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Virtual Fence Could Modernize the Old West

MajorDick Oh Oh YES (216 comments)

I can see it now, herds of High on Mushroom teenagers running around the fields with the gear on their heads.

Wouldnt you ?

This is JUST BEGGING for a New Beavis and Butthead episode......

more than 6 years ago



My 2 Cents

MajorDick MajorDick writes  |  about 7 years ago

MajorDick writes "Feel free to fold spindle and mutilate in the most appropriate way you feel. I work as a programmer on some of the highest profile political campaigns there are. I have built the donor management systems used by entire parties, as both lead architect and project lead. I was the person that after Katrina had a full contribution system up and running in 72 hours for the Salvation Army, including real time OCR of receipt pieces into the system with triple pass OCR engines (2 of which my team wrote from scratch in the time allotted) to accept the response from 6 million letters mailed when their own internal departments said it couldn't be done.

To say I am familiar with online donations to political is an understatement.

BUT I did or not until recently much PAC work, here what I have seen thus far is comical. And it lead me to a simple thought some 4 years ago, how can I bring a politician down ?

Simple. In the pocketbooks, LEGALLY, chock it up to Dirty tricks of politics, but its directly tied to automated credit card processing of donation found on more and more Pac and candidates pages, nearly all at this point. Hammer one of these pages with an automated script and watch the fun.

Ever consider the cost of a forgotten validation of value ? IF the client will even allow it ? In many cases they won't as the FEC guidelines on setting a minimum contribution is fuzzy, some lawyers will tell you can't, some will say you can , the Contribution laws can't even be agreed on by the lawyers that parctice the law.

How can a bad programmer KILL a campaign, SIMPLE, read on...............


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