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Designing Linux for the Masses

MagusOceanus Best of both? (337 comments)

I must put a disclaimer that I am new at all of this, but i noticed that my ICQ has a "simple" and "advanced" mode that can be selected at will. Can an operating system for Linux be made with all of the current bells and whistles it currently has for techs, but a feature of a "simple mode" that can reduce it to the few automated tasks that the average user like myself would desire?

Personally I am not crazy about the way microsoft does buisiness, and if Linux came out with a system that has a clear GUI I'd change over to it in a heartbeat. I really hope they develop something.

Also, I am curious can Linux work with Adobe products? I am an artist and I would want to know this before changing. Thank you :)

more than 15 years ago


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