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Doctor Who To Be Axed, Again

Magickcat Re:Let the SCi FI Channel Make it (304 comments)

What little charm remains to Doctor Who is entirely lost to the American monster that is the American television industry - just look at that awful test pilot and you'll see what you Americans deserve when it comes Doctor Who. Anyone who suggest that the Sci-Fi channel can make it deserves another twenty years of Star Trek with continual Nazi episdodes and/or trapped in the Holodesk stories. If it wasn't for the last film, I'd say that you didn't deserve Batman after what you've done to him!

It would end up as a cross between McGuiver and Start Trek. There'd be a alien love affair in every episode, compulsory self congratualtory moral superiority and all problems would be solved by reversing the polarity on the sonic screwdriver. Bad guys would have the doctor pontify against them in each episode before sending them to space jail and the Tradis would become a flying sports car.

more than 7 years ago


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