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Software Company Sues Popular Australian Forum

Manaz Re:You couldnt Pick a Worse Crowd to pick on (121 comments)

"most people on whirlpool, are IT managers and admins"

Oh please. Whilst I'm sure there are a lot of IT Managers and sysadmins on Whirlpool (I'm one of them), they're vastly outnumbered by kids and "enthusiast" internet users who's prime purpose on Whirlpool is to shop around for the most speed and monthly download capacity for their (parents) dollar.

more than 7 years ago



SAGE-AU concerned by purported email ethics issues

Manaz Manaz writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Manaz writes "A story was recently published in publications owned by the Fairfax media group in Australia claiming that 40% of IT systems administrators are abusing their high-levels of system access to inappropriately view and obtain copies of corporate data:


SAGE-AU has expressed concern at this accusation, as they believe it paints professional IT systems administrators in an unfairly negative light, and has posted the following response to this story, to defend the reputation of both its own members and professional IT systems administrators in general.


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