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iPhone 3G Finally Available In US Contract-Free

MLopat European Model... (265 comments)

I love how marketers in North America continue to push the idea of "European". We've all seen the infomercials where they state "This is a best selling product in Europe..." or "In Europe this retails for $60 but..."

The way that it really works in Europe is that you pay for your phone over the course of your contract. For example, if you want a phone that is $600 and you are on a 3 year agreement, you pay $16.67 as a line item on your monthly bill to pay for the cost of the phone. That's much better than the hidden subsidy cost that most (if not all) North American carriers provide.

more than 5 years ago

AMD Shows Upcoming Phenom II CPU At 6.0 GHz+

MLopat Re:Overclocking BS (159 comments)

Did you read the article? I did. See I have that nifty little * beside my name which means that I pay a couple extra dollars so that I can read the articles before everyone else and leave informed comments.

So to quote from the FULL article "I do not believe that AMD wants to get back the performance crown at this time, namely because they do not have a design that is head and shoulders above what Intel currently has. So they are content to be 2nd best, and keep Intel in sight in terms of performance and features." -- even the person writing the article contends that AMD is not on par but wants to keep intel in sight. Further, if you read the article again, there is no mention of benchmarking or any real world comparison of the AMD chip and the intel chip as you have asserted.

So looks like you're the "fanboy retard" that could learn something from following your own advice. ;)

more than 5 years ago

AMD Shows Upcoming Phenom II CPU At 6.0 GHz+

MLopat Overclocking BS (159 comments)

This is far from impressive. Showing the overclocking results, especially on liquid nitrogen, is not a good indication of the day to day performance of the processor.

For example, here is a video from 2006 where a Pentium 4 processor is overclocked to 5 GHz.

So no, it doesn't look like "AMD's newest processor might finally once again compete with the best from Intel."

more than 5 years ago

AMD Shows Upcoming Phenom II CPU At 6.0 GHz+

MLopat Re:Overclocking BS (159 comments)

You're quick to assert that the AMD processor will compete with Intel but then turn around and give a disclaimer about knowing GHz != Performance. So again, my point is that the overclocked speed does not imply AMD is back on Intel's level.

more than 5 years ago

AMD Shows Upcoming Phenom II CPU At 6.0 GHz+

MLopat Re:Overclocking BS (159 comments)

Did I even use the word speed anywhere in my original post? No. But thanks for restating something that just about everyone here already knows and frequency and speed. Also, reread the post and see that I'm infact agreeing that the frequency should not be an indication of performance.

more than 5 years ago

Google Lively Review

MLopat An opinionated an biased review (205 comments)

This is hardly an objective review. Then again the Slashdot submitter is also the author of the blog...

When you read comments like "if it wasn't for the logo at the top left you wouldn't even know it was owned and operated by Google. The page is blend with no much color or style" it really makes you wonder. Does it matter that Google didn't brand it everywhere they could like other companies? In classical Google fashion, they took a simplified approach, which itself is a form of Google branding (just look at

Then the reviewer goes on "It is 100% centered around the mouse, this for me is a horrible defect that must be solved immediately. I happen to know every keyboard shortcut known to man kind (sic) and I absolutely hate the mouse. I am sure there are many people like me out there. " Well good for you buddy. And great research you've done there in assuming that everyone else is just like you.

Finally he concludes with saying he found "several Sex oriented rooms". A quick glance through the room index shows maybe a dozen of the 1000+ rooms that are listed there have a sexual theme. Seems like a pretty good ratio considering the amount of porn to be found on the internet and people's computers in relationship to the rest of the content on the web.

But then again, remember this blog is from "The Random thoughts of a Christian IT Professional."

more than 6 years ago


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