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Comcast Drops Spurious Fees When Customer Reveals Recording

Mahldcat Advantages to living in a single consent state (368 comments)

One of the things I first checked into when I moved to Arizona. They are single party consent, and since I'm the one recording my call, I don't have to say a blasted thing to anybody on the other line--total win!

about a month ago

Office Space: TV Documentary Looks At the Dreadful Open Office

Mahldcat Re:I like the open plan (314 comments)

They went over to this where I work (I call this the bullpen arrangement), and my biggest initial complaint was the managers were not in the bullpen with the rest of us. Thankfully at least some of the higher level execs had the wisdom to say "no that is not going to fly" and made them change it the offices are "break out/mini conference rooms"....

about 8 months ago

Universal Flu Vaccine "Blueprint" Discovered

Mahldcat Re:How quickly can you bury this? (100 comments)

....or alternatively what do you want to bet that this will be priced to a point where it will be impossible for the normal person to take advantage of.

about a year ago

NYC Is Tracking RFID Toll Collection Tags All Over the City

Mahldcat How hard to pull a "Little Brother" ? (314 comments)

...Not sure if this was just Science Fiction, but how hard would it be to clone an EZ pass off a random stranger and then reprogram a second random stranger's pass with said data?

1 year,3 days

"Smart Plates" Could Betray California Drivers' Privacy

Mahldcat Re:Root your license plate? (262 comments)

....or what would be cool is to figure out how to at the push of a button (or the brake) to get it to clear out for those times when they decide to nail people with red light cameras....

about a year ago

"Smart Plates" Could Betray California Drivers' Privacy

Mahldcat Easier to spoof? (262 comments)

It strikes me...wouldn't enterprising people figure out ways to spoof/clone the signals sent out in some manner? What is scary is given the nature of how these systems get implemented + human soon before they also accuse somebody of something based entirely on the data collected by these "smart plates" versus actual eyeballs on target? Now the best thing in my book if this were to go through? Figure out how to spoof the plates, and target all of those folks who sponsored and approved the bill, make it look like they had a habit of visiting the most odious of places, and then leak that data to the press...

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Handle a Colleague's Sloppy Work?

Mahldcat use the thedailywtf to your advantage (332 comments)

find some of the more fun things from his code, and submit submit submit....

about a year ago

Alaskan Middle Schoolers Phish Their Teachers

Mahldcat An appropriate consequence? (215 comments)

Mentioned they haven't thought of how they will take action against the students? Article mentioned that the school had to collect the 300+ computers to be cleaned (and I'm guessing reimaged). I'd really love it if the school shows they were REALLY wise, and made the response action back an apology to both the teachers they phished along with the IT crew who are now goign to have to scan/clean the rigs. Further, make these kiddos come in on the weekend/after school to help on that scan/clean effort (BUT with a choice---N hours working with the IT dept to clean up the mess, or N*4 hours in standard "sit on your backside and do nothing detention). This way they see there is a tangible impact (" I have to spend this time cleaning this mess up, when I'd rather be doing something else on a weekend/after school"), but at the same time in a way that they may actually learn something (working with IT), and in some cases perhaps spin their activities towards something more positive?

about a year ago

Free Wi-Fi: the Movement To Give Away Your Internet For the Good of Humanity

Mahldcat Re:Did this already, was asked to stop. (505 comments)

LOL...somewhat reminds me of what a friend mentioned her son did...he went on a field trip that had about a 3-4 hour bus trip. She gave him $20 for his meals. When he returned from the trip, he gave her the $20 back, and said that he turned on the tethering option on his phone and charged his fellow students $5 to access his wifi node.

about a year and a half ago

Tiny Pill Relays Body Temperature of Firefighters In Real-time

Mahldcat Navy uses this as well... (67 comments)

Was watching Surviving the Cut, season 2 episode 1, and they mentioned that during some of the more arduous swims in open water, they have the service members swallow this pill that transmits core body temp, heart rate etc so that the medics can monitor them while they complete their mission.

about a year and a half ago

C Beats Java As Number One Language According To TIOBE Index

Mahldcat Re:Dying gasps (535 comments)

Background wise I'm similar background--I learned on Basic first (on a Commodore 128 and Apple IIgs), and then formal training in college was C++ for basic fundamentals, and then they migrated you into C ASAP, which is in and of itself important... Now....I don't use C in my day to job (one of the few that use both Java and C#), and would honestly hate having to work in C (or even C++), however I also have a LOT better understanding of what is going on under the hood (memory management and pointers (and the related topics like function pointers, pass by ref/pointer vs value)) versus if I were only taught in a high level language such as C# or Java. This is also becoming more and more clear since I'm mentoring a colleague who is also in a program that starts out in C#...Had a really horrendous time trying to explain to him what a delegate what since he had zero knowledge of a function pointer, nor did he know about the C# ref directive. Finally ended up telling him that he would be VERY wise to at least take an elective in how to code in C because of these knowledge gaps.....

about a year and a half ago

Pioneering Transplant Surgeon Joseph Murray Dead at 93

Mahldcat He did not see himself as making history... (24 comments)

News article on NPR today replayed an interview they conducted with him a few years ago. What struck me is that when asked if he felt he was making history his response was an emphatic "no." followed by "I viewed it as trying to save a life." Just as compelling is the Doctor they brought in when they replayed this interview segment, who confirmed this was how he looked at thing, with a deep sense of humility, and little to know "grandstanding".

about 2 years ago

Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 Due In 2015

Mahldcat Not just Star Wars.. (816 comments)

If they own the rights to Lucasfilm, this would also mean they own the Indiana Jones franchise. Also read someplace where Disney would neither confirm or deny they were planning to change Tomorrowland in their theme parks. Would be interesting if they ever decided to apply a "Cars Land" style revamp to Tomorrowland.

about 2 years ago

PSVita Hacked, Native Homebrew Loader Coming Soon

Mahldcat It couldn't have happened to a nicer company (50 comments)

Wonder how soon Sony is going to take legal action against him, and I wonder how fast additional exploits are going to surface.....

about 2 years ago

New iOS App Sends Users' Web Traffic Through Its Proxy Servers

Mahldcat Re:TFA must be wrong (83 comments)

Reminds me of the instructor who taught a class on "how to write malware"...virulently anti microsoft, and intentionally had his students do their lab assignments in the school's Windows lab, citing "They have anti virus so they should be 100% safe." Net impact is he made the IT department's S-List, the MS lab was knocked offline for about 3-4 days due to about 20-30 viruses running rampant, dire warnings were placed saying this class better use the sandboxed lab, and the dude eventually was invited to leave...

about 2 years ago

New Parental Controls Limit Xbox Time

Mahldcat Re:Oh, Thank Heavens! (327 comments)

I would love something similar for computers.... If that is the case, then you might want to check out FSS/Parental Controls that are part of windows live. This has some features for limiting access to the internet and what not....

more than 6 years ago



A Modest Proposal on how to deal with the United States PAC advertising

Mahldcat Mahldcat writes  |  about 2 years ago

Mahldcat (1129757) writes "I hated the political ads during the 2012 elections, and I didn't live in a battleground state, and I'm sure that my sentiment is widely shared. Charles Jennings of Swan Island Networks makes a proposal that is both simple and elegant: For ever dollar that a Political Action Committee spends on advertising they are taxed $.50."
Link to Original Source


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