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Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

Mad-Bassist Re:Atari 800 (702 comments)

The 800XL and other post-Tramiel models were very different from the classic 800. It was a tank, but the keyboard eventually died on mine. Unfortunately, those were hard to replace then and probably near-impossible to find now. At least with all the mods I did on mine (GTIA graphics chip, Omnimon, a keyboard speaker-silencing switch, and green power LEDs) I was very good at disassembly/reassembly. The shielding in there is pretty extensive, and the plastic was pretty thick too.

about 5 months ago

11-Year UK Study Reports No Health Danger From Mobile Phone Transmissions

Mad-Bassist Proctologists may disagree! (180 comments)

While the higher frequency transmissions of cellphones appear to carry no serious health risks, the number of emergency room visits from movie theater texters will surely continue to rise!

about 7 months ago

The Greatest Keyboard Shortcut Ever

Mad-Bassist Re:Huh? What? (506 comments)

I get more of a laugh by telling my coworkers to quit messing with the browser history at work (and making it obvious to the bosses by leaving IE's star menu on the history tab) by hitting, "Control-Shift-P for Privacy!"

1 year,24 days

Dentist Wants To Clone John Lennon Using DNA Extracted From Lennon's Tooth

Mad-Bassist Re:Fantasists (224 comments)

Or he'll encounter my crowd and decide to become a death metal musician, heh heh.

1 year,28 days

Colliding, Exploding Stars May Have Created All the Gold On Earth

Mad-Bassist Re:Old news? (133 comments)

Heh heh, yeah, I remember those shows. I called on one of the Mel's Hole shows when the subject of an official Mel's Hole drink came up. I suggested it should be served with chili because "dead cows must be involved."

I miss the old show with Art too. These days, I just check it out from time to time and usually switch back to my mp3 player at work. My original comment was about the fact that many of the news stories at the beginning of the show seem to come from here.

The shows where Art interviewed George Carlin and Willie Nelson are classics too.

about a year ago

Colliding, Exploding Stars May Have Created All the Gold On Earth

Mad-Bassist Re:Old news? (133 comments)

Nah, it's old news when it's read on Coast to Coast AM. :-D

about a year ago

Colliding, Exploding Stars May Have Created All the Gold On Earth

Mad-Bassist Not first-generation supernovae? (133 comments)

I thought our heavy elements came mostly from the short-lived first generation of hypergiant hydrogen stars going supernova. If this theory is true, then are we lucky to have so much on this planet? I think about all the lead here, much of which is the end product of nuclear decay over billions of years from radioactive elements that must have been more abundant at some point.

I also wonder if our protoplanetary disc acted like a gold pan during the formation of the solar system, so Mercury might have lots of heavy elements as well as Venus (talk about hard to mine!)

Maybe our solar system would be attractive to extraterrestrial miners after all.

about a year ago

Smell Camera Snapshots Scents For the Future

Mad-Bassist Primary scents and tastes? (117 comments)

Interesting article—makes me think of four things:

1) The Harold and Maude movie: she invented a method of smell playback.
2) Scratch and Sniff technology (microencapsulation) may reach a whole new level.
3) Are there "primary smells" like primary colors? If so, imagine people creating new smells and posting the formulas online. I imagine engineered tastes would be possible too, as it's a closely related sense.
4) Imagine if High Times starts using that technology...

about a year ago

Robotic Kiosk Stores Digital Copies of Physical Keys

Mad-Bassist Burglary Convenience? (192 comments)

Now we can't even trust the babysitter to grab a Slurpee down the street...

I can only see this inspiring people with shifty morals to try something new because it's now more convenient. Good thing car keys are more complex these days.

about a year ago

German Ministry of Education Throws Away PCs For 190,000 € Due To Infection

Mad-Bassist The cheap solution? (347 comments)

Why not use this as a way to teach the kids how to install the OS from scratch?

about a year ago

Plans Unveiled For Full Scale Replica of the Titanic

Mad-Bassist Re:I think (292 comments)

Why not the RMS Olympic? It was the lead ship of it's class, survived several collisions, served in WWI, and completed 257 round trips across the Atlantic, transporting 430,000 passengers on her commercial voyages, travelling 1.8 million miles (according to Wikipedia.)

Of course, the sister ship with the most casualties was the one most remembered. The third and largest one (Britannic) got one movie, but only thirty died when she hit a mine.

It makes me wonder how many people would feel safe going out on this replica...

about a year and a half ago

Ask Richard Stallman Anything

Mad-Bassist Interview on Coast to Coast AM? (573 comments)


I have always wanted to see (or rather "hear") you appear with George Noory or Ian Punnett on C2C. Have you considered it? I think it would be fascinating, and would probably steer millions of people towards free software, even if it was just to try Open/Libre Office to save a few (hundred) bucks. Hell, it may just inspire some to start programming.

Thanks for your time, and all that you've accomplished.

about 2 years ago

Favorite U.S. Political Party

Mad-Bassist Re:Useful poll (503 comments)

about 2 years ago

Bob Anderson, the Man Behind Vader's Lightsaber, Dies at 89

Mad-Bassist Reclaiming the Blade (99 comments)

It's a little eerie: I just watched the documentary "Reclaiming the Blade" with my friends last night. Bob Anderson was very interesting in it.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Offline Storage Method For Large Archives?

Mad-Bassist Re:Go with tried and true (397 comments)

There's always PaperDisk, apparently able to store 1 meg per sheet. They quote 4MB, but that's after compression and BS to people like us. :-)

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Offline Storage Method For Large Archives?

Mad-Bassist Re:Go with tried and true (397 comments)

Heh, that brings back memories of 88KB on my Atari's floppies, which I doubled by cutting a notch on the other side and flipping it over, even if they were sold as Single-Sided Single Density.

As for the OP, so far I'm keeping stuff on external hard drives, but I know it's not the best solution for long-term. Where are those multi-layer FMD discs I kept hearing about?

more than 3 years ago

Practical "Smell-o-Vision" System Being Developed

Mad-Bassist Up in Smoke (210 comments)

I can't believe I didn't find "Cheech" or "Chong" with my browser's search. My step-brother saw Up in Smoke in the theater when he was ten or so. Some people were smoking in front, and he said, "They have smell-o-vision!"

It's just a matter of time before movies start adding smell tracks and George Lucas has another excuse to re-release the Star Wars movies again. Hmm, "Smellies!"

more than 3 years ago


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