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Did you use technology to get into mischief as a child?

Macgrrl Re:Define technology (231 comments)

I made touch powder in chemistry and put it up around the school on filter paper attached to noticeboards labeled "Scratch and Sniff"

about two weeks ago

How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

Macgrrl Re:Phones + 1 laptop. (260 comments)

Bah. I forgot the gaming consoles when I did the count in my head, that changes my vote from 7-8 to 10+. It's a 2 person household.

about a month ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

Macgrrl Red Dwarf (701 comments)

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be bake for breakfast!"

about 2 months ago

Nathan Myhrvold's Recipe For a Better Oven

Macgrrl Re:the real question is... (228 comments)

Scones. They get cooked at around 230C, as do a number of other baked goods.

about 3 months ago

The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...

Macgrrl LEDs (196 comments)

We renovated last year, and as part of it, we replaced all the light fittings in the house and changed all the globes to LEDs.

The globes may have cost more, but they have a significantly lower energy consumption.

about 3 months ago

I typically start my workday ...

Macgrrl Re:Depends on what you mean by "start" (141 comments)

I get to my desk around 7:30am, I might start actually working sometime after the 9:00 stand up. :) Maybe.

about 3 months ago

To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

Macgrrl Re:Obvious omition (199 comments)

There are ads that play sounds? I have the speaker set to mute on my (work) computer, so rarely notice.

about 4 months ago

To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

Macgrrl Re:Interstitials - on mobile! (199 comments)

The Ads disabled checkbox has vanished for me a couple of months ago, it makes me a sad panda.

about 4 months ago

With the Surface Pro, Microsoft Is Trying To Recreate the PC Market

Macgrrl Re:Surface: the only Hope (379 comments)

As a long term Apple user (check my user name), I have been honestly surprised as to the number of MacBooks I see on trains and in the office that people are bringing in as BYODs. We are a dyed in the wool Microsoft house, but they somehow make it work.

about 4 months ago

Study: Exposure To Morning Sunlight Helps Managing Weight

Macgrrl Re:correlation does not prove causation (137 comments)

I'm fat and I get up at 6:00 and am generally at work before the sun comes up. It must be because I'm lazy, and not because I commute and work stupid hours.

about 6 months ago

What Apple's iWatch Can Learn From Pebble

Macgrrl Re:sad (97 comments)

Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

about 6 months ago

New Australian Privacy Laws Could Have Ramifications On Google Glass

Macgrrl Re:not private (128 comments)

Burning some mod points to respond - I think if you read the opinion pages and editorials of The Age you would have a different view of them supporting the Mad Monk's government. They get accused pretty heavily of being left leaning Labour party supporters. It's Murdoch's Newscorp who are the rabid LNP supporters.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Preparing For Windows XP EOL?

Macgrrl Re:No problem (423 comments)

I used to do consulting for Xerox, it was fairly typical for hospitals to depreciate hardware (such as beds, autoclaves, photocopiers) over 20 years. You can't even get parts for copiers after that amount of time, you are generally relying on 3rd party refill kits for toner and other consumables. From memory 10 years was pretty standard for printers.

about 6 months ago

Peter Molyneux: Working For Microsoft Is Like Taking Antidepressants

Macgrrl Re:Thanks for peptuating (164 comments)

How long did it take for the side effects to stabalise? My husband recently started taking this and is struggling a bit (though not in the same way that he was imploding before starting them).

about 6 months ago

Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls Launches

Macgrrl Re:New Character Class (166 comments)

It's called the Crusader. I was going to link directly to the Bliz gameplay guide but was still getting the press release in my hasty search string.

about 6 months ago

Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls Launches

Macgrrl Re:From someone who gave up on the game... (166 comments)

Diablo guarantees you a legendary the first time you kill him (after loot 2.0)'ve gone 40+ hours and haven't reached Diablo yet?

That got patched in later, it was originally the Skeleton King that had a guaranteed Legendary drop. I know my husband didn't get a legendary on Diablo the first 2 times he killed her (spoilers sweetie ;P ) since loot 2.0.

He has had a bucket of legendaries drop overall though. And at least 1 set item. I got a plans for a L21 Set the other night, not sure if they would be worth making for an alt. Given how quickly you level now, they would be replaced before I could earn the materials back. Might make them just to have them in the transmog panel.

about 6 months ago

What day of the week is your most productive?

Macgrrl Re:Saturday (91 comments)

And the always popular: "The cleaners are due tomorrow, I really must tidy up when I get home form work tonight."

about 6 months ago



"The Thing" now based on a true-ish story

Macgrrl Macgrrl writes  |  about 7 months ago

Macgrrl (762836) writes "Not content with trying to resurrect mammoths and plants, scientists have revived a giant virus from the Siberian permafrost.

The virus is not considered a threat to humans, as giant viruses typically attack amoebae, but it has raised the question of what other viruses may exist in the ice waiting to be released.

Suddenly "The Thing" is a much more frightening possibility. #whatcouldpossiblygowrong"

D3 release date announced

Macgrrl Macgrrl writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Macgrrl (762836) writes "Today Blizzard announced the planned released date for the long awaited Diablo 3.

Time to put in a leave application for 15th May 2012 for an important day of worship in your personal gaming religion. :)"

Ask Slashdot - would you really want to live to 15

Macgrrl Macgrrl writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Macgrrl (762836) writes "It was reported today in The Age newspaper that scientists believe that they will have a drug within the next 5-10 years that will extend the average human lifespan to 150 years.

Given the retirement age in Australia is 65, that would give you an extra 95 years past the current reitrment age, meaning you would probably have to extend the average working life to 100 or 120 years to prevent the economy becoming totally unbalanced and pensions running out.

That assumes that the life extension is all 'good years', and not a prolonged period of dementia and physical decline.

Would you want to live to 150? What do you see as being the most likely issues and what do you think you would do with all the extra years?"

Link to Original Source

Apple wins bid to block Galaxy tablet in Australia

Macgrrl Macgrrl writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Macgrrl (762836) writes "As reported in The Age newspaper this afternoon; in a move guarenteed to provoke fanboys everywhere and to provide further fuel to the Apple vs. Samsung patent war, the Federal Court has granted Apple an injunction to block tech rival Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia."
Link to Original Source

Adobe folds on Flash, embraces HTML5

Macgrrl Macgrrl writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Macgrrl (762836) writes "Reported in The Age newspaper today, Kevin Lynch, Adobe Chief Technology Officer, has announced that Adobe will be endorsing Apple's preferred HTML5 video format.

While Adobe will continue to work on Flash, they look forward to embracing the exiciting new possibilities offered by HTML5 and consequently the gateway onto the iPhone/iPad ecosystem."

Technology is the new black?

Macgrrl Macgrrl writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Macgrrl (762836) writes "As reported in The Age newspaper, Conde Nast publishers, whose titles include Vanity Fair and Vogue Magazine has purchased the Ars Technica website for an undisclosed amount.

They intend to combine it with which they acquired in 2006, Ars Technica will continue to operate as an independant unit under editor Ken Fisher."

Police predict robotic crimewave

Macgrrl Macgrrl writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Macgrrl (762836) writes "As reported in The Age newspaper today; "Technology such as cloned part-robot humans used by organised crime gangs pose the greatest future challenge to police, along with online scamming, Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty says."

No, really! This is not an late April fools gag... They are really worried about Cyborg criminals. Which makes me wonder just a little bit about what other police initiatives the Australian public is funding."


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