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SCO Lists Specific Code-Infringement Claims

Malcontent Re:comes with the territory. (780 comments)

Even people who are "mostly" honest and hardworking lie.

did you ever come in late and lied about it? Did you ever lie to get off work early one day? Did you ever lie to a co-worker?

Of course you did. You just don't see the lies as being harmful so you do it. You probably lie every day at least once if not a dozen times. They may be small lies but they are lies anyway.

As you go up in an organization lies get bigger and bigger and yet people still don't see it as harmful so they do it. They of course also do it to save their assess, to make themselves look better or to make other people look bad, or maybe just to shift the blame from themselves. The dog ate my homework I swear!.

It's a fact of life. Everybody lies every day. CIOs and politicians lie thousand times a day and about bigger things.

more than 10 years ago


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