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The Power of Multi-Language Applications

Magumbo Re:To keep flogging this horse... (413 comments)

Using multiple languages is a Good Thing(tm) if, and only if, they are not used to take shortcuts, learn on the job, or avoid writing "hard" code.

If you worked for me, I would fire you on the spot.

According to this logic, a programmer shouldn't take some extremely useful c/c++ libraries, write some perl or python wrappers around them, and then whip up an application in perl or python utilizing them? Suppose doing that would be something really useful and it would simplify their job. For the sake of argument, suppose that Joe Hacker was doing this at work, and that he hasn't written those particular wrappers before. He would:

  • take shortcuts
  • learn on the job
  • avoid writing "hard" code
  • learn new technology

And therefore break every one of your grossly misinformed guidelines. At the same time, he would be creating something that would alow other people to get their jobs done easier. Welcome to the world of abstraction, my close-minded friend.

if you're calling interpretated languages, you need to remember that the burden for prereq's on your target platform is going to be huge

Please explain. If you mean prerequisite memory and cpu cycle consumpiton, yeah I'll agree. Usually a constant (time and space complexity-wise) penalty is NOT a problem though, and it's hardly a "burden". If you mean prerequisite Things You Need To Do To Get Things Working, then that's simply not true.

more than 12 years ago


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