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Apple Awarded Gesture-Control Patent

Mac Degger I've done this YEARS ago (105 comments)

Come on. I have used this exact same method on a Windows Mobile 5 device (HTC Touch HD) waaaay back when, using the accelerometer and gravity to determine how my screen was moving and moving a virtual object in virtual space and showing that on my phone's screen.

Not only that, but it's a rather OBVIOUS solution to a problem. Whatever happened to the "non-obvious" requirement?

about two weeks ago

What Isn't There an App For?

Mac Degger Re:Lots of missing software ... (421 comments)

"The UI on phones and tablets aren't designed to help us find one app among dozens"

I agreed with that. So the first app I made was AppGrouper for Windows Mobile, back then. It's a single icon on your homescreen which launches a panel with categories of your favourite apps. You can swipe between your categories (favs, communications, graphics, whatever you want to call them) and launch the app. You make your own categories and add your own selection of apps to them. It makes for very easy and quick launching of your most used apps.
It's also the first app I made for Android (look for AppGrouper by LifeBoatSoft on Google Play), and by far the most used app on my phone.

There's even a free, old version which you can find on the forums of XDA-Developers.

about three weeks ago

Material Converts Radiation Into Electricity

Mac Degger Re:Why is it... (146 comments)

And that's why it's a good idea to research the bacteria/moulds etc which live in and near Chernobyl. Life 'finds' a way, and thanks to the random changes/evolution of the lifeforms there, some very interesting and potential mutations can have popped up there.

We'll have to go look, though.

more than 6 years ago


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Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I've just realised a rather interesting effect the internet has wrought: the return of the guild.

As in the middle ages, 'birds of a feather' flocked together. You had the guild of haberdashers, armourers, cobblers and so forth. The internet however is bringeng them back in a big, fragmented way. All those forums, communities and webpages, they basically produce the guilds again.

There are differences, of course: information travels faster, and I believe is shared more often than previously, and there are much more guilds, of more different types than ever.

But might this not mean that the historical rules of guilds can now apply again? What have we learned from history, and what can we apply? Time to read up on some history, I reckon...


Does anyone ever read these things?

Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  about 12 years ago

I wish there was a pageview counter for your journal. Hell, I might write something interesting here for once :) Like what happened on my skiing holliday :p


A pet peave:

Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  about 12 years ago

My .sig says it al, but just to get it out in the open: I hate it when people attack the packaging instead of the content.

God, I could say so much more, but I have the feeling that anything more said on the subject would just decrease the strenght of the argument in itself.


State of the world

Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  about 12 years ago

Wow...the world is going to shit.

I've always known this, but now it's just self eveident. The mayoity is poor, and I'm rich due to luck of birth. I'm not really rich, but I just happen to belong to that part which has enough money to eat every day, and have a warm place to sleep. Shit, I have enough to worry about whether I'll uypgrade my computer next month or the one after that!!! (granted, it's a piii 550, but that just makes my point!)

And then there's this big brother world we live in after 911. I just had the experienbce of traveling by plane after six years of non-flying. I'd traveled a lot in the past (Brunei, Malaysia, England, Tunisia, Beijing and loads of other places), so I know of what I speak. The world has become less free. I firmly beleive in the fact that whoever gives up freedom fro security doesn't know what he's doing. I just hope that the PATRIOT act and Homeland security act never blow over to the EU. I just wouldn't know wher to move.

Starting my own politicalparty has never been so to the forefront of my mind. I know what's important (famous people endorsing it...PR is all-important now) and I know kind of what I want to acomplish and how. It's the rest which I have to work out.


The future money maker

Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I've recently had some quite good idea's. Not only are they good because they make life easier but there's also a huge market for them.

One has a large, and stunningly diverse, amount of industries it has potential application in. And it's so good I'm working on it myself...so I won't go into that here :)

The other one is something which is really beyond my ken (well, I have certain idea's, but not the technical knowhow, so that's a bit of a shame). But the market is so huge, it will rival Bill Gates.

