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A Field Trip To the Creation Museum

M_Talon Re:Problems (1854 comments)

You're not intolerant for disagreeing with someone. Intolerance is not allowing a person to enjoy the same rights as you have. You have the right to spend millions of dollars to promote an argument, wrong or right. So do they. As long as you don't say "they can't do that, but I can", you're not intolerant. What you should be, and what any rational person should be, is dismayed at the fact that slick presentation might just be enough to sway people into believing an argument that can be taken apart with a mere application of facts. Saying something loudly or eloquently does not make it truth. However, there is a significant part of our population that will believe what they're told if the source is "reputable" (TV, museum, magazine) without research. That is what is appalling, and these Creation Museum folks are taking advantage of that. But then again, so are politicians and marketing people and.... Anyway, not that it matters much, but I fall into the non-literal Christian camp myself. I believe the Old Testament is mythology inspired by God (stories told to convey spiritual messages or to explain the world), but I don't believe it's 100% literal fact. As such, I find the Creation Museum's message to be fantasy and not representative of my beliefs or the beliefs of most of my Christian friends. However, they have the right to present their point of view...just as I and any of us have the right to point out how wrong they are.

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