! (249 comments)

I guess that explains the aftertaste.

more than 6 years ago


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