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The Price of Amazon

MSFanBoi2 I'm not sure I see the problem. (298 comments)

I thought the whole point was that when books are in demand, prices increase, and as things fall out of favour, price decreases? Why should a book that few people want cost as much next week as it did this week? Compete, make a book people want to read, people will pay for it.

about a year and a half ago

Kindle, Zune DRM Restrictions Coming Into Focus

MSFanBoi2 Re:Here we go again... (311 comments)

Funny, there are millions of other folks using the Zune's, both the old Zune 1st Gen and the 2nd Gen devices without these so called issues you are running into.

There is a full forum, free, online for the Zune at Zune.net and I don't see people complaining like you...

more than 5 years ago

Kindle, Zune DRM Restrictions Coming Into Focus

MSFanBoi2 Here we go again... (311 comments)

While the DRM part is accurate (and why is it Microsoft's fault the company that provided the music originally pulled its license? Clue: it isn't its the fault of the folks that OWN the licenses to the music, not Microsoft, but its easier to throw rocks at Microsoft than it is some record company right?), the rest of the Facebook (now Slashdot is trolling Facebook to find AntiMicrosoft and DRM rhetoric?), is simply put, bunk, or this fellows crappy computer. I too use a Zune and have NONE of the issues he is having. While the Zune software can take a few seconds to start, mostly due to the login to the Zune Music Store, it does NOT lock up your computer at ALL. And plugging the Zune in works just fine. Closing the Zune software is instant and painless. Pesonally I think its PEBKAC, but again its easier just to blame Microsoft than it is the end user...

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Will Ship Windows 7 in Europe With IE Unbundled

MSFanBoi2 Re:Oh, so MS lied then (578 comments)

Um, just when was the US Antitrust trial?

How many versions of Windows have been released since then?
This isn't 1998 anymore..

more than 5 years ago

Heavy Rain - Playing a Story

MSFanBoi2 Re:Short summary; (217 comments)

Like Slashdot doesn't grind an axe against anything Microsoft or Windows related.

None the less, I speak the truth. Numbers are easily found.

more than 6 years ago


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