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Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

MAXOMENOS I can't believe we're afraid of these assholes (461 comments)

Iran's government is fighting over whether or not to implement rusting-edge technology, with calls for impeachment if they go ahead. It's like they WANT to remain in the 8th Century. Why is it exactly that we're afraid of them?


Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls

MAXOMENOS Re: Her work (1221 comments)

"IF" is a powerful word, and can trick one into presuming that the predicate is true. Have you actually watched any of her videos?

4 days ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

MAXOMENOS Re:Pick a different job. (548 comments)

I work in a unionized software shop. It's awesome during bad times. In good times one is tempted to think it's better in fast-and-furious start-ups, but then one compares one's salaries and benefits and realizes, "no, actually, union shop is still better."

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Do You Wish You'd Known Starting Out As a Programmer?

MAXOMENOS Where to begin (548 comments)

  • Project management, specifically the importance of not being a bottleneck.

  • How to design a solution on my own time before I code a solution on company time.
  • Differential diagnosis of bugs (see #2 of the link above --- although I learned this skill later in graduate school and have applied it multiple times since.)
  • Code for readability and correctness first, efficiency later. Code that is "too clever" will never be maintained (except by you).
  • I really enjoy programming as a way of automating tasks and not for other reasons --- which makes me better as a systems administrator than as a software developer.

about two weeks ago

Maryam Mirzakhani Is the First Woman Fields Medalist

MAXOMENOS Congratulations! (75 comments)

Let's celebrate like topologists --- with donuts and mugs of coffee!

about three weeks ago

Maryam Mirzakhani Is the First Woman Fields Medalist

MAXOMENOS Re:A woman won the Fields.... (75 comments)

It's not a very good pun.

A good pun would present, on the surface, a deeper knowledge of the (admittedly complex) material.

about three weeks ago

With Chinese Investment, Nicaraguan Passage Could Dwarf Panama Canal

MAXOMENOS Mandatory Sacred Reich reference (322 comments)

"I know a place
Where you're all going to go
They'll pay you to kill
If You're eighteen years old
First You'll need a haircut
And then some new clothes
They'll stick you in a jungle
To play G.I. Joe


You fight for democracy
And the "American Way"
But you're not in your country
"What am I doing here?" you say
But now it's too late
You're entering Managua
If you had brought your surfboard
You could surf Nicaragua

Video here

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Technology Conferences To Attend?

MAXOMENOS O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) (131 comments)

OSCON is held every July in Portland, Oregon, and focuses on open source solutions to all sorts of IT needs. They have specific tracks for public sector and education. Plus, there's good beer.

about a month ago

Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

MAXOMENOS My thoughts on these selections. (315 comments)

CSS/JavaScript/HTML5 is plainly obvious. Everything from Microsoft to mobile hybrid development relies on this these days.

C# is the standard language of the Microsoft stack --- in fact, the bulk of MS-stack training is in C#, with only a smattering in VB.NET.

Java is the COBOL of the early 21st Century. It isn't sexy anymore but it will always be around.

PHP is used in a lot of web applications. I wish it weren't. In fact, I'd really rather see Ruby on Rails take over this space.

If you're going to program native code, you could learn Swift, sure. You could also learn Rust (Mozilla's systems-level language with significant buy-in from Samsung) for device programming. If your goal is to write native apps, your best bet for Android is actually Java. By the way, one can also design native apps in Java (the code is Swing-like) and compile them to native apps for iOS or Android using Codename One, and I imagine a few shops will pick up that practice.

I like Erlang as an honorable mention. I'd also add two others: Python (especially for data analysis) and PowerShell (which will set the grown-up Microsoft sysadmins from the point-and-click kids).

about a month ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

MAXOMENOS As someone learning Go (701 comments)

So far my favorite phrase is:

go list.Sort() // run list.Sort concurrently; don't wait for it.

Because how cool is that?

about a month ago

Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

MAXOMENOS About average for West Texas? (242 comments)

A glass of the finished product, sampled at a downtown restaurant, tasted about average for West Texas.

So the water tastes like shit. Good to know.

about 1 month ago

Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

MAXOMENOS Unfortunately (415 comments)

That means I have to REALLY step up my Python chops if I want to compete.

about 2 months ago

3D Windowing System Developed Using Wayland, Oculus Rift

MAXOMENOS Needs a lot of work. (72 comments)

I'm sure this technology has a lot of potential. Right now it drives me nuts just looking at it. The windows jitter too much and make me want to take my glasses off and rub my eyes 5 seconds into it.

about 2 months ago

Starbucks Offers Workers 2 Years of Free College

MAXOMENOS Re:Online? (169 comments)

The difference is that ASU will actually confer a degree for all that online classwork, provided the student gets good enough grades. Once can even obtain degrees in EE or CS through their online program. The main thing the student misses out on is campus life.

about 3 months ago

Portland Edges Closer To Google Fiber

MAXOMENOS Re:wait wait wait (106 comments)

While true, Verizon doesn't come to all neighborhoods - and there's no way I'm doing business with Comcast.

about 3 months ago

Getting the Most Out of the Space Station (Before It's Too Late)

MAXOMENOS Time to consider another Skylab? (155 comments)

Remember Skylab? It was America's first space station, and lasted 1973-1979 (before it burned up on re-entry). We got a lot of good science out of that station, and maybe it's time we do it again.

about 3 months ago

Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

MAXOMENOS On the other hand (711 comments)

If you're a Manager and you have an Android, the other Managers will laugh and you, or at least not take you seriously.

Q: Where'd you hear that crap?

A: A well-respected management consultant, who otherwise knew what he was doing.

about 3 months ago



Yahoo! Mail Compromised - Users Urged to Change Passwords Immediately

MAXOMENOS MAXOMENOS writes  |  about 7 months ago

MAXOMENOS (9802) writes "Today Yahoo! announced via their Tumblr page that Yahoo! Mail was hacked, and advised their users to change their passwords immediately. Quoting:

Based on our current findings, the list of usernames and passwords that were used to execute the attack was likely collected from a third-party database compromise. We have no evidence that they were obtained directly from Yahoo’s systems. Our ongoing investigation shows that malicious computer software used the list of usernames and passwords to access Yahoo Mail accounts. The information sought in the attack seems to be names and email addresses from the affected accounts’ most recent sent emails.


Link to Original Source


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