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Ask Slashdot: Best Alternative To the Canonical Computer Science Degree?

Mana Mana Ubuntu What! (347 comments)


about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Pay-as-You-Go Plan For Text and Voice Only?

Mana Mana Not What You Asked: $19 buffet for smartphone (246 comments)

Not quite what you asked, but here's a great deal on a smartphone---sms, talk, Internet---plan. 19USD all-you-can-eat-no-nagging-powerusers plan from Republic.

AN Android smartphone with unlimited calls, unlimited texting, unlimited data and no contract, all for $19 a month? Really?

When I first saw this offer from Republic Wireless, I rubbed my eyes and looked for an asterisk leading to fine print that detailed a huge catch. But Republic, a division of a telecom company called, delivers exactly what it advertises. It can do so because the handset technology is a curious hybrid: it uses Wi-Fi when the customer is in a Wi-Fi area and Sprint Nextelâ(TM)s 3G network when it is not.

The concept brings together the best of two worlds: the low cost of voice calls carried over the Internet and the convenience of making calls to any phone number using a major carrierâ(TM)s cellular network when Wi-Fi isnâ(TM)t available.

You need their $250 Motorola DEFY XT dual wi-fi/talk purchase to partake. However, they say they're working on a luxe smartphone offering!

about a year and a half ago

Credit Card Swipe Fees Begin Sunday In USA

Mana Mana Re:I'm curious to see how many retailers actually (732 comments)

> to which I'd respond, "OK, thanks anyway." and leave

*HAHAHA* You make a funny. You are so bright, in your own mind, right, YET, right now, do you leave the 99% of places where you shop---where---you---are subsidizing the CC users when you pay cash?! That is right, you are secretly forced to pay more than you deserve. (I root for this development. Let the CC users pay for the pleasure of plastic payment. BTW, this is not a new issue, I've been reading about these visa/mc shenanigans for years in the NY Times. Reportedly, debit-with-PINs is the way to play the cc-networks against themselves, as they require a token small transaction payment but no % addendum. But, people hate entering pins, so mc/visa win again.)

WTF ever do you mean, you ask! Presently, everyone is being charged the same price, whether you use credit or cash, which means, the cash users are paying for your CC fees! Or, what, do you think that vendors are altruistic! Forget that.

When was the last time you saw `pay cash, and get a discount?'

BTW, here in NYC, gasOline stations add a CC surcharge, ever since the Great Recession began! I dunno wtf the OP is talking about about that shit not going down in NY.

about a year and a half ago

Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

Mana Mana king fucker chicken (1719 comments)

The DSM was not concocted as part of a plot to lock people up. Its goal is to help. It may not, and that's why there's a DSM-6 already in the works.

All the guy needed was vitamins! Ask batshit crazy Tom Cruise---O! where is Jack Reacher, umm Ethan Hunt, amm Maverick, emm, Sly Stallone formulaics, imm, superstar actress movement #237:

Taking the audience on a Jungian journey into the collective unconscious by using the shadow as a metaphor for the primal self that gets repressed by the modern persona and also by using an underground setting and labyrinth office design to represent both the depths of the psyche and the dungeon-like isolation of our increasingly mechanistic society which prevents people from finding satisfying work or meaningful connections with others.

about 2 years ago

Why Aircraft Carriers Still Rule the Oceans

Mana Mana Re:That's simple... (718 comments)

> when was the last time a carrier was used against an
> enemy which had battleships? since ww2

IOW: When was the last time a USN carrier battle group was used to _intimidate_ an adaversary nation and _affect_ geopolitical change?

Ask North Korea, Iran or China. Nations which have fits when the USN starts throwing naval warfare games with their frenemies. Carriers must be doing something to the cretin nations.

about 2 years ago

Why Aircraft Carriers Still Rule the Oceans

Mana Mana Re:Author obviously knows nothing about the Navy (718 comments)

Except many fast numerous cheap Iranian launches and missile shooting boats in the narrow ~Arabian (Persian) Gulf~. Don't exaggerate, squid dick. ^.^

about 2 years ago

Don't Build a Database of Ruin

Mana Mana Missing Keyword (209 comments)


about 2 years ago

Forensic Test Predicts Eye and Hair Color From DNA

Mana Mana Crown Fried Chciken (73 comments)

I doubt it! NPR's Radio Lab had spoke on this recently. The best science can do is predict probability. Likelihood your nose, iris, cheekbones will look like X rather than Y.

about 2 years ago

Firefox 15 Released: Silent Updates, Compressed Textures, Add-on Memory Leak Fix

Mana Mana Re:Old story, or something new? (393 comments)

> leave this running for months (i do,

? Not to pick yo out, but, why do you? Every other post some d00d will say the same, but, you know what, why? I don't let anything running for long periods. Well, save two things that I always "hack" to clean up after it's "leaks;" my dog, my refrigerator O! and and my alarm clock. Dasit.