"Why", and "what is this thing" you cry? Well, as the situation stands, one can look at it like this:


where the OS contains device drivers, the filesystem, plus the GUI. MS has gotten us into the paradigm that the OS is the whole shebang, that it's that plus a few applications you run. That is computing according to MS.

Linux, and god knows how many other OS', show me that that's not the case. You have your hardware, and the OS on top of that, which is essentially a collection of device drivers, together with a filesystem. Thing is, the aplications and the filesystem still define the GUI. X-window is nothing more than a glorified MS-desktop.

Now here's the thing. We're aproaching a time where the OS is becoming trivial. Not easy, oh no, but it's trivial to get your hardware, and bung the code onto the hardware to get the hardware to work and display stuff.
Together with this we're coming to a point where data is...too big. There's too much of it and it's not organised as it should. Sure, there's filetree's. Maybe even databases as filesystems. But that's not good enough. We'll never get the Star Trek voice computer that way (god I hate to use that...Star Wars man myself...plus other sci-fi did it first and better...but I've just had a marathon of Enterprise, so that's the comp[arison you're getting).

What's needed is another layer. Something to help us use our data in a meaningfull way. A way to surf the infosphere, if you will, and pull out what we want when we want it with the least amount of hassle. A DWIW-code. As in "Do What I Want" command.

And that's where the money is. It's a clear evolution. We used to make money on hardware. Gates then made it in the OS. But what is now of the essence to companies and users alike is something on top of the OS.
We have the hardware; we have the software that allows the hardware to funtion; we have applications to create data. What we now need is a dataOS. An interface to our data instead of our hardware, if you will. A way to say to our computer: "show me that 3d model of the battle droid I was working on for Jedi Outcast"...or even "Jedi Outcast", where the setup of the dataset 'knows' (better yet, understands, beacause of set based definitions [more on that later] and time info which states that the last time the computer encountered JO was with a certain specific model) that the last times I said that, I was modeling. It would then give me an option to open that model, play the game or browse the web (if I'd already done so in search of JO material).

So how would this work? Well, sets. Remember the "set of whole numbers" and the "set of iurrational numbers"? Well, the data on your HD will have to be catalogued like that. Each bit of data will have a long list of sets it belongs to. And these sets will also be irrational...one set can contain a set which contains the first...selfreferential sets.

Make a system that can handle data this way and you'll render Bill Gates redundant. Because the OS will be irrelevant....or at least transparent. The OS will do what it's supposed to do: keep the hardware working. The InformationalOS (IOS) will be a layer between the OS and it's data and the aplications you run the data on. An Information Abstraction Layer, if you will. Sets will be what we work with, akin to the way a police file contains not only pictures, but also text, bank statements, health info, video.

So if you want to get rich, (and you will; companies need productive workers...whats more productive: rooting around the HD for that file you used last month, or saying "comp, henderson file"?) get programming. Or do it open source. Preferably the last though, because this kind of thing is very user defined...MS' one size fits all does not apply. And we need a stable-as-in-Linux OS to run it on :)


Wow...adversarial bunch, 'round here :)

Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Well, I've already been called a troll three times for asking what the best way to go about installing linux is.

Says a lot about human nature, getting that kind of a response, on that question, 'round here :)


Linux 3.0

Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Well, I'm gonna go for it. I'm buying a new system in a month or so, and my trusty old box is going in for rejuvination, Torvalds-style.

I tried this once, but got swamped by all the documentation, and I had a life at the time, so I quit.

I'll document what it's like for a dos-loving, windows using technophile to switch to linux, just as soon as I get my new box.


Wow! I've got Freaks!

Mac Degger Mac Degger writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Cool! I have enemies at /.! I actually had to look thru the FAQ to find out wtf a freak was here (imagine my dissapointment when I did find out ;) ).

But, as they say, the measure of a man is the quality of his enemies. So I hope I have some good freaks :)

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