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Trouble For Microsoft Developers With the Windows Store

MadFarmAnimalz Re:"Fix security at any cost." (232 comments)

Most computer users don't want a Wild West computer experience. They want a safe, functional one where the computer interface is as inobtrusive as possible. They want as little burden on their consciousness as possible, so they can focus on what they want to use the computer to do in the first place.

This must be why Debian Stable is the world's most popular desktop oerating system.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Can You Do About SOPA and PIPA?

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Oblig XKCD (1002 comments)

if you produce something you should be paid for your efforts

Then housewives should be getting salaries. Humanity and society is much too complex for your simplistic notion to be true, that monetary compensation inevitably follows work.

if someone steals that work and is caught doing it

Careful now. The choice of words does matter a lot. No one can steal a song.No one can steal an e-book. These things may be copied without the necessary authorisation for example, but information is never stolen.

I don't think you should be charged hundreds of thousands of dollars over a $2 piece of music

I personally agree, but that is highly subjective and therefore adds nothing to the discussion. Rockefeller might have thought Beethoven's fifth was worth at least a thousand dollars, easily. I might pay 2 dollars for a song I think is OK (maybe 10 for one I really like a lot).

about 3 years ago

Sorry, IT: These 5 Technologies Belong To Users

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Security (348 comments)

Ok...I didn't read the article. But

Around here, that's good for +5 insightful. Modded accordingly.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Killed the Start Menu Because No One Uses It

MadFarmAnimalz Re:11% ? (862 comments)

What is a blackberry?

more than 3 years ago

The Death of Booting Up

MadFarmAnimalz What's the story here? (557 comments)

Macbook Air? Chome OS?

So what is the story here? That computers that no one has are quick to boot?

more than 3 years ago

Experimental "Smart Town" To Be Built In Japan

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Experimental "Smart Town" to be built... (91 comments)

It's a young field and one consequence is it's still lacking clear direction and an established body of knowledge. using the term "smart" does of course smell a bit, but there's a reason for it.

The main impetus behind being "green" at this level isn't so much save the planet as it is "we're heading for a time where energy and its distribution genuinely becomes a problem". So, the objective is energy efficiency for the sake of stability of supply.

One point most people agree on at this point is that a key is going to be employment of technology to reduce our exposure to energy supply fluctuation. In many cases, this is information technology (e.g. smarter algorithms for HVAC) and in other cases it's going to be changing the technology in the field (smarter energy meters in homes, that can report back and come with a web UI so the homeowner can assume greater responsibility for how they are using energy) and in some cases, it is fundamental rethinks of how energy is distributed (e.g. more decentralised energy grids, harmonisation of energy transfer protocols and technology across national buondaries, and accounting for the emerging option of individual contribution of surplus energy back into the grid).

So there's a lot of Lego blocks most of which are quite sensible and no one's quite sure how they all fit together just yet. So when we're talking about how all of that works together, we tend to use the term "smart city" to denote an overarching context. This context is necessary because it helps keep the big picture in mind. A practical example is, the energy meter manufacturers' association as they standardise what protocols a smart energy meter employs, they need to include the people working on smarter intelligent HVAC. The public transit people might be working on concepts for unattended light rail systems which the traffic planners need to be aware of.

I'm not saying that the expression "smart city" is not unnecessarily vague, but it's useful to the people working on reducing vulnerability to energy crises because it helps them remember that it's a larger complex canvas than the little square inches they're individually working on.

more than 3 years ago

SlashTweaks Let YOU Micro-Edit Slashdot

MadFarmAnimalz editor wars (257 comments)

If we get microediting for the comment section, it would make those threads where people argue over the relative demerits of (vim)|(emacs) delightfully confusing. Which is well, because we wouldn't want the (vim)|(emacs) morons to know how crappy their editor is.

more than 3 years ago

Developers Fork Mandriva Linux, Creating Mageia

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Name (206 comments)

Listen to the pronounciation. ma... GAY... ah

That to me sounds like they are intent on competing head on with Ubuntu.

more than 4 years ago

I prefer my (non-technical) books to be ...

MadFarmAnimalz In plain text (390 comments)


more than 4 years ago

Pope Urges Priests To Go Forth and Blog

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Religion (284 comments)

by the way, who do we put in charge of forcing all this to happen

Al Gore?

about 5 years ago

Microsoft Promises Not To Sue Moonlight 2.0 Users

MadFarmAnimalz is this what it's come to? (233 comments)

"You can use this software and not worry about us suing you."

