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Microcups Made of Nanopaper

Mahou eat shit, mod abuser (144 comments)

what the fuck? wow, do you have my username saved in your favorites so you can mod me down when you get points? fuck off, pussy

more than 8 years ago


Mahou hasn't submitted any stories.



Mahou Mahou writes  |  about 9 years ago don't you just hate idiots? yeh i'm pretty sure i'm gonna kill myself soon because of all the stupidity in the world. seriously, it's just too hard for me to fathom living in a world where it's o.k. for this kind of shit to not only exist but be supported. fucking cunts


Who the FUCK is Jzanu?

Mahou Mahou writes  |  more than 9 years ago who the fucking fuck is this Jzanu cunt who added me to his foe list? he has a lot of fucking foes, though, thats for sure. cocksucking twit. i hope someone papercuts his eyeballs because that would be sweet. and then cut off all of his fingers. maybe stab him with a letter opener right under his heart. oh, and tilt his head back and pour acid in his nasal cavities.

whatever fuckers, im out.

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