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Dogs Defecate In Alignment With Earth's Magnetic Field

Maavin Direction of wind? (222 comments)

Maybe they align with the direction of wind, not to get their sense of smell distracted by their own feces?

1 year,25 days

Linux: Booting Via UEFI Can Brick Samsung Notebooks

Maavin Same as lmsensors vs. Thinkpads? (232 comments)

Reminds me of how lmsensors bricked some Thinkpads during the I2C probing process. It overwrote some bytes in the "security chip" and wrecked a checksum which prevented the machine from booting. IBMs answer was to replace the mainboard. You could reprogram the chip, but the information was hard, if ever, to get. Some guys offered reprogramming services for a hefty fee.
The main reason was that the security chip, wich was a extended I2C eeprom (24RF02) reacted differently to commands as its non-security counterpart.

about 2 years ago

iFixit's Kyle Wiens On the War On DIY Electronics

Maavin I don't care! (760 comments)

Seriously... I love to tinker and I love taking things apart and fix or hack them, I've been doing it since 25 years already. BUT I also like my iPhone and iPad because they're the only things I own where I'm not tempted to tinker around. I like that! The things just work and they do anyting I want. I stopped jailbreaking after I found out, that the only things gained are stupid customization gizmos I don't need. Like already stated: If you don't like the product don't buy it! What do you all hope to gain from your crusade? Couldn't you use all the hate-time to do something productive? Yeah I know, since I own apple products I'm tainted and couldn't possibly be objective... sigh...

more than 2 years ago

Sex Offender Claims Police Entrapped Him With Animated Emoticons

Maavin Re:Welcome to the internet (432 comments)

Where the men are men.

The women are men.

And the 13 year old girls are cops.

Who are alo men...

more than 3 years ago

With the Jack PC, the Computer's In the Wall!

Maavin Re:GPL viotation, (119 comments)

Then go with the WinCE version, no GPL problems there ;)

more than 4 years ago

With the Jack PC, the Computer's In the Wall!

Maavin Re:Cost? (119 comments)

but you can't integrate 10 of your cheap PCs into the desk construction of a small industrial control room, where heat and dust are very prevalent faktors...

more than 4 years ago

With the Jack PC, the Computer's In the Wall!

Maavin Mechanical Horrors (119 comments)

I deployed about 200 of these things in an industrial environment (control rooms in a steel plant). They are small and perform rather good.
The electrical connection between the the JackPC and its shell is terrible! Some are so weak, that you only have to bump into the table and they lose connection.
It's so bad we considered soldering a short cat5 pigtail directly to the damn things and fix everything with hot glue...

more than 4 years ago

LG Launches Watch Phone In India

Maavin Re:Nice but... (109 comments)

A waistphone? Quit uncomfotable to read..
They are still researching a material for the strap to fit US waist demands! :)

more than 4 years ago

Pen Still Mightier Than the Laptop For Notetaking?

Maavin Re:Mix them (569 comments)

Pen and paper for diagrams.

Notebook/netbook for plain text.

Convert your hand-drawn diagrams later, using a scanner or re-draw using a graphics tablet after class.

I did exactly that "back in my day" using a Jornada 680. It worked great.

more than 4 years ago

Tron Legacy Exposed

Maavin Re:Disney pah (320 comments)



more than 5 years ago

Are Women Getting More Beautiful?

Maavin No. (834 comments)

We are just becoming more and more desperate...

more than 5 years ago

Google's Android To Challenge Windows?

Maavin Not fair! (269 comments)

I think windows is challenged enough... ^____^;

more than 5 years ago

Phoenix BIOSOS?

Maavin Re:Hrm (394 comments)

The Cobalt Qube on my shelf says: "So what?" :)

more than 5 years ago


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