You just can't look at that sentence and not think the whole industry needs to be torn down and rebuilt on new principles. Whether it's the fact that Microsoft and Novell are glad to make such a proclamation, or the fact that someone can be sued for using software to begin with, or the fact that I can get sued by company Y for using company X's product or even if that isn't possible the fact that anyone might think it might be possible.

What kind of industry is this? I think I just grew a gland that secretes RMS ideology in my brain just from digesting that headline.

more than 5 years ago

DARPA Network Challenge Lasts All of 9 Hours

MadFarmAnimalz Re:That was pretty fast... (129 comments)

What's DARPA?

Right. Get off slashdot. Now. Thank you.

more than 5 years ago

US Air Force Confirms New Stealth Aircraft

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Is it really that necessary? (287 comments)

Yes, especially considering how much cold hard cash the Taliban are throwing at advanced weapons research.

more than 5 years ago

Bing Censoring All Simplified Chinese Language Queries

MadFarmAnimalz Re:The NYT reporter misses the forest for the tree (214 comments)

I see your point. But think about this: if Google or Bing were filtering English language results at the request of the American government, would you be happy to swap over to Mandarin?

more than 5 years ago

New Improvements On the Attacks On WPA/TKIP

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Does that mean... (166 comments)

Example: The Lord of the Rings is the Greatest Series Ever Written TLotRitGSER This is actually a decent-security password, you've got decent length, 11 characters, and some upper/lower goodness. Now add the concepts that it was originally actually one book, (&1b), and not about the 7 dwarves (!7d) to the end. TLotRitGSER&1b!7d Seriously secure password

Except you actually got it wrong.

and you're going to remember the hell out of it.

Sure doesn't look like it. :)

more than 5 years ago

Android 2.0 SDK Released, Google Maps Navigation Announced

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Search on your route is a great feature (121 comments)

I'm not trolling. If my opinion strikes you as outrageously wrong, please educate me instead of modding me.

+1 Informative.

more than 4 years ago

Canonical Halts Ubuntu CD Free-for-all

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Slow news day? (324 comments)

This, however: "Company X makes minor overhead adjustment." Yawn.


more than 5 years ago

This Hallowe'en ...

MadFarmAnimalz Re:Globalization (709 comments)

Slashdot Poll: Which country are you from?

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. American Samoa
  4. Arizona
  5. Arkansas
  6. California
  7. Colorado
  8. Connecticut
  9. Delaware
  10. District of Columbia
  11. Florida
  12. Georgia
  13. ...
  14. West Virginia
  15. Wisconsin
  16. Wyoming

I learned emacs macros while preparing this slashdot post. There must be some higher purpose to life than this... sigh

more than 5 years ago

Now Linux Can Get Viruses, Via Wine

MadFarmAnimalz Re:marketshare (343 comments)

Haven't it always been pretty clear that Wine could run Microsoft Office, as long as they don't use some weird low-level tricks (which admittedly it does)?

But for that matter, Linux doesn't have MS Office only because it's desktop share is next to nothing (not the same amount atleast, there are Linux office suites out too). Mac OSX has been getting more and more office suites lately as it's marketshare has been growing. So would Linux aswell if it ever gained more users.

As long as the OS isn't completely locked down from the user, there will be office suites. Windows, Mac, or Linux cant defend you from that. But none of us really want a locked down OS. And as long as the users are stupid their computers will get infected.

It's just about the marketshare.


more than 5 years ago



Online annotation or commentary systems?

MadFarmAnimalz MadFarmAnimalz writes  |  more than 7 years ago

MadFarmAnimalz writes "I recently released my debut novel online under a Creative Commons license. I am reasonably satisfied with how it is being received so far, but I am interested in taking it a step further. I very much liked the system the FSF used for commentary on the GPLv3 drafts (called stet), but the code is not ready for wider deployment. I found a few alternative systems such as python-based Commentary which seems to be unmaintained, and marginalia which doesn't work as stably as one would hope. What (preferably free) software exists out there which enables online annotation and commentary, and which hopefully renders a "heatmap" of the discussion around the document?"
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