Everything else is just turned off, sometime, soon, not later, why? Leave. It. Running. This whole machismo scheisse reminds me of uptime---Who The Fuck Cares---real men upgrade---often---even OBSD needs it. It speaks for itself. But hey, keep spouting, at least one homey out there will see this and laugh in agreement.

about 2 years ago

White House Finalizes 54.5 MPG Fuel Efficiency Standard

Mana Mana Re:Air resistance. (1184 comments)

> . A civic hatchback with an 80hp 4banger. I

That must have been a an HF model---I always assumed it stood for H(igh) F(uel) (efficiency). But come'on, don't color the rose red, that hatchback was superly-skinny! tired (tyred), with an unadorned exhaust that looked like a bargain basement, supermarket white boxed, no-frills barren exhaust pipe; fugly.. IOW, basic extremis.

Ironically though, today, if you want a gasoline miserly Ford Escort, or even Chevrolet Sonic I think, these anorexia tricks cost you extra at purchase time. A well endowed, stoutly thirsty engine is more economical, cf. NY Times' Wheels Blog. To be hip is to pay---in Detroit. The old mind set is present.

about 2 years ago

White House Finalizes 54.5 MPG Fuel Efficiency Standard

Mana Mana Kennedy Fucker Chicken (1184 comments)

Even if the 54.5 m.p.g. goal is reached, most cars and trucks will get lower mileage in real-life driving. Credits for air-conditioning units in vehicles will reduce the average mileage to about 49 m.p.g., and actual driving conditions could reduce it further.

about 2 years ago

Radio Royalty Legislation Described As 'RIAA Bailout'

Mana Mana Missing Keyword (272 comments)


as he's known in the citay!

about 2 years ago

German Government Wants Google To Pay For the Right To Link To News Sites

Mana Mana Re:Not a problem (186 comments)

Belgium v. Google redux. *jijiji*

> So now the publishers want to get compensated for
> those excerpts

Google, go lobby Merkel's CDU, the Bundestag/rat for the right to charge German websites' indexing fees! Make the fees/indexing opt out, too. It's for their own good, your bottom line, that Myface competition is killing your margins. You need help, just like the German publishers do.

more than 2 years ago

DEA Lack of Data Storage Results In Dismissed Drug Case

Mana Mana Missing Keyword (242 comments)


more than 2 years ago

Ecuador To Grant Assange Political Asylum

Mana Mana Mariconada (432 comments)

!No, no queremos a ese hijueputa aqui! Presunto doble violador andate al diablo. kfc

more than 2 years ago

Google's Self-Driving Cars: 300,000 Miles Logged, Not a Single Accident

Mana Mana Tom Wolfe (465 comments)

> If you have a driver there is always the option to safely
> pull over or stop and say "manual intervention required"

So, it's deja vu all over again. We need robotic-car drivers with The Right Stuff, and "not monkeys in a tin box!"

more than 2 years ago

Samsung's Comparison of Galaxy S To iPhone

Mana Mana Re:The long-term problem for Apple. (383 comments)

That is a paraphrase of the 1990's M$ antitrust verdict:

Being a monopoly is not illegal (cf. Ma Bell, Google). However, abusing your monopoly power to squelch competition is illegal.

more than 2 years ago



Google and I.B.M. Cloud Joint

Mana Mana Mana Mana writes  |  more than 6 years ago

John "butter/oreo" Bajana-Bacall writes "Last we saw our two favorite juggernauts they were dicing and crunching data and technology. All good and well save universities are behind the curve in cloud computing. Jovian data crunching and sifting is what all Net services are in essence, Google is the poster child — while IBM provides the "deep" knowledge to make it happen for you. However, the state of the art is in the business world and not in academia. Boding poorly for companies in vital use or in provision of the technology. Seminal new ideas, concepts, theories are not forthcoming from learned research. Lacking behemoth computing facilities, with accompanying software tools and expensive maintenance staffing addition to large funding support has been the culprit for the backward state. Thus ``the two companies ... have committed a total of $30 million over two years'' for a project to build two data centers accessible to participating students over the Internet, to program and conduct research remotely. Wao. ``The centers will run an open-source version of Google's data center software, and I.B.M. is contributing open-source tools to help students write Internet programs and data center management software,'' writes the Times. BTW, there is no topic heading for cloud computing."


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